Cold Case Files - Season 4

A&E Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Lady Killer
    The Lady Killer
    Episode 31
    The killer of four women goes free until cold case detective John Little is brought in and finds key evidence on a coffee cup. This portrait of a ruthless murderer includes tapes of his chilling confessions. When confronted with DNA evidence, Faryion Wardrip pleaded guilty and is currently on death row in Texas. We talk to all of the investigators involved, some members of victims' families, and Wardrip's brother, who thinks Faryion should be executed immediately.moreless
  • Weepy-Voiced Killer
    Weepy-Voiced Killer
    Episode 30
    A prostitute who fights off a screwdriver-wielding man helps police track down a serial killer.
  • The Perfect Murder/Death of Innocents
    Included: the suspicious murder of a medical-examiner's wife and the suspicious deaths of two newborns.
  • The Cuff Link/Graveyard Shift
    Coming Soon
  • Love Triangle
    Love Triangle
    Episode 27
    A phone-sting operation produces a big surprise and helps police nab the killers of a San Diego man several years after the case went cold.
  • Kidnapped
    Episode 26
  • Innocent Prey; The Punishment
  • Rear Window / The Peeper
    With a 23-year-old failing to show up for work, police are summoned and find her lifeless body. The case grows cold until, a suspect emerges…but gathering a DNA sample will prove to be very difficult. With a man brutally murdered and assaulted the only clues are some DNA and a barefoot print. Some 14 years will pass before the assailant is caught during another ‘peep’ job and the link is made.moreless
  • The Closers; Caught by an Eyelash
    A bloody dagger and a phone tap help detectives solve a 20-year-old murder case. And DNA taken from an eyelash found on a dead prostitute's body brings a killer to justice.
  • Smoky Mountain Mystery / A Drop of Blood
    Two women brutally stabbed just a few months apart, the link is there but goes unseen. Nearly two decades will pass before a storyteller can help solve the mystery in the Smoky Mountains. When a young woman discovers her mother-in-laws body, the clues are very small. With a keen eye a forensic technician finds a drop of blood. A few years later a DNA bank will spit out the name of a suspect…is he the killer?moreless
  • A Sister Lost/Rumors of Murder
    The murder of a young girl holds only minor clues. The local janitor is suspected but investigators are forced to let the case go cold. An episode of Cold Case Files causes a woman to fight to have a case reopened.
  • A Confession for Carmen/The Girls
    Coming Soon
  • Cat and Mouse/Cabbie Killer
    Coming Soon
  • Man in the Shadows/The Hitchhiker
    This serial rapist is on and off again leaving many raped women in his wake. Woman after woman is left to relive the torture but cannot identify their attacker. Finally after the years have passed a convicted rapist is caught and returned to jail…for good. When a New Yorker is found dead in the desert, there are few clues. With some twists and turns investigators are left to sift though the suspects. Finally an old name catches some attention…and a killer is sought.moreless
  • The Family / The Clue That Stuck
    When a young beauty school student comes up missing, her Mexican mafia ties are looked into. With a few people talking detectives finally find the body, and a cold case heats up. In 1993 two young boys wake up to find their mother murdered. With little to go on the case grows cold. Years will pass before a new set of eyes might see a sticky clue…to find a killer.moreless
  • Manhunt
    Episode 17
    With a serial rapist on the loose, women and young girls are scared. This rapist will leave a trail of victims spanning over state borders. Each case the rapist leaves a little trace of himself, but no one can get a hit. Finally after another number of women are raped, CODIS spits out a suspect…and the manhunt is on.moreless
  • The Tourniquet/Burning Desire
    With a killer on the loose and many young girls dead, the search is on. The weapon of choice is a tourniquet. The case grows cold till a hit in CODIS comes back on a convicted pedophile. Shot to death and burned a 20 year-olds body is found, few clues remain. The case will have to grow cold and new evidence will be uncovered before this cold case heats up again.moreless
  • Deja Vu/Secret In The Well
    With two dead women and a third woman lucky to have survived, police are on the trail of a serial killer. A DNA sample and a fingerprint is all they have, but it is the fingerprint that will catch the killer down the road. The children of a 49-year-old man are concerned when he goes missing. Suspicion quickly turns to an estranged girlfriend. Everyone knows he is at the bottom of her well, but with no probable cause they cannot search. Years will pass before they can put to rest the speculation of the watery grave.moreless
  • The Well/The Deadly Ex
    When a local man goes missing and is later found dead, his missing guns will hold the answer to his murder. Years will pass before the case is looked at again and the guns are able to tell their story. A woman is reported missing and her car is found with her body in the truck. Her on again off again husband, who was also convicted of murder, steps into the suspect spot. With nothing to go on a new set of eyes and an informant will stop and killer and his accomplice.moreless
