Cold Case

Season 4 Episode 15

Blood on the Tracks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • When a part of a bomb is found in the basement of where two people were killed in 1981 in an explosion, the team believes that the explosion was not accidental as thought, but a planned murder.

    Jack and Johanna Kimbell were happily married in 1981. They were Vietnam War activists in 1971. In 1971, Jack and Johanna were a part of a bombing that got their friend killed. In 1981, their house explodes with them inside.

    Eh, this was a bit boring. I mean, basically they're just flashbacks to talk about the past. The most important part of the story is McBride dying in the bombing, but yet there's basically nothing about him, except that he was Sarah's boyfriend.

    And the "twist" at the end was hardly a twist. I knew what was going to happen when they first started talking about it in the beginning. It was so phony, like no one would notice through the course of 25 years? Yeah, okay.

    The storyline was so-so in the sense that it bored the crap out of me.