Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 20

Death Penalty: Final Appeal

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • What happened to the phone records Why didn't anyone check the phone records and question everyone who called on the night of the murder.

    Why didn't anyone check the phone records and question everyone who called on the night of the murder.
    The way it was showed is great though but meaningless on the part detectives carried out. If they questioned the killer and Kate's father about the phone records they would have got the meat and i hate to see an innocent person dead because of the poor judgment in every scenario. The role played by the cold case detective who found out the truth is good, the only think to talk about in this episode.

    I just started liking this series and let me see how it goes.This has become one of my favorites serial to watch in free time.
  • Touching and sad, but completely implausible. Since I love this show so much I will explain exactly why I gave it this low rating.

    I felt the execution happened just for the shock value. It was totally unreasonable for things to happen this way, and I'm not talking just about the execution going forward; the implausability of it all goes back to Andre's trial and appeals.

    Who was his lawyer? let me know so I would never hire him! There's no way on earth Andre would have lost his trial, ALL appeals AND sent to death, based on circumstantial evidence and NO forensic evidence that tie him to the crime. There was evidence of him being in the house, i.e. the blood on his boots, but he admitted to being in the house. It doesn't mean he killed her. This is the exact definition of circumstantial evidence. Any rookie lawyer would have asked the medical examiner, who had to have been invited to testify at the trial, this one simple question: Was there any physical evidence that indicated Andre killed her? This question alone should be enough to raise doubts. Which brings us to another inconsistancy: They kept saying the girl was raped, yet there was no mention of any physical evidence regarding the rape, nor the murder weapon, for that matter. I know DNA wasn't used in forensics in 1994, but it IS used today and would have exonerated him on the spot. At least one of his appeals must have happened in recent years.
    If Andre was indeed innocent then there would be no "traces" of him anywhere in the murder scene: semen, skin under her nails (she fought her killer!). People don't get sent to death row based on eye witnesses and circumstantial evidence! Think about it for a would our justice system look if this would be the case?

    Next, the mis-handling of the evidence (the letter) by the ADA. So he threw them out of his office. So what? The "A" in ADA stands for "assistant", doesn't it? go to his boss! Escalate the matter as far as you can if you truly want to stop an innocent man from being executed.

    I felt that all the happenings that took place in the very final days / hours of Andre's life were forced on us, the audience, in order to create drama.
  • A black man convicted on a 1994 rape and murder charge contacts the Cold Case detectives with three days left on his death row sentence. His one request, for them to prove him innocent before he gets the needle...

    This was by far the best Cold Case episode ever! There were so many classic songs from the mid-90's era, Shine by Collective Soul, Mmmmm mmmm mmm mmm by Crash Test Dummies, and Satellite by Dave Matthews Band. A great plot,with interesting twists intertwined, made it an instant classic. Sure, there were a few holes in the storyline, but that is basically what every Cold Case episode is like. I can't believe people would ever review this episode under a nine. It had all of the same interview techniques like any other Cold Case episode, with an above average story...
  • When the cop that worked the 1994 case in which a man is put on death row kills himself after it is discovered he framed people, the doomed inmate asks Detective Jeffries to look into his case before it's too late.

    Kate Lange was raped on murdered on June 4, 1994, the night her and her father moved into a new house. Suspicion quickly falls to one of the movers, Andre .

    This is definitely one of the saddest episodes I've seen so far. Everything was great the writing, the acting, everything. I thought that because of the circumstances, this is one of the more original episodes.

    It was sad to see how much the justice system failed Andre. First, he was framed by the arresting officer and then the prosecutor wouldn't allow the detectives to look at the evidence that would have proved him innocent and saved him from dying.

    I thought this episode was very predictable in the sense that it was obvious to me who killed her, but I was shocked when they actually executed Andre. I thought it would be like in the movies and they'd stop it right beore he was injected. At the scene, I was practically screaming at the tv for them to stop. It was sad to see everything bad that happened to him right after he got his life in order.

