Cold Case Files - Season 1

A&E Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season


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  • <b>The Missing and the Dead</b>
    The saying goes "Loose lips sink ships" Well that especially applies in this situation. No matter how hard some try their past seems to always catch up with them. You can't get rid of evidence but you can't get rid of your past.
  • Vanished
    Episode 19
    Sometimes killers trip themselves up in leading the police to catch them and convict them as who they really are, Cold Case Killers. In this case Hicks was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Coming face to face with one of his victims' brothers was the unfortunate demise for Hicks.moreless
  • Portrait Of A Killer/The Tortured Truth
    What appears to be one thing in a case can surely change with time. As in the case of Christian. Also we find that we can find clues in the most unlikely places.
  • Presumed Dead/The Tow Truck Killer
    One will take 10 years and one will take 17 years to solve but they do get solved. Dedication, science, luck, and even hypnosis is used to make sure justice is done for the dead.
  • Killer in the County
    Time is not always on the killer's side. He never knows where or when. Bt somebody is inevitably going to find something out and find out who committed the crime. Even if you have changed for the better since then. As taken from the Baretta TV series. "Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time."moreless
  • A case has gone cold for 6 years; a dead dog holds a clue…in the DNA. In the bottom of a river some divers make a gruesome discovery. Detectives work to solve the mystery of the skeleton found in the car.
  • Reconstructing Murder/Fire Flicks
    One case remains unsolved. One takes the police to the killer but would not lead to an arrest. Some cold cases are just not able to be solved others take a long time to solve. Its the hardship on the family left behind that suffer when a case goes cold.
  • The Burning Secret/Justice Delayed
    A rapist is captured seven years after the crime, but when he is released on a technicality his victim is determined to fight back. Fifteen years after a fire claimed the lives of a father and son, detectives interview the grown surviving son and learn a tragic tale of a mother who burned her family.moreless
  • Murder Illustrated/Blood Relations
    Nine years after police had to release the teenage suspect in a woman's murder due to lack of evidence, they find a new lead in the case. Twenty years after a young woman is murdered while babysitting her nephew, police are able to find DNA evidence that points to her killer.moreless
  • Killer on the Strip/The Doll Murder
    Years after the death of a prostitute, a cop finds the clues that lead to a serial killer who is pretending to be a cop. Six years after a woman is murdered in her home, detectives use DNA testing on resurfaced evidence to find her killer.
  • A Killer Slips Away
    A Killer Slips Away
    Episode 10
  • Diary Of A Serial Arsonist/The Lost Clue
    Two fires in two years held near fire investigators' conferences lead investigators to suspect that one of their own is an arsonist. An elderly man is accused of the murder of his wife until a lost clue helps investigators find the real killer.
  • A Family Secret
    A Family Secret
    Episode 9
  • Terror in Telluride/Signature of a Killer
    The murder of a loving wife and mother goes unsolved for years until a recorded conversation gives detectives the break they need. Over twenty years after the death of a young man, fingerprint evidence leads detectives to the killer who stole some of the young man's body parts.
  • The Mark of Cain/Death on The Freeway
    Years after murdering his friend and taking over his life, police finally track down a killer who confesses to his crimes. Fourteen years after the murder of a sheriff's sergeant, a former sheriff's deputy is finally identified as the killer.
  • One Night on the Bayou/The Buckeye Misdemeanor
    Light is shed on the murder of a convicted child molester in the bayou when a thief is arrested years later. Over twenty years passes before police find any leads in a motel robbery that led to murder.
  • Through Eyes of a Child/The Killer Next Door
    A prison inmate recalls an incident over thirty years earlier that resulted in his sister's death. A killer who started very young is tracked for fifty years before being caught.
  • A Family Cursed
    Episode 5
  • The Hunter Homicides/The Skulls Of Stanley Park
    Two hunters are shot and killed in 1993, and four years later a gun belonging to one of the dead hunters shows up in a pawn shop. After nearly fifty years, two skulls found in Stanley Park are finally identified.
  • 3/16/17
  • The Answer in the Box/Maternal Instinct
    A heartless mother and an innocent girl are the focus of this episode. Their only connecting threat is that both cases take 10 years to solve.
  • 3/13/17
  • The Texas Drifter/The Fingerprint File
    In this episode we travel to very different places where horrific crimes were committed. One takes place in a small town in Texas, the other takes place in an English Countryside. All three crimes run cold but later are solved due to hard work, science and loose lips.
  • 3/6/17
  • The Boy and the Monster/Secret in the Cellar
    Two different crimes with two different solutions in ending Cold Case files. One involves help from a person the other relies on science and footwork to get the case solved.
  • <b>Cold Case Files</b>
    Cold Case Files
    Episode 1
    Four separate stories regarding cold case files that went cold years before and because of the dedication of a few these cases were solved.