Cold Case Files

A&E Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season


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  • I really love the show, because it lets people know that they can run, they can even hide, (in some cases a very long time); but eventually you will get caught and pay the tremendous price for your crime.

    You know that lady who calls herself, "JUSTICE"? She shall prevail and claim the the accusers! I know it takes a lot of investigative tools and time to open such cold cases, but when the accuser is caught, it makes it all worthwhile. It is just so gratifying to see killers being brought to justice. There are times I find myself wishing there was a way that I could contribute to solving the crimes. I live in a very small town where we have a 10-year old case of a missing man. It's as though he just vanished off the face of the earth, car and all. Leaving behind a very young daughter who he so truly adored. He even had her name tattooed on his arm. Nothing has ever been recovered. I just have such high hopes of this cold case being solved in my little town. So then it can be explained to his family, especially his daughter, who now does not even remember her father, just what happened to him. Maybe Lady, Justice will decide to show us a visit!