Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on CBS

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  • A sudden twist that doesn't gel

    What were the producers thinking? With NO prior build-up in previous episodes - to my knowledge - a love interest is contrived for Lily that doesn't sit right at all. Don't get me wrong, the premise is pretty okay as far as Joseph's story goes, but a chemistry that is wrested from the air? Regardless of how apparently similar they tend to be - loners - doesn't always mean there must be an attraction. I would have been happier had Joseph been a gunslinger baddy and OPPOSITES attract.
  • Really Great Twist...

    the assumed victim turned out to be alive, but I'm a little unsettled by how the body was misidentified.

    It was specified that cause of death was a gunshot to the face, so it's possible that Wilder's face was blown off beyond recognition and left behind nothing to check dental records with but other than the his being in Joseph's apartment what suggestion was there that it was him? Did Wilder not have ID on him? Since Joseph did say he was dedicated to his work, in pretty much a male Lily kinda way, I can see himself being established as a loner in his home life and it's understandable why he would never discuss being a foster child with anyone. The one other concern I have though is how the shooter, the owner of the organization who knew Joseph didn't see that he had the wrong man if the shot was to the face.

    The one thing that bothered me the most however was how little the owner of the organization seemed to care about his wife having a sexual relationship with a minor. The fact that the atmosphere around that felt right is very wrong.

    The whole Lily/Joseph relationship I thought was perfect. It's pretty clear when he describes his dream girl as "Someone who is passionate, as dedicated to her work as I am, and isn't allergic to cats" and and earlier is described as using the exact same line Lily had about cases being more than just files that they were made for each other. I really hate that it doesn't last.
  • frustrating to watch

    Am I the only one who finds it strange that the husband is ok with his wife being intimate with that 17 yr old boy?

    On top of that he says that she was intimate with the 17 year old boy cause her son had died due to drugs and that she wanted to help the 17 year old.

    Which to me means she wanted to be intimate with her 17 year old son. I can understand if she wanted to help the 17 year old cause he reminded her of her son. but if he reminded her of her son then why the hell would she want to be intimate with her son? and why would the husband be cool with it? just didnt make sense to me.

    the only explanation i can think of about the intimacy part is that the 17 year old made the first move, but it still doesnt excuse the action
  • Totally boring...dont get me wrong, I love Cold Case and Lily\'s my favourite characters-but this was so unbelievably boring!!

    Totally boring...dont get me wrong, I love Cold Case and Lily\'s my favourite characters-but this was so unbelievably boring!!
    I mean pur-lease, the storyline wasn\'t so bad but in all god forsaken honesty the casting and acting was in my opinion, average.
    There was no chemistry between Lily and Joseph. It was incredibly stupid and ludicrous and during most of the show I was cringing at the absurd and out - of - character things that were said and done.
    I cannot believe that that piece of crap was the season finale- seriously, would it kill them to put a little action for the characters into the script. So much mushy wishy washy lovey dovey crap is making me light headed!!
    A boring episode, the worst I have seen of Cold Case. I\'m very dissapointed.
  • Excellent.

    The team reopens a 2005 case only to discover the victim is actually alive! Of course, if they had done an autopsy on the victim (Joseph) they would have known that Joseph was still alive but forensics isn't what what Cold Case (the TV show of course, in real life they always use forensics) is about. Anyway, while investigating they discover the victim was to testify against one of the teens at the rehabilitation center he worked at because he fatally beat another teen to death (shocking reason why). The drama builds when the victim's brother, Wilder, is brought into the picture. It turns out that Wilder was the actual victim (again, they could of used an autopsy, but why would Cold Case do that? lol). The only problem was, as another reviewer stated, there was not real connection between Joseph and Lilly. Another than that, the episode was a 10/10 in my book.
  • After a victim's credit card is used, the detectives re-open the case of Joseph who was killed in 2005.

    Joseph Shaw was a counselor at a teen rehab center, Robinson House until he was shot in the face through his apartment door in May 2005. He was suppose to testify against one of the teens who he witnessed murder another teen.

    There's not much I can say about this episode without giving away the surprise. I was pretty shocked with how things unfolded. I thought that because the case was so recent, I wouldn't be as interested in it as I am with most other older cases, but I was wrong.

    This episode was not like most other Cold Case episodes. Every once in awhile it's nice to see things done a bit differently (as long as it's done as well as this one was done). There's nothing for me to really complain about. The acting was good, as was the writing, and storyline.

    It's definitely an episode worth watching.
  • THIS is what a season finale should be!

    Okay, I've never watched an episode of Cold Case in my life until "Joseph." I do not know the characters or the usual story lines, although the premise is obvious from the title.
    I found this episode superb! I was completely enraptured by the storyline and grew to care a great deal about the detective. I loved how she was very human, vulnerable, exposed.
    I don't watch crime shows because I can't stand violence, but I'm a sucker for excellent writing and, of course, a good romance.
    I usually don't like season finales: they leave us stressed out and unsettled. This episode, however, left me fully satisfied: in an hour, I grew to genuinely care about someone and saw something wonderful begin to happen in her life. That was nice!
    Overall -- Excellent writing, excellent acting, excellent show!
  • Why I watch

    Lily usually is buttoned down and never lets her emotions
    Get to her when she is working a case but boy
    They do this time as she nearly jeopardizes the case
    What is worse though is that she also nearly loses
    Her job in the process. But the sympathetic father figure Lt knows that he can't afford to lose her as she is
    The best detective and the only female on his force
    Again great show and great writing!
  • As the third season of Cold Case ends we end this season with a very interesting episode with some surprising plot twists.

