Cold Case

Season 5 Episode 14

Andy in C Minor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on CBS
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Andy in C Minor
After traces of blood linked back to a missing teen are found, the team re-investigates the 2006 case of a boy who disappeared from a high school for deaf children.

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  • Worth seeing over and over again

    I absolutely loved this episode.

    But as a deaf person some of the reviews are alittle far fetched. I think there is too much expectation on the show being medically accurate and forgetting it's only an hour long show. I think that people also forget that every deaf person's experience is different so how can anyone say that deaf people aren't like that or deaf people aren't like this?

    I often encounter daily hearing people who think I should automatically know how to read lips so that was pretty much on point. I also encounter the same attitude that was displayed in the episode. I wear hearing aids and am not a native signer b/c I grew up oral and sometimes the attitude I get from the congenital deaf community or those who have been signing for a long time (or even sometimes from hearing students at my school who sign fluently) is that they don't want to be bothered by people like me. Now that is not to say that this is the attitude of all or even most. I have found most are very patient with me and accept me but unfortunately that elitist attitude is present and the producers did a good job of showing this. It is also a reality that some hearing people do want deaf people to conform to them. I think people forget way back when that people would actually take their children to a priest for holy water hoping that deafness was a curse. And cochlears are a big issue in the deaf community. Someone also mentioned about the cochlear process. I think you have to keep in mind once again this is only an hour show they can't possibly be 100% accurate when it comes to such an extended process. It was also mentioned that ASL can't be learned from a book--not 100% true. Yes it is best to have deaf interaction but I grew up oral and I first started teaching my self ASL from the very same book Vera had (Signing for Dummies). And anyone who doubts that the deaf can play the piano is mistaken. Many great composers were deaf. Like I.King Jordan said, "Deaf can do anything, except hear!" If you all can't get over litte inaccuracies that don't really break the story then you will never see the true beauty of this episode.

    Overall this episode was as accurate as possible within the time frame and gave an accurate portryal of various perspectives on the deaf community.moreless
  • I love this episode of Cold Case. I was suprised by a actor I did not know: Ryan Lane.

    I love this episode of Cold Case.

    I was suprised by the actor I did not know: Ryan Lane.

    He is realy great and brings a lot of special feelings up. His acting is of exceptional quality and I hope to see more of him in series or movies. If I was Gus Van Sant or Larry Clark I would cast him in my next film. So, the only thing I can say, See Ryan Lane. This episode was on the Dutch tv last night. I give it a 10+. I saw Ryan is also starring in 'Dummy Hoy: A Deaf Hero' I cannot find this movie in The Netherlands so will try to buy it in the USA.moreless
  • It aired in Australia tonight, being a deaf person myself, I jumped at the chance to tape it as soon as I realised the story was based around a deaf person.moreless

    Whilst on one hand I do agree with what people have said re not having a professional interpreter, and the dean being the intepreter was inappropiate etc etc, it needs to be realised that it is only a 40 minute tv show. As much as they'd love to be able to get everything right about the deaf culture, no show is able to be completely realistic, i.e. results in a few hours (DNA) - as if! The amount of explaining they'd have to do to just incorporate that deaf people can only understand a small amount based on just lipreading/need to go through the gruelling process of waiting for the cochlear implant would have wasted valuable time on the show.

    I'm just pleased to see a show that incorporated such a great deal of deafness into the episode rather than only one person being deaf, but no mention of that once they have hearing aids/cochlear. I did spend the tv show talking abt the unrealisticness of some of the portrayals, but I think they deserve kudos for doing an episode based around the deaf community in the first place.moreless
  • A nice return for the show after a long hiatus and glaring medical and legal inaccuracies couldn't take the joy of a new episode away. Loved the dip into the deaf culture the show once again takes us to a world a lot of us may not bemoreless

    A nice return for the show after a long hiatus and glaring medical and legal inaccuracies couldn't take the joy of a new episode away. Loved the dip into the deaf culture the show once again takes us to a world a lot of us may not be familiar with. The struggle of the deaf in our society was heart wrenching and seeing the hatred and fear from their side was a nice touch. The case had some good twist and turns looking for the culprit and the victim was interesting outside of his death. The squad once again had great personal issues to deal with. Kat's issue with her daughters father was dealt with well and it did great for her character showing the maturity to face the man once and for all. Valera continues his meld into whatever is going on with the case and embraced signing and the deaf community with open and comical arms. Despite a few factual errors once again the show gave us what we like about Cold Case. A good story, a great cast giving a great performance and a great resolution to a crime good episode.moreless
  • The collision between two worlds

    When I started to see this episode, I was surprised. I wasn't expecting to see that.

    I always thought that sign language was amazing. I don't think of it as only a language for the deaf and dumb people. I see it also as a body expression, it's amazing using you fingers, hands, arms, body to say something to someone, to express what you feel.

    This is something I would like to learn and some day I will. It was interesting to see Nick, the one mocking and saying those things, learning and using sign language. Even so, no one learns that fast, even with the dummies book. Other thing I liked was the fact that Andy's father understood Andy's wish to hear again, he wanted to see joy in his face again, like he did when he played piano.

    And also Kat giving Jones a chance.

    I know that some people might think it's treason wanting to hear again, I thing it's the chance to be part of two worlds, the bridge that connects them. I find it amazing.moreless
Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris

Det. Lilly Rush

Danny Pino

Danny Pino

Scotty Valens

John Finn

John Finn

Lt. John Stillman

Jeremy Ratchford

Jeremy Ratchford

Det. Nick Vera

Thom Barry

Thom Barry

Det. Will Jeffries

Tracie Thoms

Tracie Thoms

Kat Miller (Episodes 3.13+; recurring previously)

Ryan Lane

Ryan Lane

Andy Rierdan

Guest Star

Dondre T. Whitfield

Dondre T. Whitfield

Jarrod Jones

Guest Star

Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Carlos Ramirez

Guest Star

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    • Kat: You don't get it. I start telling her about him, I gotta tell her about me, who I was back then.
      Nick: So who were you back then?
      Kat: Someone I'm not now.

    • Nick: I been spending a lot of time with Tony's son. Kid's taken to me.
      Kat: Good for you.
      Nick: It's never gonna be the same as having his real father though, not even close.
      Kat: So you're a parent for five minutes, now you're schoolin' me how to do it?

    • Nick: You know, it's none of my business, but maybe you should let this guy meet his own daughter.
      Kat: You're right... it's none of your business.

    • Carlos: (writing on his Blackberry to Nick) Your signing still sucks.

    • Dean Vivian Harden: Over the years, the deaf community has developed their own separate culture.
      Nick: You'd think they wouldn't want to be separate.
      Dean Harden: Well, if you have your own language, you feel comfortable with your own.
      Nick: Well... that's... just movin' hands.
      Dean Harden: ASL is a beautiful, emotive language. You should try learning it.

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