Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 19

Bullet (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2010 on CBS

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  • Excellent PartII Episode

    The squad now realizing that Bill Shepard has been dead since 1978, and the sniper is that of his son. We learn that Paul wasn't always this angry, but just a kid that wanted a family. His father's suicide note, made a lasting impact on him much to the point that if the victim spoke the last words that were in the letter, Paul shot the them. He was unable to cope and move on, instead using movies as a way to comfort him. What really blew me away was Kathryn Morris's acting during the final scene, hwo she was so close to tears in reguards to Paul's wife Claire having a baby, well so he thought.

    Everyone pretty much guessed that Yates was the girl in the car, when the guy was shot. However, I did a spark between Agent Cananaugh and Lilly.

    All and All, it was an excellent episode and on time!!
  • In the second part of a two part episode, Lilly and the team continue their joint investigation with the FBI in their attempts to find a serial killer before he strikes again.

    This episode is a definite improvement over part one. The main reason being that the Mayor of Cougartown puts her hunt for a new boy toy on hold and focuses on capturing the killer. Seeing Special Agent Yates conduct her investigation was the highlight of this episode. I actually liked it when she angrily confronted the killer's relatives with the truth. Another high point is looking into the killer's mind and what drove him to commit his crimes. His obsession with the movie "East of Eden" was creepy, but isn't that the point? Yates' revenge ploy was a liability however.
  • Susanna Thompson did a great job in her guest starring role!

    This was the conclusion to a very strong 2-parter. I feel that "Cold Case" has a lot of life left in it and hope it lasts another season. Susanna Thompson did an excellent job in her guest starring role as Detective Yates. Although her character came on a little strong in Part 1 ("Last Drive-In") with the drinking and flirting, Thompson is a great actress. I can see her being nominated for a guest starring Emmy for this! I couldn't look away when she was on the screen, and she was a nice complement to Kathryn Morris. Since they left things open ended with Yates, I am hoping she will stick around for another episode or two. Part I had a great ending, with Rush and Yates finding the suspected sniper dead in the cabin cellar. This concluding episode really delivered. The scene at the train station was exciting and well executed. What struck me most was the final confrontation between the sniper and Yates, with her plea to find out why her drive-in date had to die. The answer was simple, yet very profound at the same time. I also like how Yates and her date got to watch "East of Eden" one final time in the closing montage.

    Another great episode!