Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • Engaging and surprisingly romantic episode...

    Surprisingly luminous fare: wonderful lovers' energy colors both the case (the young Chinese Hero and his beautiful heart) and Lily...

    Not usually a romantic show, the young Chinese victim was a truly romantic hero, and the echo could be felt in tonight's depiction of Lily's love affair, though her romance appears to be just as doomed...

    Kicked off by the broad smiles and youthful energy of the very handsome young pair, even the colors of the episode seemed warm and dynamic, frequently reflecting the red-tinted keilidescope of color and people that is china town on a sunny day. A very engaging episode - my attention never wandered.

  • A case of a Chinatown murder

    An old case that Stillman had worked on during 1980 but couldn't solve is now reopened. While the squad is investigating, a very beautiful scene; which just happens to be the best romantic scene in all of CC. Rush and Saccardo at the beach, watching the sunset. That really shows that the personal lives/Relationships can indeed go somewhere,but the storyline isn't quite over yet.

    Getting back to the case, the squad has to uncover more clues including an old now retired narcatics cop whom had ties to the victim. Nonetheless, this episode was very enjoyable to watch. I'd recommend seing this one again...
  • A case from Lt. Stillman's past is reopened. The 1983 shooting death of a Chinese teenager whose girlfriend was shot and killed by a Chinese gang known as The Dragon Boys.

    John Finn gives what could very well be the best performance of the series in this episode. His scenes with the detective who was on the take from The Dragon Boys are Finn at his finest. The story focusing on the investigation worked also. The various plot twists and the directions the story took worked well and kept the viewer interested. What I found to be a liability is the story line focusing on Lilly's love life. It seemed to go nowhere. The final scene of her walking into an empty apartment are proof of that. However, the episode works.