Cold Case Files

Season 3 Episode 23

The Shopping Cart Killer

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 2001 on A&E

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  • best one I've seen

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  • The Shopping Cart Killer.

    This episode of Cold Case files is one of the best I ever saw. I found the Detectives' efforts to locate and identify a murderer and rapist to be superb! A young man known in New York's projects as "Chester the Molester" raped and killed 3 young girls whose bodies he transported in a shopping cart. He who slipped through the fingers of and eluded police after an initial interview, fled from New York to Miami. Through the tapping of relatives' and friends' phones, the police intercepted a call that was traced to a public phone in Miami where the young man was captured and arrrested; While in a holding cell, the confessed his crimes to his under aged girlfriend in an earshot of a detective. With this information he was extradited to New York where he recieved 3 life terms and 400 years to serve in the worse New York prison.