    Now, this episode starts off like a good majority of them do, a very likeable person is killed off during a person normal routine, and their case is either ruled incorrectly or the case just goes cold, but remains open, waiting for the right monument to heat up again. That monument could be a little bit of information is brought up to make the Cold Case squad look back at it to see if they can get to the truth about what happen to this person either it be re-interviewing witness or looking at the old evidence through new technology to see if there was anything that the old investigation might of missed.

    But, while this episode starts off like that, this episode takes a unexpected plot twist and we find out mid-way through the episode, the person that was long thought dead, is very much alive and is trying to eek out an life, despite the fact that he is officially dead. Something that in this show doesn’t happen all to often and that when it dose it quite a sock for the fans to go through. After that plot twist we get another one a couple more minutes into it, that we find out that the guy fake his own depth so that he could get to the bottom of why is life was threaten in the first place. Another plot twist that set the minds of the viewers thinking that there might be some type of huge cover-up going on that this guy found out and this plot point might be something that might be covered in show next season. This conspiracy theory is further believe when Lilly head to the husband of the director of the recovery house to ask about the night that this guy died and that he response to her line of questions that she might of gotten over her head with this. But this conspiracy theory is dashed when we find out that it was nothing like that, but in fact it was a love affair the recovery house director was having with a 17 year old teenager, nothing more and nothing less. While they did put the conspiracy theory to bed, we still get another plot twist, but this was on that I saw coming almost a mile away, that it wasn’t the wife that killed the man, but in fact it was the husband that it did.

    A little bit of a cop-out by the writers, because I would love to have the hole conspiracy story ark running through the episodes of next season, because it might of put the entire squad on edge, much to like CSI:Miami did this season with the mole story ark. That there might be somebody out there looking at what they are doing under a microscope and that if any one of them has the smallest misstep at what they are doing, they kiss their job bye-bye.

    While we didn’t get the unnamed conspiracy thing, we did get the fact that Lilly might of found another love interest in her life, whom might she might be better off than her little affair that she had with ADA Kite almost a year ago, for the two of them share the same type of lifestyle, and care for the same type of pet, cats. We will wait next season to see how this new story ark will pan out, I hope that the writers decide to kept this guy around for a little longer than they did with Kite.
  • Lily takes her case very personally when she falls for a murder victim when trying to solve his case. He worked at a rehad center and was killed before testifying at one of the center's resident's murder trial.

    Lily takes a sick day !!! Not that Lily doesn't take every case personally but she goes to the extreme in this episode by falling for a murder victim of the case she is trying to solve.

    Lily meets her perfect match -- the guy even likes cats in the form of a murder victim. Joseph is overworked, underpaid and takes his work home with him. Soon Lily is finding herself getting personally attached to Joseph and his life.

    I really liked this episode because we all knew at some point in time that Lily was going to lose it over one of her cases. It just so happens that this time -- the murder victim happens to be alive and is hiding out from the people who tried to kill him.

    Granted I didn't buy the fact that he thought that the police couldn't protect him from the benefactors of the rehab center where Joseph worked. Turns out they were the murderers. That was the big conspiracy that drove Joseph into hiding -- I don't think so.

    I also didn't understand why Lily's boss was freaking out about Lily hiding Joseph. Considering some of the other things her team has done this season. Her skipping a day of work to protect an innocent man didn't seem to be a bad thing.

    The ending was good with her showing up at Joseph's house and him sitting in a chair with his cats like he was waiting on her was great because no offense Lily needs a life . Well don't we all.
  • Great season finale! It's time Lily had another love interest in her life... It will be interesting to see how this relationship develops... I was very disappointed when her affair with the D.A. didn't pan out! Anyone remember the actor's name who played

    I have Tivo'ed every episode of this season's Cold Case. Usually I re-watch them and delete them, but this one's a keeper! Up until now, my favorite episode was Season 1, Episode 1 (they use the shot of Lily in the rain from that show in the opening credits every week, and it featured one of my favorite songs: CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"in the final scene).
    Having watched this show faithfully since day 1; the characters are like old friends.
    I think Joseph is perfect for Lily! Hope they keep him on as a regular!
  • If you've seen the 1944 movie "Laura" then you'll probably recognize the subtle references and basic plotline. Lilly finds herself drawn to a 2005 murder victim and it might jeopardize the case and her career.

    I don't often watch Cold Case, but I had to catch it tonight when someone told me the plotline. I recognized it immediately as a reference to the 1944 "Laura" with Gene Tierney & Dana Andrews. It's my favorite movie of all time, so needless to say I absolutely loved this episode! Now I plan to become a regular viewer. It's a shame this was the season finale, because now I can't wait for next season. :-)