Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 6

Dead Heat

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • The team looks into the case of a jockey who disappeared in 1986 when his skeletal remains are found buried with a group of horses.

    One thing I liked about this episode is that it brings to light two of the dark secrets of the horse racing world. The first is that every year thousands of horses who can't cut it on the track are sent off to slaughterhouses. The second being how jockeys suffer for their sport. That aside, while "Dead Heat" is a good episode, it's not a particularly memorable one. The main reason for me at least is that I knew who the killer was from the minute the person appeared on screen. This episode was just OK. Entertaining, but just OK.
  • The cold Case team investigates a case of a horse jockey now found

    The storyline was very consistant, but mostly the interrogations were turning into ones featuring Lilly and Scotty. What was most interesting is the fact that Jefferies now has a cold case on his hands, which now left the audience in wonder; as to who the person might be??

    The case itself was a bit slow, but yet it was pretty clear who the doer was all along.

    On a side note; this Scotty Valens storyline seems to get more interesting as the episode go on. It's clear to be that either his mother is having an affair or their parents are getting a divorce. Whatever it is, it's puzzling..

    At the end, I liked how they showed a younger version of Lilly sitting in the bleachers watching the horses; seeing how earlier we learned and her mother once had worked at the ticket counter.