Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 21

Almost Paradise (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2010 on CBS

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  • The squad investigates a murder from 1989, which Lilly deals with her sister.

    The case itself was a given whom the killer was, I liked how they used the song, " Almost Paradise," at the beginning. As for Lilly the drama again starts, as soon as she walked into her father's house and sees her sister there. The two later meet up, and a photo is shared; that will be important during the next episode. Christina's storyline isn't about to go away, anytime soon leading us into the next episode.

    If the case was stronger I would have enjoyed it better, but it was too clear who the killer was. Also the fact that they didn't add more to Lilly's father talking to her in person. I always enjoy it better when someone tells her something in person.
  • The team reopens a case from 1989 in which a high school prom queen was killed by a hit and run driver. Also, Lilly's father tries to get her to reconnect with her estranged sister Christine.

    I am never too enthusiastic whenever Lilly's sister Christine reenters the picture. Mainly because she is not a likeable character. It's hard to sympathize with a person who willingly gets herself into bad situations and only contacts her family when she needs help. However this episode still worked for me because the storyline concerning the prom queen worked so well. I found the story very compelling. That acting on the part of all the characters in the story seemed very genuine and not contrived in any way. It's flaw is that it was pretty much obvious who the killer was.