Cold Case

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on CBS
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A college professor, who lost everything - his career, his family, his reputation - after being suspected of murdering one of his female students in 1995, offers new information regarding the case that he hopes will clear his name. He believes the student's death is connected to a copycat murder of a prostitute. Rush investigates the woman who was killed and the men in her life in order to discover which one of them killed her.moreless

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  • it was good

    This episode was a really good episode. I found it weird because why would the professor come to see Rush and get her to reopen the case when he was the killer. I hated the fact that he thought he could get away with it by paying an ex con to kill another woman and stage the crime scene like the first. He was an egotistical jerk who thought that by tip towing around the law it wouldn't apply to him. I really enjoyed watching this episode and is there something going on between Rush and Kite after there kiss. Only the future can say, although when it comes to Cold Case the past.moreless
  • The squad gets a fresh look at a murder that might be linked to a recent murder.

    This was a very riviting episode. You are almost sorry for a guy who is basically a jerk. A complete cad. A MARRIED professor who would sleep with his students, usually a new one every year. He was accused of murdering his most recent fling. No evidence was ever found linking him to the murder, although he was the prime suspect. He arrives at the squad with news of another murder victum, murdered in the same way.

    I loved how they made him look like a secondary victum. Tried and convicted by the press. They give you a promising suspect, in a young man with mental problems. Then boom, all roads lead back to the professor. The guy was arrogant enough to kill a second girl just to clear him of the first, so he could retain his elivated station of college professor.

    On a side note I loved the kiss between Lily & Jason. She needs more like that.moreless
  • Evil Incarnate and a kiss for Lilly (includes a spoiler)

    For me, this episode portrayed the utter pride, delusion and self-centeredness of a person who is evil.

    Professor Roy Minard, the chief suspect in the unsolved May 1995 murder of his student Holly Rickter, with whom he had been having an affair, visits Lilly with a news article in which a prostitute was killed and her body disposed of in a manner identical to Holly. As the team pursues both investigations, Professor Minard reveals things which he kept hidden at the time of the first murder, including a list of the names of other students he had had affairs with. He also provides a rock solid alibi for the second murder: he was teaching ESL classes that night, which is the only teaching job he can get due to the cloud of suspicion hanging over him. He tells Lilly that he lost everything (tenure, family, good name) when his affair became public and was hoping to rebuild his university career by being formally cleared of suspicion in Holly's murder. It turns out that he hired one of his ESL students to kill and dispose of the body of a prostitute in the exact manner he had killed Holly. He had also gone through great pains to frame a mentally unbalanced man for the murders. He did all this to restore his 'good name'. He hired someone for $6,000 to kill a woman who he figured had no worth to society because, as he put it, "I contribute."

    It is a fascinating display of someone who has sold his soul for worldly gain and manipulates everyone, including Lilly and the team, with his charm and outer personality.

    In the meantime, ADA Jason Kite takes a protesting Lilly out for drinks to discuss the case and, despite more protests, gives her a gentle kiss in the falling snow. How romantic!moreless
  • it seems very strange... had the killer not did the first move, he is probably still free.

    It has a quite out of whack ending... I could tell the victim would be in trouble. The killer try everything he could to reason with her. But, she got freaked out and left, and apparently her abrupt removal from the professor\'s hand was the last straw.

    Apparently, the professor was then on tilt soon after that. He first beaten up that girl to scare her. Next, I bet he was very satisfied when he strangled her. It was a little ironic ending when he sprayed flower pedals around her body. Overall, I think it was obssession and madness caused him to kill that girl.moreless
  • Exactly why I watch the show!

    This is why I watch the show as it has very good writing and acting as a college professor back in 1995, had his reputation ruined and his family leave him as he was accused of killing a female college co-ed. But now he might have a chance to clear his name as some other person may had been the culprit!
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