Cold Case

Season 5 Episode 18

Ghost of My Child

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • The best I've seen in five years. Solid show just became great.

    I absolutely fell in love with this episode. I thought it was the best Cold Case in the series history, and I've seen every single episode. The story line of the mother that kept trying and stayed clean was so uplifting and positive. It's nice to see a show that showed all the temptation yet resistance from her. (Spoiler alert!!!!; Quit reading if you haven't seen the episode yet!)

    I knew it had to be the nurse when she said the age of her child. Another great part of this episode was that you could see both sides about the child's welfare and good intentions (kind of like Gone Baby Gone) but also putting the best foot forward from the woman. No debate, a crime is always a crime, whether it's excusable or not is up for argument. The plot line was also accompanied by the best musical choices in a single episode. Keep in mind I think Cold Case does the best job on dramatic television in music choices, I just think this was the best. Better Days in the beginning by Goo Goo Dolls during a flashback; Stay or Leave by Dave Matthews (an underrated song at that) when she was choosing whether to use again and Far Away by Nickelback at the end with the child reunion were so on-cue.

    Wonderful episode and heck of a way to end a five-year anniversary. Hopefully it will continue over to Year Six, which I'm sure it will. Hasn't disappointed me yet.
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