Cold Case Files

Season 3 Episode 3

The Accidental Killer/Little Sister Lost

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 2001 on A&E

Episode Recap

1975--Leslee Larson and her husband Dennis were out to take a trip to Wolf Creek located in Montana. While they were there Leslee disappears. Dennis calls the police to let them know his wife has slipped into the rapid creek and washed away. Police having no reason to suspect foul play close the case as an accident. That is until some years later when a second wife of Dennis' disappears in the same manner. Watch his confession unfold on Cold Case Files. On the second case in this episode a young girl disappears and is only found immediately after a stranger joins the hunt for her body. But passing a lie detector test frees him of suspicion. 24 years would pass and cold case detectives open the case up to find the murderer but what it leads them to is a second murder.
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