Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • A mother asks the team to re-open her daughter, Emma's 1968 murder after her escort's wife dies the same way her daughter died.

    This episode was boring. I mean, there was basically nothing to it. A 5 year old could have wrote a better storyline then this garbage.

    I guess the fact that she wasn't trying to be like all the other girls was suppose to be personality trait that would make it sad to see when she died, but it just didn't. I felt absolutely nothing at the end when it showed her dying besides the fact that I was happy because I knew the episode was almost over. In my opinion, she just didn't have a strong enough personality for me to really get into the episode. So she stood up for what she believed in and dreamed big. BIG DEAL!

    There are some episodes that I can find absolutely no flaws with. Well, this one I could find absolutely nothing without a flaw.
  • Always ask yourself why is a girl so natural when she isn't trying to be and so different without trying to be?

    I put the blame on the mother. She was the most vindictive. Remember, she was married "well-off" as well. You can be a smart, dumb, or nothing at all but a woman still has to have a husband and kids. This girl was a bit different in that she can't be controlled by society, peers, and her own parents. She is free and successful without dependency. That makes a scary girl. Mom does what all debutantes do and tries to make it look that she was the victim.
  • An improvement on previous episodes.

    Right from the beginning of this episode I got a feeling of deja vu - didn't they do a prom/debut one already?

    Anyway, this episode was about a girl making her debut after taking the place of another girl who had just come into money. She ends up dead. Many many years later a guy's wife dies in a similiar way to the girl and the mother insists that he did it.

    This episode seemed very predictable in a lot of ways - the two ring thing was ok but seemed a convenient excuse. Compared to last week it was better, but I had to take off a few points due to Lily's hair still being down - I don't like it that way and it's starting to make me hate the series - which I use to love.

    The series needs more original stories which come back to focusing on Lily - and no more new cops!
  • Proves that the smart girl didn't go as far as many thought that she would!

    They thought that Deb would go as far
    She had the brains and the looks
    But sadly though, she died way, way, before she could experience that potential.
    I couldn't blame those girls for being jealous for her and her future potential
    But also it is sad that man who loved her would kill her down the stairs
    Ruining any potential as well as their romance
    Very, very, sad episode IMO!
  • This episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't over the top like some should be. SPOILER

    This episode really had me guessing whether or not the guy killed Emma. I thought that the fact they had a society group in the episode was really neat. With so many jealous girls and 2 or 3 suspects, I was really wondering who did it. It wasn't grip-onto-the-seat kind of an episode. Basically, an astronaut's daughter in 1968 joins a debutante club on her mother's insistence. On her big night, when she is debuting, she is killed. But when her mother finds out her escort from that night is accused of murdering his wife in the same manner, she thinks he's the one behind the murder.
    I never thought that he killed her. Though, I didn't understand his motive. Was it because he wanted her badly, and she refused him because he was Jewish? Did he push her down the stairs in that second of rage? That was my one question. Overall, the episode was average and I do recommend watching it.
  • Lily and team investigate a deb's murder from 1968.

    This episode had me guessing until the very end. I really didn't think the guy actually killed her. I figured the girl accidentally fell down the stairs because of her high heels. The girls were sad and very vindictive. They must have been very jealous of the smart girl who was going to go far in life and they were only going to marry well.