Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 12

Detention (a.k.a. All Apologies)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • In this episode "Detention", a note was connected to a suicide in the 1994 case is re-opened.

    The episode deals with suicide. Trevor had a poster of his idol Kurt Cobain in his school locker. Things have changed since he fell for Dawn Hill, a pretty black girl. Dawn has everything ahead of her, including she has an abusive stepfather, Phillip, who drinks heavily and abuses her every night. Boris states that Raquel is the Courtney to Trevor's Kurt. Dawn says that detention is not like "The Breakfast Club". Boris and Trevor try to kill Dawn's stepfather. Trevor tells her to back off, so she wouldn't be linked to the crime. Trevor saved his friend's life, but he fell off the roof and died. Boris is charged with involuntary manslaughter. Dawn's stepfather, Phillip was arrested for sexually molesting Dawn. The music that was futured was Alternative/Grunge Rock music.
  • Four high school students are assigned to detention, one of the students ends up dying due to an apparent suicide.

    I really enjoyed this episode mostly due to the fact that it reminds me of my high school days (1994 - 1998). In the beginning i thought of Trevor Dawson as the typical high school rebel however, by the end i found myself falling for him. I was hoping for a more exciting ending however, Trevor's newfound respect for life right before he died was very beautiful. One of the things that i didn't really understand about this story was why the school's janitor kept the top half of the note for all of those years but, the story was so touching that it didn't really matter to me in the end.
  • After finding the other half of a "suicide note", the team re-opens the case of Trever from 1994, who at the time was believed to have committed suicide.

    I thought that this episode was quite sad. I thought it was quite a clever plot. I wasn't expecting a lot of what had happened. The whole story was sad. At first it appears the story is mostly just about teenage angst, but toward the end it's revealed that the story is about something way more tragic.

    It was sad to see Trever come to the revelation of his life right before it was tragically ended. I almost balled my eyes out when Dawn met his parents at the end.

    Overall, I think the episode was perfect. I honestly don't think I can come up with anything that this story needed or anything that needed to be taken out. Definitely one of the greats of the third season.
  • My favorite of them all.

    When I first saw that Jake Richardson was playing the main role of Trevor Dawson I almost freaked. I've watched pretty much every episode and movie that Jake is in and have found he is an amazing actor, exspecially when playing a dark/rebellious boy. Anywho, the whole plot was well played out. I honestly couldn't piece it all together until it all unfolded unlike many episodes of this show where I know who did it right from the get-go.

    The ending brought tears to my eyes. Trevor didn't want to die, he wanted to live because he found someone who cared about him.
  • One of my favorites!

    A letter is found pertaining to a supposed suicide that suggests it wasn't what they thought it was. The team tracks around and does their usual interegations and everything to find out that there was a group of three friends that were planning all to commit suicide, but soon they found out that the victum did't want to die because he found a girlfriend that he really loved. In the end his friend accendatally pushed him off the school because he friend was trying to stop him from killing himself. This episode was great because the plot and the case was interesting. I really got into the characters and their stories. I thought it was a pretty sad and sweet story and it will go down as one of my favorites.
  • cool sweet Max Van Ville

    this eposides of the film \"Cold Case\" is realy cool because it is interesting and the aktors are cool and really sweet!!!Max Van Ville is playing Boris a quete young boy who killed his friend in an accident years later Lilly start looking for the person who killed Trevor because she was sure that wasn\'t a suiside !!!she started asking everyone of three now big children first off all she ask the ex-girlfriend of Trevor but at first she don\'t say anything then Lilly went to ask Boris but he said his version without saying that he killed Trevor then they ask the other girl
  • Brings back some great memories, back to the grundge days. This episode has all them days from highschool those days. What an episode

    This show brings me back to the days of high school. I remember acting and being like the unsolved murder. He was dark and into the black death stuff. It brings me back of staying in my room nobody understanding my life. Nobody relating to the way we were. It was very emotional and how they made a pack it was somethign that really could happen. Well writen because many of the dark people latched onto other people with similar stories. All the twists kept me guessing even though I knew he didn't jump. It was a shocker on how and why they were attatched. Well done on that one. Again if you were in highschool during the early 90's this is the show for you. Well job again guys.
  • Watch it!

    this episode touched me. I miss kurt so much and i felt like i wanted to die when i myself learned he was dead. Trevor represents the entire teen population(the alternative teens) i would have to say this is my favorite episode.It made me cry my face off. I hope all that watched it that it left an impression....that should have left you with the same it did me....When you feel gone you are-When you feel loved you are-when you feel life cant get any better....sadly it wont.
  • Better than some of the other episodes they've been giving us lately.

    Don't get me wrong, I am usually fiercely loyal when it comes to my favourite programs, but lately I feel like the quality of episodes on this show has been slipping a little, with silly motivations for murders and under-developed and/or just plain irritating characters (aside from the main characters).

    Fortunately, Season 3 seems to be returning to form, and this was a very good episode to prove it.

    There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the hour, leading you to believe one person was responsible for the boy's death, and then revising that. I found the murdered boy to be a sympathetic character, which always helps in this series (I just don't care when it's someone I don't like). I also felt sorry for the boy responsible for his death, though, which makes it less satisfying when they do the whole hand-cuffing-in-slow-motion thing at the end of the episode.

