Cold Case Files

Season 3 Episode 4

The Merry Widow/The Bad Cop

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2001 on A&E

Episode Recap

In this first case, Mervin "Sonny" Grotton is on his way home from his final tour of duty with the Navy. Before he can even get into his house he is shot dead. But who would want this Naval Officer dead? With only suspicion and a few shell casings, Sonny's wife is suspected but nothing leads to hard proof. Years will pass before they get a glimmer of hope only to be dashed again when their evidence they thought would bring finality to their case is too badly damaged.

In the second case, Kimberly Wright is dead. Her husband Doug, an ex-State Trooper calls the police to report a suicide. The police get nothing from the crime scene because it was too contaminated by Kimberly's ex. It's years later that the case is looked at again and it will be a "battle of the wills" to see who has committed this murder.