Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 10

Frank's Best

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2005 on CBS

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  • The brother of a man convicted of the 2001 murder of his boss, Frank pleads with the detectives to reinvestigate the case and find the true murderer.

    I thought this was quite a sad episode. Not as sad as most of the Cold Case episodes, but this one was just sad in a completely different way. I felt so sorry for Frank. He was such a great guy and he ended up getting the ultimate betrayal.

    All the scenes with Vera and the baby were great. They were funny and sweet at the same time. It was nice to see Ricardo be happy at the end. Even though because he met Frank he ended up in jail for 4 years, if he never met him, things would have been much worse.
  • WOW, if there were a classification of Tragic this would be the Apex judgment for it!

    Where to start, and once I start how do I do it justice, and how do I not give it all away?
    The levity, while we don't see much of Lilly we learn her one of her cats had a run in with the neighbors dog, of which John makes a silly comment that catches Lilly harsh.
    And the other, "of sorts" was when Nick and Will discover someone has left a baby outside the building, and bring her/him, I'm not sure, inside to the front/main desk for watch until the "parent" comes to their sense's and reclaims the baby, and to cut them a DHS break. And after a full day of waiting the baby is brought up to Nick for watch no waiting for DHS, and not the "parent".
    The team adds Kat, and she doesn't try and assert herself into anything, just goes with the flow, and it is beautiful to see that, b/c so often producers try to create conflict their first moments on the scene whether or not that character will turn out to be a good person, or a feather ruffler seems to be a side point, so that was nice.
    We are introduced to the case they will be investigating by the a Lawyer that defended the man found guilty for the murder of his boss, friend, and the man that gave him a break. We are introduced to the story of the murdered shop keeper, his wife gone, his son he's so proud of, the shop he cherishes, the people that love him, and the friend he has made.
    We discover the guilty party has had a rough life, and just might be guilty, that the shop keepers son isn't so on the rise, and his "gutter" friends might not be the worst thing going on in his life. In the end I was brought to a sheer stunned emotion, but it is dulled by the beauty and optimism given to us by Nick's actions, beauty and family it seems may have a chance in this world.
  • Great show! Outstanding cast and writers! CARRY ON!

    AWESOME episode!! I love this show, can't get enough!! With all the CSI's, Law & Order's; this is a refreshing, original and hard hitting alternative. MORE !! MORE !! The writers on this particular show have done their home work. There are the occasional slip ups in the music selected for the time period shown. However; this show is my second favorite on; my most favorite is, "Boston Legal." Gotta love Denny and Alan Shore!! OUTSTANDING combination there! Also, good to see the captain back in FULL TIME employment! Tonights episode; "Frank's Best" was a 10 in my book! Killer of an episode!
  • Unfortunate

    It seems there are always going to be flaws in the criminal justice system and this is one of the episodes where it is senstively handled as well as weaving a genuinely human story leading up to the original wrongful imprisonment. The take of the deli shop owner and his assistant was lovely showing something that there is not enough of today, people willing to be friendly and helpful. The deli shop owners grief was heartfelt as he tried to find his place in the world without his wife. he in his own way tried his best for his son but it was obvious that they had problems communicating. I think at the time the son killed his father the father was finally making progress in repairing their relationship if his attempts were off target his heart was in the right place. The final scenes of the man out of prison opening his own deli were heartening, with the rest of his family. Their american dream come true.

    Meanwhile in a interesting sub-plot Vera and Jefferies find a baby, in scenes well played out highlighting that detectives are still human, and can still care, not all cynical misery guts. The form filling scene was an inkling of things to come.
  • This episode seemed to fill the writers' need to introduce a new detective and make Vera a little softer. Otherwise the story was a bit weak.

    This show has had some great story lines and plot twists, but this was not one of them. The story was not all that interesting and they tried to force something interesting with the Dog thing. It made you think, but was not crucial to the plot. I can't wait for the next episode as I am hoping that the writers will be back on track.

  • Another great installment!

    For whoever wanted to know, the music was from The Calling (who does sound a LOT like Creed). The name of the song is \"Wherever You Will Go.\" The way to find these things out is to go to a search engine and: put the name of the show in quotes+the name of the episode in quotes+music.
  • In this episode, the detectives set out to reinvestigate a case where a man is foung guilty of killing his boss in December of 2001, at the request of the mans brother. A baby is found outside the police station. A new detective from narcotics joins the

    It was a good episode, but not one of their best. There were 2 good songs in this episode.
    Be Like That - 3 Doors Down
    Wherever You Will Go - The Calling
    Anyways, I don\'t know what to think of the new detective yet, she seems nice enough. Lately the episodes are getting really predictable, like the whole Det. Vera trying to adopt that kid. It\'s obvious he\'s lonely. And as to who killed the people, they make that really obvious to, or at least it\'s obvious to me. I think they need some new plots, or a really big twist or something, it\'s getting repetitive.
  • I have a question.

    Does anyone know what the song was played throughout the show? At the beginning and the end specifically? It was a slower slong .... The lyrics \\\"If I would if I could\\\" ... thought it was Creed but no luck. I agree EXCELLENT show and episode. I am not an avid watcher however I think I will be rectifying that soon. Thank you in advance for you help!
  • Very good show!!

    This goes to show that innocent people can be framed and sent to prison for a crime or crimes that they didn't commit. The team proves that even those cases that are lead out to dry, shouldn't be led out. But if given the choice to either throw away or re-open the case, I would chose the latter IMO. Again great show and great episode that keeps getting better and better!
  • One of the better episodes

    I enjoyed this epsiode very much. It was well written and did leave you guessing until the end. The episode had three red herrings and you weren't sure exactly who did it. The dofg getting beat was a little too much but did add to the story line. You felt sorry for the son but at the same time did not like him.