    Definitely an episode not be missed.
  • I'm a little late on watching this episode because I caught it on the mini marathon on TNT. All of the episodes of Cold Case are saddening. This one however, was the one of the more tragic episodes. Hope you guys had some Kleenex!

    Most of the folks who reviewed this episode pretty much summed up alot of what I thought but, I would still like to add to it. This episode depicts a double tragedy; one of a teenage girl who didn't even get a chance to experience life as hers was ruthlessly taken, and one of a man who didn't really get a chance to turn his life around as he paid the price of a crime that he didn't commit. I felt bad for what had happened to Kate, but my heart went out for Andre. He was an innocent man who was simply a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. To make matters worse, Andre was an ex-con so, it would have been difficult for him to prove his innocence when he has a record and with the evidence making him out to be the culprit. In addition (and this is only my opinion), I don't believe those detectives really tried hard enough to prove Andre's innocence (especially if they thought that he was guilty and was proven so). It took his execution for them (Detective Jeffries in particular) to realize that he might have been telling the truth after all. I was on the verge of tears at that execution scene when Andre said his final words with tear in his eyes. Part of me was hoping the phone rang to call off the execution and grant him pardon. The flashback scenes when Andre was at Kate's side as she was dying and when he wrote his letter of apology with a glass of whiskey (or whatever the hell it was) at his side was touching as well. He pushed that glass adide in hopes to start anew. If only he was given the chance.

    As for that ADA Danner, I was glad when Det. Jeffries puched him (shoot, I would've beaten the crap out of him...or drop-kicked him, lol) and was even happier when he was fired. What a snake...witholding evidence that could have pardoned Andre and he had the audacity to demand that Det. Jeffries be terminated after he got the daylights knocked out of him. As for that creep who killed Kate....he only got a shove to the wall?!? He should have gotten one heck of a beatdown after what he did to that girl and for causing an innocent man to suffer for it. This episode was well written and acted. Indeed one of my favorite episodes from Cold Case.
  • A girl is found stabbed and raped in her home. An ex-con is convicted for the perpetration, but later-emerging evidence proves that he was innocent. He was executed before this could be proved.

    I normally only watch Cold Case when it happens to be on, but that might be changing. This particular episode moved me in a very special way. The very outstanding performance by the person playing the main character/ex-con, and the plot of this episode, really made me think about miscarriage of justice, and how wrong death-penalty in most cases is. In this episode of Cold Case, this is portrayed in excellence. The ending, showing the funeral and the imaginary images of the victims of the case, combined with the song Hallelujah, sung by Rufus Wainwright, really makes this episode of Cold Case rank high among the best crime-TV I've seen.
  • Cameron Goodman gave an outstanding performance. Cameron looks like a major new star!!!!! <br /> <br /> The casting directors and producers really are on the mark when they pick new talent<br /> <br />

    Cameron Goodman handed in a stand-out performance. She has a fresh new wholesome but hip and smart look. Athletic yet very beautifully feminine.

    She really showed how depth- her acting range is. CSI did not give her a chance to show her acting skills. Wild and Out shows her energy, beauty, and that she is really funny without being a dumb blonde--just the opposite she is definitely cool and Hotttt at the same time

    This looks like it could become a "Series Classic.:

    Whomever found this star should be really proud--

    We need to see alot more of this young lady.

    Great Show really a 10 Way to go Great Team effort--the whole show rocked
  • Cold Case back on form

    The past couple of episodes have been slipping, I feel. They're entertaining but nothing like what Cold Case is usually like. This episode was prototypical of the show. Everything was perfect. The story was very sad, the music selection great and it helped really hit that nerve.

    The real world feasibility of story was a little shaky though. After the arresting officer and main witness have been discredited it should have been enough to stay the execution. The DA might not want to bite, but there's other channels like attaining a writ from a court.

