Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 21

Creatures of the Night

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2005 on CBS

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  • We can never judge another (spoilers)

    I was left with a different feeling than after most Cold Case episodes as I did not find it as sad as the others. In fact, I though it was rather enjoyable in that the team's work saved lives given that the killer said he had much work to do when he got out.

    I also enjoyed the change to the standard plot line in that the team was not looking to find a killer, but to tie a murder to a specific individual.

    I do not want to imply for a moment that Roy is not responsible for his actions because he is, as I believe we all are. At the same time, I thought it was an excellent portrayal of how deeply one's character can be molded by authority figures. The utterly contemptible reaction of his father to Roy's innocent feelings for a girl and the aunt's bizarre over-reaction to innocent fun with Kelly at The Rocky Horror Picture Show sowed the seeds for what the young man became.

    Obviously Roy had his own serious psychological problems because sadly many, many children are abused and do not become criminals never mind serial killers. Still, as Aunt Louise horrifying recognizes, she played a part, however small, in how Roy turned out.
  • With a race against time before a serial killer is released, New Jersey cops ask the detectives if they can link their killer to a cold case, prompting them to believe he killed Mike in 1977.

    Twice in a row, this series brings me episodes taht present hardly only emotion. Once again, there's not much insight into the victim's life to care when he dies. In this episode there's actually more insight into the killer than the victim. Although in this series, it is always sad to hear the victim talk about their dreams and plans for the future knowing their never come true.

    The whole "wow" style of acting kind of annoyed me, but I guess it makes sense because of the big role "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" played. In all of the flashbacks the people always had this "wow" kind of look on their faces except for, of course, the villain who instead looked just plain pyshco. And over acting, although it's quite obvious that was done on purpose.

    The storyline itself, wasn't that bad. It was fairly well-written in most parts, but when I watch a Cold Case episode, I expect it to move me to the point of nearly tears and this episode just didn't do that for me.
  • I'm just a "Rocky" fan! :)

    And I really loved this episode! Enjoyed every espect of it. There's nothing more I can add to what others wrote, I think they did a brilliant job and they couldn't have done it better!
    The way they filmed the past scenes is so similar to the original movie, and as a "Rocky" fan there was nothing more I could have asked for. I only wish my english was better and would have enabled me to desricbe my impression from this apisode more accuratly...

    Which reminds me I haven't watched "Rocky" for ages! I have to go to a show (which surprisingly we do have here in Israel) again!
  • Best blend of various media ever.

    I cannot begin to express my admiration for the vision, talent and skill that went into the production of this episode.

    This is my favorite non-emotionally-involving episode of Cold Case. Whoever arranged the sound score for this episode worked hand in glove with the film editor for the perfection that was the timing of this show. Others have talked about the blending of the movie soundtrack and the scenes. But, they also were very specific about what was happenening on the movie screen during scenes that were set in the movie theatre...utterly brilliant.

    Then there's the direction. The flashbacks were directed in the exact cheesy style of Rocky Horror Picture Show, especially the actor who played Mike. It was without a doubt the absolutely best ever.

    This episode ranks up in my top 5 favorite television episodes ever.
  • Interesting chapter, I've never imagine that could fit so well the story to the rocky horror picture show soundtrack.

    It's a very curious episode, just not only because the assasin role election (Barry Bostwick) who appears in the Rocky Horror Show Picture proyection inside the chapter. It's amazing how that film soundtrack fits with the story of this kind of show as is cold case, It seems that music is around along the episode
  • There's a light...

    One of my favorite episodes of the second season! Unlike most episodes, this one is entirely dedicated to the music from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." The producers must have a huge Rocky fan aboard, because they used the music SO well. As the trivia states, scenes from the movie are copied in loving detail! Barry Bostwick as the present-day version of the murderer is an excellent touch. First-rate work!