Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 22

Best Friends

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 08, 2005 on CBS
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Best Friends
When an old truck containing human bones is pulled from the Delaware River, the team re-opens the case of a missing and possibly murdered girl who disappeared unexpectedly in 1932.

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  • The best .

    Cold case is a great series with some really great episodes and as a 36 year old man I,m not ashamed to admit iv been in tears many times.

    But this episode Best Friends really did it for me and has stuck with me.

    Moving and powerful.

    Two young girls one black, one white all they want is to be together. But because of there races and gender they can't find peace. The two actresses that played young Rose and Billy where amazing you could just see there love and feel there pain. Billy,s poems for Rose where touching as was her fear that her ex would hurt her an Rose,s awaking feelings for Billy and realisation that she loved her. And then there heart breaking decision when they think they have only one option to be together.

    Then old Rose surviving and living her whole life with guilt.

    The ending was the most thouching Rose finally has a chance to talk to some one in Lily who reasurse her that her love was not wrong then she quietly passes away. And Billy is there to great her "it,s OK roseI'm here iv been waiting, I love you" (my own imagined diolouge as what we here was Roses poem to Billy which was so sad). Rose and Billy are finally together and walk of hand in hand.

    I was in tears.

    Please what do others think.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes

    I loved this episode so much that when l looked it up on Wikipedia and there wasn't even a synopsis on it, so l ended up writing one (only the synopsis). *not a writer so if you read don't be too harsh, just hope you enjoy it ;-) The reason this episode really got me was because it was the only episode ever to show the victim walking off hand in hand with the left behind loved one (at the age they currently are). It makes me pretty sure that Rose died on that bench and Billie greeted her in the just thought that was such a powerful ending and it made me cry.moreless
  • A story of forbidden love set in the prohibition era.

    I think this is one of my favorite episodes of cold case. The story is that of forbidden love between two women, one white one black that takes place during the prohibition. This Cold Case so it doesn't end well. Lilly and Co find a car long sunk into the river. They find a body inside and soon are immersed in a mystery of forbidden love when they track the car back to a a young man who sold booze to the local black clubs. They later discover that his sister might have been the one in the car when they find out she disappeared on him after a fight but soon after find out things aren't that simple. It wasn't her the car. The truth is far more complicated, and far more tragic.

    The episode is at its tragic best and has one of the most classic lines I have ever heard on it. Rose: "I wonder if it was wrong, the feelings I had for her."

    Lilly "No it was just the wrong time."moreless
  • This is my favorite one

    This is my favorite episode of all, when I saw it...

    A find amazing the capacity of expressing her feelings like she did, the poems are from the heart.

    They wanted to be together, they were in love in a time that wasn't ready for it.

    The beginning:

    Sent that girl away a night ago,

    and don't she know it's been ashes

    Sent her away and

    don't she know it ache

    Heart of mine, throat of smoke,

    I sent a girl away and

    it's been hell opened up,

    working on my skin

    till it be bone.

    The loving:

    Those three words I have never heard together,

    before you made them in your mouth,

    chewed them soft like sugar cane,

    polished them with your tongue,

    gave them to me sweet, and I swore I'd never get them lost.

    Is it how I can't find sleep, or get fed, this thing you said?

    Is it how my heart grows at the sight of you?

    Then, baby, yes,

    I love you, too.

    The fighting:

    "My body broken"

    Tired, nickel-colored night

    You can take my blood and keep it,

    I ain't need it no more,

    use my broken teeth to pave your street,

    my splintered bones stomped for sand,

    if this lead-footed man should once again leave me dead,

    my body broken,

    my soul would find a way,

    oh, night, to dance with his girl again.

    And the lost of a loved one:

    I came up from the dark without you

    and every day has been in shadow.

    I have begged the tide to wash away my sin

    and take me to you in the dark

    but every day I surface again.

    but in the spring, I am betrayed by the new earth

    with you in my heart, I am born again a green bud,

    I am born again blooming.moreless
  • A story of forbidden love between two women, set in the 1930's, that ends in tragedy.

    I saw this episode the first night it aired and it has stayed with me ever since. The story was fantastic and kept you guessing. I loved the flashbacks going back to the 30's. The story is something that we can still relate to in this day and age, but it also really makes you think about how hard life was for certain people back then. Being gay african american, or part of an interracial couple. The poetry really helped set the mood and along with the music, took you back to another time. Amazing episode. I give it a 10 out of 10.moreless
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