Cold Case Files

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Unknown May 07, 1999 on A&E

Episode Recap

Vanished Jennie Hicks is a 25 year old woman who just vanished one day in 1977 from Carmel, Maine. When police apprach her husband, James Hicks, for an explaination he gives them some half baked story of how Jennie ran off with another man. Jennie's family does not agree with the story but the police do. Without even an investigation the case is closed. 5 years later a waman named Jerilyn Towers from Newport, Maine goes to a bar for a drink. She was not seen again. Patrons say she left the bar with a man named James Hicks. Again in 1997 another woman names Lynn Willette, James Hicks' girlfriend also goes missing. Even though the police suspect Hicks they have no bodies or evidence to charge him with. Kennie Hicks' case was finally re-opened. The police find enough evidence to charge Hicks. Hicks is sentenced to 6 years. Unfortunatly Jerilyn's case goes cold. In Thomaston State Prison there is a man incarcerated who is known as the "Number One Outlaw" his name is Vance Tibbetts. He is also the brother of Jerilyn Towers. Scared, Hicks watches his back until one day Tibbitts was transfered out ot Thomaston. Hicks gains a false sense of security. Once they are released, Tibbetts is relentless in finding out what happened to his sister. Hicks files a harrassment complaint against Tibbitts. Detective Joe Zamboni catches the case and instead of pursuing the case against Tibbetts he is doing to re-open the Towers case and James Hicks is his prime suspect.