Cold Case Files

Season 3 Episode 14

Weepy-Voiced Killer/The Mr. Big Sting

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 2001 on A&E

Episode Recap

In the first part of the story a girl is severely beaten and left for dead. When the police arrive they get the girl to the hospital and she lives but was beaten so badly she has brain damage and cannot help the police identify her attacker. Through the next 18 months there were more attacks but these victims were dead. On the 4th occurrence of violence the girl survives and she is able to identify the man who did this to her and then calls police to report in a weepy voice of the violence that happened.

In the second case a girls first night on her job at a convenience store ends up being her last. She was found barely alive but then dies within an hour of her being found. All police have to go on are eye witness testimony of a man seen smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, The police collect the butts as evidence but DNA was to new at that time to identify the suspect.