    Overall 9.5, just exactly why I watch this show.
  • Really painful to watch

    It's really sad to see two people from the legal system to do such a sickening thing. Not only they caused an innocent person to be put on the death row and eventually the death. UNtil the very last moment, one of them who's alive still dare to ask for another punishment for a cop who realised the truth. What a sickening bas*ard man!!!

    It's also very sick to see a person who's role as a daddy to abused his own daughter and killed another's beloved and precious baby. One who doesn't know how to treasure his own precious baby and still go around to abuse & kill other's babies are nothing but a SCUM!!! A scum who deserves to be seriously punished!!!

    It is sad to see an innocent man to be punished for something he didnt do it. And worst is he didnt even get a chance to prove his innocent until the day his death, he's still being blamed for something he never did in his whole life. And it's even more sickening to see another man who will attack an innocent, sweet 16-yrs old girl who havent even seen enough of the world!

    But the good thing is the ADA got FIRED!!! He should never be worked in the legal system again. Because he sucks up big time... He's a disgrace to the USA legal system....

    But glad to see "Faith" got a 2nd-chance to live, I guess this should be indicating that she's living for two persons, one for herself, another for the victim "Kate".
  • This episode really struck a cord in me, I find it very difficult to believe that an innocent man would be executed when new compelling evidence was uncovered by the Cold Case Team. The main characters performance in the execution finale was superb.

    Death Penalty Opponents would be greatly heartened by the storyline. It exposed the possible flaws in the Judical System in Death Penaly Cases and I guess it is a very strong wake up call for some death penalty supporters. The choice of song titles in this episiode were very appropriate, and combined to bring powerful emotion and sadness during the condemmed man\\\\\\\'s final words during the lethal injection execution scene. It was very touching that the wrongly executed mans spirit appeared later and forgave the police officer whom he asked for help, but did not believe his protestation of innocence. All the above combined to bring a heart wrenching episode of this fabulous series!
  • This was a good storyline, without a happy ending.

    Well, what can i say, it\'s never a happy ending, because all plots are based in murders, even all victims have their delayed justice. Here are two murders to solve.
    The first victim, who died in \'94, and the second victim is the man put behind bars for commit the first victim\'s crime. I know some people think this episode was so obvious from the beginning, but this kind of things happen in real life. We let other people carry us to commit injustice, just for racism.
    There were too many absurd things in this case from the beginning, but for all people involved was easier to let Andre pay the price. We had dirty cops, liar witnesses, careless DA. He was telling the true all the time, and had to die to be listened.
    I have to confess, despite my love for this show, i felt the real murderer a little forced...
  • Andre, who's on deathrow for a crime he didn't commit, cannot convince anyone of his innocence.

    Yes, we know Andre didn't rape and murder the girl. We suspect he'll be executed. What's so sad about this is the fact that the girl already has lost her mother. The actress portrays the character well. So here is this father left with nothing, and a corrupt cop and murderer prevent justice being carried out. They pave the way for another loss. Too dark.
  • Double tragedy strikes two people from completely different backgrounds, but share a common pain before they meet their untimely deaths.

    The young girl who was murdered was already going through the pains of losing her mother due to alcohol addiction, but was beginning to accept it with the help of a compassionate stranger, who happens to be an ex-con.

    That stranger, who was battling alcoholic demons of his own, was also on the verge of conquering his past when he is falsely accused of the girls murder and executed in prison before the Cold Case team find the real killer.

  • A man on death row for the rape and murder of a sixteen year-old girl professes his innocence. After it's revealed that the arresting officer on the case is crooked, Lilly and her colleagues begin to investigate.

    Let me get this right. The arresting officer on the case is known to be corrupt. The father of the victim admits that he lied to police when he said he saw the man who is on death row for the murder in his house. The assistant DA is withholding evidence. With all of that, the execution goes on as scheduled? That is absolutely preposterous. I just didn't buy any of this episode for one second. Also, I knew before I saw the episode that the accused was innocent. How many times has that been done before?
  • Damn dude... Just damn.