    I don't know whether it's an accurate representation of what American high schools are like, having never experienced them, but it seemed fairly different to my own high school. Nevertheless, the kids in detention were interesting characters.

    Finally, the bit at the end where they show the 'ghost' of the dead person backed up with emotional music. When I first began watching this show, this part never failed to produce a couple of tears, no matter how much TV I watch and how de-sensitised I should be by now. Lately, however, it had been failing me. This episode, though, I can once again say that I'm glad I was watching it alone so I didn't embarass myself.
  • When Trevor realises how crazy they are acting, it was just so true...couldn't believe it, it was exactly what I was saying earlier today...okay not about killing someone or a suicide pact, but just in general...know what I mean?

    Wasn't the suicide pact poem something like (and this probably still isn't exactly right but...)...

    Bloody yet Beautiful
    Together we three are
    Falling from heaven...

    The last line is definately right, but the other two? Anybody actually know the right words?

    Love the song at the end...actually, this was an all round great episode, from the opening scenes to the last glimpse of Trevor. I thought it was clever how past and present were merged together, like in the interrogation scenes. And I also just loved the whole character of Trevor in the beginning too - wow. Ok, now I'm definately rambling, got to stop that, this has got to end...
  • Travis, Boris and Raquel made a suicide pact in the winter and inscribed it in the form of a concealed poem in their yearbook, so they would not be tempted to back out.

    For me it is the best episode of Cold Case, I loved it! It made me cry a little bit. Well, I just want to ask, what did the poem said, it was something as bloody but beautiful the three we'll fall from the sky. I can't remember, so...if somebody does? please tell me!
  • Tragic story about a young teen who struggles with depression due to the death of his hero kurt cobain. The teen mysteriously dies from jumping from the rooftop of his chool.The case was ruled a suicide in 1994, then reopend several years later due to evi

    One of the best episodes of cold case.This episode hit a nerve with me.A real tearjerker.I connected alot with the main character in this episode (Trevor).If you were a fan of nirvana in the early 90's and expireienced the pain kurt cobain's death had on people then this episode is for you.
  • This is what needed to be shown on tv, finally the writers nailed it on the head. I live it still and finally it's not on the downlow, America's teens needed this!

    Finally a show that people can relate to. Life is hard as it is, now it's been shown through the kids eyes. I know how it feels, I've lived it and still live it. I'm 20 and honestly it never seems to get better. It was hard to watch cause I could see myself being there. Even seeing myself on the ground, it's hard. America needed this and it should be ran on every channel so all teens can see this. Life is hard and seeing that death isn't the answer to problems, things can get better.
  • the best episode yet great music great storyline all around perfect.

    exellent storyline exellent choice in music- alice in chains-counting crows-stone temple pilots
    smashing pumpkins too bad no nirvana they should have used all aplogies or heart shaped box but still had great music oh yeah and off spring mostly grunge music which is the best but it was the best.
  • Breath of fresh air!!!

    I came into the episode during the last half and hour and I don't know if that helped but I really liked this episode.

    I came into the episode where the black girl (sorry I can't remember her name) was telling the deceased that she could not be with him and that their friends or family could not know about them and I thought it was going to branch off into a racist storyline but then her step-dad was abusing her and she did not want him to know that she had someone in her life.

    I haven't seen a great Cold Case in a very long time so this was a breath of fresh air.

  • It was like the crew had been filming people at my school. I've lived that. I have friends exactly like every single one of those students.

    As soon as they showed the preview for it, I knew I had to watch. It seemed so real to me. The second it started, I knew that this would be the episode to affect me the most. Like the classification says, it was so ridiculously painful for me to watch this, because I know so perfectly what they were going through. Every single moment left vivid images of my life in my head. I don't know if any of you can still remember what it's like to be in High School, but if you can, then forget. At least for this episode. Because if you were ever emotionally washed-up during high school, then this episode will absolutly destroy you. It ended with me as a whimpering, sobbing mess. The only Cold Case episode to ever affect me so severely. I loved it.
  • This was really hard to watch.

    GREAT SHOW this week.

    This was really hard to watch. I lost a girlfriend in a car accident in high school and watching this really brought back those memories (good and bad). And how the cliq I hung around rallied around me and helped me thru it. Just like with the kids in this show.

    R.I.P. Darcell - Love You Forever!
  • This episode goes from me suspecting the janitor, to re-living high school. A teen is found dead at the ground near a high school. We find out he had detention with three other students, and soon find out the four were a little darker than the breakfast

    I've seen many attempts done to summarize tean angst in half an hour. Most of these attempts fail misserable. However, I was pleasantly supprised, well, saddened really, to see how much better these producers have done. From the love of Kurt Cobain, to parents who 'just don't understand'. This episode is great.

    The style was true to cold case, but the plot seemed somewhat darker. There really wasn't a 'bad guy'. There was a child molester, but he was closer to being icaris' wax wings, than a villan. Plot twists were good, though somewhat predictible. The end however, caught me by surpise and left me teary.
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