Cold Case

Season 5 Episode 18

Ghost of My Child

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • The best I've seen in five years. Solid show just became great.

    I absolutely fell in love with this episode. I thought it was the best Cold Case in the series history, and I've seen every single episode. The story line of the mother that kept trying and stayed clean was so uplifting and positive. It's nice to see a show that showed all the temptation yet resistance from her. (Spoiler alert!!!!; Quit reading if you haven't seen the episode yet!)

    I knew it had to be the nurse when she said the age of her child. Another great part of this episode was that you could see both sides about the child's welfare and good intentions (kind of like Gone Baby Gone) but also putting the best foot forward from the woman. No debate, a crime is always a crime, whether it's excusable or not is up for argument. The plot line was also accompanied by the best musical choices in a single episode. Keep in mind I think Cold Case does the best job on dramatic television in music choices, I just think this was the best. Better Days in the beginning by Goo Goo Dolls during a flashback; Stay or Leave by Dave Matthews (an underrated song at that) when she was choosing whether to use again and Far Away by Nickelback at the end with the child reunion were so on-cue.

    Wonderful episode and heck of a way to end a five-year anniversary. Hopefully it will continue over to Year Six, which I'm sure it will. Hasn't disappointed me yet.
  • A young woman returns home in the flashback, where she finds it a lit, and not only that, but her young baby died in the fire. The twist is that the woman was once a drug addict, and soon suspicions fly that she might have started the fire.

    This was a real tear jerker, the young womans jounrney for a steady path and a stable life for her young baby. The rehab councellor pissed me off big time, just because she couldn't have babies, and i felt a sense of 'SHAME', when she and her husband realised that Priscilla did care for her baby, which is evident in the babies room and the babies top "MY MOMMY LOVES ME'- AWWWWWWWWW :(..the last scene where the boy and his mother is reuntied was bliss. The flowershop in the background and the mother looking so vulnerable was just so touching. I also loved the way she was adjusting her hair when the car pulled up, it captured the sense of how much she loved this baby. The acting was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!- Big thumbs up for the girl who played Priscilla, who also appeared in The Nanny as the sweet older sister.
  • A good episode, but not worthy of the title "Season Finale"

    So I finally got around to watching the season finale of COld Case. it was good but still a disappointment. A season finale usually ends with a big twist, something thats exciting and makes you patiently wait till next season, but this was not the case. The story was good. A former drug addict loses her infant son in a fire and thinks he may still be alive. It was a very emotional storyline and i enjoyed how the mother claimed that her baby was her one reason for staying clean and how she managed to stay clean even after he has supposedly died. It was tearful and had a good story twist but still not season finale material. Oh well, next year is full of promises and hopefully a full season. Lets hope there won't be anymore writer strikes for a long time.
  • Good Epsiode but Season Finale??

    I liked the episode enough but usually season finale's have a little bit more punch, more action or even a cliff hanger. This just seemed like a normal episode. I like the episode. The case as a whole was believable. I liked Lil's interaction with Priscilla. She has to do her job but we get a peak into Lil's life as the child of an addict. She's desperate to know how a mother could leave a child. We feel she's looking for some answers for herself. We also have an appearance of Eddie Saccardo who it seems has so personal issues involved in this case as well. But from a different perspective. Again liked the episode enough but I expected more for a season finale.
  • The fifth season (shortened by the Writers Guild strike) ends with the case of a woman who's eight month-old son was killed in an apartment fire in 2005. Arrested for disorderly conduct, she tells Lilly she saw her son alive in a park.

    As much as I liked this episode, I did not like the presence of cliches and tired plot devices. When Lilly first talks to the woman, she does not believe her (and neither does the rest of the team) because she is a former drug addict. I knew immediately that the woman's claims were legitimate and that her son was alive. Eventually everybody comes to the realization they were wrong and start to feel real sympathy for the woman. Like we haven't seen that before. While the episode does make up for this and is enjoyable, it's not that great.
  • Lily and the team take on a case of a missing child that was thought to have died in a fire four years earlier, but when the mother insists the boy is still alive they decided to take on the case and search for Max.

    This episode started out like any other of course with the flash back from 4 years earlier. There is a fire at a pretty run-down apartment and a mother, Pricilla, panicing because her baby boy is still in there. Unfortunately the baby, Max, does not come out alive. Move up to 4 years later and we meet the same mother who is behind bars. She is insisting that she had seen her son in the park earlier that day and that he is still alive. While all the detectives are apprehensive at first they go ahead and decide to look into the case.

    Through out the episode we learn more about Pricilla's past and how she was a user of drugs but changed her life around for this child. She really fell in love with the kid and the bond you get to see between mother and child is beautiful. The whole episode I was pulling for her and I was definitly very pleased to see she never relasped. Max's father is as well a fellow drug user and when Pricilla needs help she goes to him in rehab. The Rehab counselor gives us a story of a time when she saw them two together with the baby. At the end of the story she mentions something along the lines of her being "A mother of a 4 year old..." At that moment I knew it was Max that she was a "mother" to, so I wasn't ever really sitting on the edge of my seat through this episode. It was however a beautiful episode. The only problem i had was that it was the season finale and we weren't really left with any shocker, but I also know a lot of that has to do with the writer's strike. Overall another wonderful episode! Tears fell from my eyes and I absolutely cannot wait until the fall!
  • A fire in 2005 leaves a baby dead, a mother without a sun and a mystery about how it happened, and who actually died.

    They show us the gritty and desperate side of being a parent, being drug addict, staying sober, and reforming your life for an "our" life that is shown in movies and on tv. After Pricilla is jailed for disorderly conduct it gets the eye the Cold Case squad by claiming she saw her son in the park, but because she has been an addict in the past and her currently being in jail the team is reluctant to believe that her son could be alive when all the facts say that he has to be dead, IE the body and the witnesses. As the team realizes that the fire wasn't an accident the real story beings to unravel, and while the ending was telegraphed earlier in the episode, it was still a strong and clever twist.
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