    I have never been that depressed over a TV show in my life. I was actually getting misty eyed during the execution scene. That was absolutely heart wrentching. I hadn't watched the show in a long time, and I was suddenly reminded how great it is. (Except the hokey endings. They piss me off every time). However, since they're always about someone getting killed, there are really no happy or funny endings to this show. Unlike CSI, sometimes. The other one I watched redently was about that girl dying in a house fire. Damn, but I was almost crying over that one too. I really need to start watching this show more often.
  • Very depressing

    I can't believe they did this story. Let's just kill a guy and not try hard enough to find out who really killed the girl. The inmate's story never changed throughout the episode. This should have been a clue to the idiot detectives that they had the wrong guy. What a depressing episode, I never want to see it again.
  • Exactly why I watch this series! These are the type of episodes that make me full with pride with the fact that I do watch this show.

    These are the type of episodes that make me full with pride with the fact that I do watch this show. This episode slightly breaks with the normal format that this show has. Instead of finding a tiny bit of evidence or the request of a family member that opens up an old case. This one centers around the fact that a death row imamate wants the case reopen because the officer that investigated his case was dirty, and nobody believed him that he was innocent of the crime that he was convicted of, a slight detour to how this show runs its investigations into these old cases. It is a welcome chance of pace from the past couple of episodes. This episode also has an allegory in it as well, and it about the pros and cons of the Death Penalty. How final this type of sentence is and that one has to be pretty sure that you got the right person, because if you don’t and you executed the wrong person, one can’t bring the person back to life, even if you find out that person didn’t commit the crime.

    Guest star, Michael Jace(Andre Tibbs), give a powerhouse of a performance in both the past version of himself and the current version of himself. In both versions of himself he is a guy that is trying to do the right thing in his life despite the two strikes that are against him. While it might be a person that is trying to get on his feet after being release from jail or even a guy that is trying with all of his might to reverse the sentence of death that was put on his head. Even at the end of the episode where his time had ran out for him he still displayed a strong sense of stoic resignation to the faith that he is destined to face, that he knew that he did everything in his power to stop this execution of himself, now it up to other people to prove him right or wrong.

    Thomas Calabro (ADA William Danner), give an equally good performance as a slightly self-centered ADA who was mainly there for his own good and not the good for the city that he worked for. For if he wasn’t that type of person he would help the detectives prove with a good sense of being sure about what really did happen in this case, but that wasn’t the case with this guy. He didn’t care one iota about the truth with this case, the only thing that he cared about was his own standing in his office and if that leads to the death of an innocent man, then so be it as long as it help me in the long run. I personally loved the fact that he got his just desserts in the end of the episode, not once, but twice. The first time was when, Jeffries punched him in the face and the second time was when he was fired from his job.

    The real stand off in this episode was Thom Barry, whom most of the time is the stoic voice of reason in this show and is the one that kept his objectivity no matter how bad the cases will get, for he is the rock that rest of the cast stand on whenever they find out that they can’t stand for themselves. But, not in this episode for he loses all of his emotional detachment in this case and it reaches a head when he punches the ADA Danner toward the end of the episode.

    This episode is wonderful example on how great this show is and why one should be watching it despite the low key reputation that this show has. It also shows the dangers of the Death Penalty.
  • What a great episode!

    I have always been wishy-washy about the Death Penalty. This episode is clearly written by someone against the Death Penalty, and was hard to watch. I think it is awesome that the writers went a little off their beaten path. You need that now and again to keep things interesting! If you missed it, watch out for the re-run, it was worth the hour! Get the popcorn.
  • Again the reason why I watch the show!!

    This is the reason I am a Cold Case fan
    And due to its acting and writing
    As well as also in real life cases
    That they and the people involved don't get left behind at all
    This starts as Jeffries is watching the execution of a man who raped and killed a young girl
    Turns out the the prosecutor in charge of the case did it to make a name out of himself
    And the wrong man got executed
    Perhaps this will haunt Jeffries until this day!