  • A Brother's Burden/The Midnight Attacker
    When a man is shot and killed his wife becomes the prime suspect. Over the years the case is looked at, but investigators decide there is more needed to crack the case. It will take wire taps and a guilty conscience to get to the bottom of this one. Women in California are warned that there are two rapists on the loose. With the help of blood hounds they get a fugitive and lock him up, only to release him months later with DNA proves he is innocent. Some 31 assaults will take place before police find the really rapist.moreless
  • The Monster/A Cousin's Promise
    With the bodies of elderly women turning up, detectives suspect a serial killer is responsible. With little to go on until a call comes in, a confession from a suspected killer…but DNA says it is not possible. It will take another murder to convince detectives the wrong man is in prison and to find the real killer. In 1978 a woman is found beaten and raped in a bathtub, with little to go on the case goes cold in 8 months. Two decades later a cousin gets the case reopened and DNA will help a cousin keep her promise.moreless
  • Sex, Lies and Murder
    Overland Park, Kansas detectives fear they have a serial killer on their hands. With 3 women and an infant missing, detectives search for clues and bodies. The killer goes dormant and does not resurface until 2000. The case comes together when 2 women press charges and detectives are able to get a warrant. What they discover will put a killer on death row.moreless
  • The Bitemark/Justice for Eglena
    When fishermen make a gruesome discovery, a convicted child killer is suspected of murder. With nothing more than what ‘might’ be a bite mark and some wire, the years pass. A fresh look at the case by forensic scientists, holds the key to putting a killer behind bars for good. After a night of celebrating a lone cop walks into the courtyard of a church, and makes a startling discovery. He finds the body of a young girl, the only clue…a blue bandanna. Ten years pass before DNA evidence will find a killer.moreless
  • The Bedroom Basher
    The Bedroom Basher
    Episode 8
    When a pregnant woman is beaten and looses her unborn child, every one is shocked when she fingers her husband as the attacker. He is convicted and sent to prison, some 17 years will pass before the truth comes out. More women will be beaten and raped before enough time passes to use DNA to convict a killer and set an innocent man free.moreless
  • A Killer Named Korn/The Night Watchman
    When a convicted killer comes up for parole, detectives scramble to find evidence. With two cold cases, they pin their hopes on forensic to lock this killer up for good. When a man is discovered dead at his job, detectives look for a killer. Years will pass before a lead comes in, but the suspects are in prison on unrelated charges. Once out of prison detectives pay a visit.moreless
  • A Man Scorned/The Dungeon
    The body of a 46-year-old woman is found dead in her apartment. With little to go on, the case will go cold. With DNA help a single hair will help point to a killer…an unlikely one. With a rapist kidnapping and torturing his victims, the victims come to detectives for help. However little evidence remains until one victim makes a phone call that will break the case. Detectives are lead to a basement of torture.moreless
  • Under a Spell/Justice for Lisa
    Someone is stalking prostitutes in the Miami area, and soon there are 4 bodies. With a serial killer on the loose, it will take another prostitute to give the clue that will finally lead to a suspect. In 1977 a 6-year-old girl goes missing, the missing person investigation soon turns into a homicide investigation. The case will stay cold till 2000 when DNA points to a killer.moreless
  • Friend of the Family/Remains of Murder
    When the body of an 11-year-old girl is found lying face down in a pond, a 15-year-old becomes a quick focus. With the case picking up steam and slacking off again, it will take a fresh set of eyes to catch a killer. With as many mistakes as clues the case of a 13-year-old boy will stump investigators for years. With a mother needing answers a detective stumbles upon a suspect.moreless
  • Beauty Queen Killer/The Fingerprint
    In 1978 the body of a 21-year-old female is found draped over her bed. Some 20 years will pass before a private investigator and a sister, unwilling to give up will help get the answers they need. With a fingerprint being the only clue when a mother and child are found murdered, the trail goes cold. Imagine the surprise when an application for employment unlocks the case, and brings the suspect into the light.moreless
  • The Calling Card/Carol's Diary
    Time does not erase the memory of a killer… A 19-year-old girl goes missing, only to turn up dead a week later. Two decades will pass before DNA evidence has evolved enough to bring this killer to a stop. With the discovery of a 16-year-olds body floating in a lake, her half-brother is suspected. With no evidence 18 years will pass before the real killer is found.moreless
  • Love Triangle/2nd Story Rapist
    When one of the people involved in a love triangle is found dead, suspicion flares. Years will pass before the break police need comes. With a rapist on the loose Sacramento women are scared. He leaves a little bit of him self with every assault, but almost 6 years will pass before they know who he is.moreless