Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on CBS

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  • Season Three Premiere.......they must be joking!!!

    I remember seeing this episode when it aired, and in turning the tv the other day I saw that it was repeated, so I decided to write a review. But, my mouth literally dropped when I was searching for the episode on the site and saw that it was Season three premiere.


    This episode was so boring and it was a premiere episode? What has happened to Cold Case?

    The high school kid decides to keep his love child with his sweetheart and the teacher who desperately wants to give his wife a child, kills him.

    Overall, bad episode.........and it was a premiere too.
  • After a teenage girl who was dumbed in the garbage by her parents 17 years earlier is approached by a man claiming to be her father, the team reinvestigates the hit and run death of her father, Jimmy in 1988.

    This episode bored me a lot. It was just so flat, it was like there was nothing to it, no emotion, nothing to make it interesting. I found myself looking at the clock every minute just waiting for the episode to end already.

    The episode also brings across a new detective in the mix. I enjoyed the regular line-up for the past 2 years and this new chick is just merely annoying. It's only her first episode and I can already see that she's got nothing to her. All the other detectives have something special about them that makes them interesting. All this chick has is how annoying she is.

    Also in this episode they brought along the four-screen split during flashbacks. It was annoying to have to look four different ways, only to see each square contains the same boring image, just at different angle.

    Overall, I don't believe I can think of one good thing this episode brought to the table. I would just skip it, you won't miss much, except 40 minutes of your life wasted.
  • Very moving show

    Again great writing and great story
    Lily investigates the 1988 slaying
    Of a young teenage boy
    But here is the kicker right here
    His younger sister would be born the same night
    That he was killed
    When a man contacts her claiming to be her dad
    Lily thinks that something is strange about the case!
    Very good writing and acting as usual
    But CC are always with good writing and acting!
  • The Cold Case team solves yet another crime - this time it's from the late 80's. There's also a new twist to the show as a new member joins the team.

    First there was love.
    Then there was a baby.
    Suddenly there was nothing.

    This episode depicts a sad story about two students who loved each other back in the 80's. Their love story culminates on the night of their graduation as the girl gives bith to a baby daughter. The promising new beginning turns into something horrible as the father of the baby is killed later that same night in a hit and run.

    The story goes on and in the 21st century the baby daughter - now a teenager - meets a man who says he is her father. This raises many questions in her and finally the case of her presumed father is opened once again.

    Finally the sad story gets a somewhat happy ending.
  • Disappointing and very flat.

    One of the reasons I probably didn't enjoy this episode was the fact that here in Australia the network skipped the second half of Season 2 and went straight to this one.

    This episode though doesn't draw you into the storyline like other ones have. What was with the Jo Sutton - her role in this episode completely confused me as she was a guest star, yet investigating.

    Another really annoying thing about this episode was the constant split-screen thing going on. It was hard to watch and even harder to follow.

    A disappointing episode from all angles. The main cast do a great job of the acting - just a pity about everything else.
  • This episode almost made me cry. After seeing it, I thought about how sad it was.

    After seein this episode, I almost cried. Especially the part where the people in this episode were one step closer into becoming a happy family but in the end, that girl's father ended up dead. And also the part where her own mom gave up hope in waiting for the victim to come back but when he didn't show up she threw her in the trash. It was sad.
  • This is a tragic investigation of the death of a male student at a 1988 high school graduation. Detectives must cope with victims who are emotionally scarred some 15 years after the tragedy and work quickly to put the pieces together.

    The story is an emotional one, telling the story of a teenage girl who is approached at school by a man claiming to be her father. The Cold Case detectives begin by investigating the death of a teen at his high school graduation the night she was born and abandoned in a custodial closet at the high school. Since estranged from her mother, the girl is intrigued by the possibility of meeting her alleged father, who her mother vehemently denies is her real father.

    The 1988 case involves school administrators, teachers, a politically-motivated school nurse, and two high school seniors with a child on the way. The death of the boy on the night of his high school graduation was an unsolved hit-and-run in the original investigation and the detectives rush to solve the mystery once their original girl runs off with the man claiming to be her father.

    The story is by far more tragic and less thriller-oriented than many of the Cold Case investigations. The story of the two teens and their unborn child is at times very emotional as it is designed to touch the heart of the viewer instead of merely entertaining. I personally think the episode was one of the best in Cold Case's short run because it placed an massive emotional strain on both detectives and victims and came to a tragic and somber conclusion.
  • A high school boy is killed in 1988. The daughter he had with his girlfriend pops up 17 years later saying someone else is claiming knowledge of the death.

    This show is always one to count on. Another good case, I love the new girl. She fits in perfectly without taking away from the show. This wasn\'t one of the better cases, but it was interesting enough. If you love the show you\'ll enjoy this episode. Boy it sure is great to have new episodes back.
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