Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 11

8 Years

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2006 on CBS

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  • Beyond Boring!

    This episode made no sense whatsoever, and most of the episodes this season are following the same trend.

    The episode begins with Scotty and Nick finding and questioning May.......but, how where did the case come from? The usually show some family member or friend wanting some justice, but last night they went straight to the point.

    The show is getting boring, and the stories, outcomes and tragedies have so many similarities it's tragic.

    The only part of this episode I enjoyed was when LT went to have dinner with his ex. Their cute together I hope their's a reconciliation.

    Overall, very bad episode.......
  • Four teenagers that seem to be best friends grow up and grow apart in the 1980's.

    I love this episode and it is by far, my favorite. The best thing about this episode is that this episode's writer Meredith Stiehm said that the Bruce Springsteen songs were chosen first and then the story designed around them. I feel that the music made the storyline that much more powerful. My favorite part about this episode is the Stolen Car flashack. In that flashack i felt as if i was watching the music video for that song. I actually enjoyed all of the flashback's in this episode including the very good looking males that were used in it. I was happy that Clem and May finally decided to be together even though Clem was going to be leaving his family behind(the heart wants what it wants). I imagine that if he and May had reached their final destination, Clem would have contacted his wife and worked out some sort of child support/custodity situation. Looking back, i believe that this episode is what made me a Cold Case fan.
  • What were they thinking?

    Again Lily's hair is down - still don't like it that way, it is just not right for the character of the previous two seasons!

    Now to why this episode was so bad. It was so slow it wasn't funny. I found it very hard to get interested or even care what happened to these four so-called best friends who parted ways after the wrong people fall in love creating a messy triangle. This episode just didn't ring true or even real.

    The factual errors with the music (years of release) were also annoying since this episode was made to fit in with the songs - after all if this were true - why did they get it wrong?
  • .

    This episode was ridiculous. It would have been ok if they had gotten rid of the Chris Issac music or whoever it was singing. It couldn't even keep my attention due to all the extra. I usually remember the cold case episodes but I believe this has to be one of those forgettable ones.
  • This episode is about four friends who are close in 1980 when they are in high school. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Not long after we see them in the beginning, their lives all take dramatic turns. It is really about regret and lost love.

    This episode is without a doubt my favorite, Mostly because the writing and music are so brilliant. The flashback scenes in this episode really hit dead-on with the music, especially with Bobby Jean,(even though this and No Surrender are goofs as far as mismatched years) Drive All Night, Stolen Car, and One Step Up. In fact, it hits so well, it's almost like the episode was written around the songs. My favorite situation of this episode that impacts me the most, is the love triangle between Sally, Clem, and May. It is so sad how Clem and May can't be together because Clem is trying to be faithful to Sally, but in the end, he hurt her even more by marrying her, having a kid with her, and making her so sad she cried every night. Only to end up leaving her for May after all that. But then it was nice that May and Clem got to be together again, even if just for awhile. My favorite scenes are definitely the flashback scenes. They are very powerful, and like I said, go along perfect with the lyrics in the music. I especially like in the Stolen Car flashback when the lyrics say, "At first I just thought it was restlessness, that would fade as time went by and our love grew deep. But in the end it was something more, I guess, that tore us apart and made us weak." And during these lyrics, it is showing Sally and Clem having their troubles and Sally alone as a new young, divorced mom. But in conclusion, I believe anyone who has ever experienced lost love and sadness in relationships will love this episode like I do. Definitely grab a box of tissues, especially when the flashback scene with the song Drive All Night comes on. This episode is what turned me into a die-hard Cold Case AND Bruce Springsteen fan. And for that, I say, thank you genius writers of Cold Case.
  • After finally finding the woman detectives have been wanting to question for 18 years in the murder of her friend Clem in 1988, the detectives decide to re-open the case.

    I think this is a pretty good episode. It was sad to see everything that happened to this friendship and it really showed how much things can change over a course of 8 years, both to love and friendship.

    However, I didn't like one of the important factors to this story: May. She annoyed me to an extreme level. I liked Sally a lot more. I thought she was a bit more all rounded. And what was up with May and Clem leaving at the end? He was just going to leave his kid and Sally, who he was technically still married to and wearing the wedding ring. Maybe it's just because I don't understand the whole running away together thing. It just ruined the episode for me.
  • Don't it make her brown eyes blue...

    In the first half May's eyes are brown, then someone in charge must have actually watched the final product and realized the actress playing the older May had blue eyes, so they colorized the younger May's eyes in the second half. Not that it mattered, since none of the women playing the younger and older characters looked anything like each other to begin with. Apparently we are supposed to be so involved in the story that we won't notice such a minor detail. When will this show start paying attention to casting? I would rather see Lil's old hairdo again than watch yet another episode with actors who don't look anything alike playing the same characters.
  • Very hard to keep my attention.

    This is one episode that seemed to go very slow and was hard to really keep my attention.
    The only thing that helped this episode was the Bruce Springsteen music. If they keep getting music the way they did here then the story line can be slow all they want to be.
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