Cold Case

Season 1 Episode 19

Late Returns

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2004 on CBS
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Late Returns
The shooting death of a man in his driveway is connected to the unsolved 1992 murder of a Democratic campaign worker whose lifeless body was thrown into a nearby river on election night. The investigation centers on the relationship the dead woman had with a present-day congressman. Apparently, the victim in the current homicide probed into the earlier slaying and discovered damning new evidence. Elsewhere, Lilly spies Kite flirting with a new ADA and gets jealous.moreless

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  • series classic

    I finally got to see this episode (it came on about two/three weeks ago). Anyway, the team reopens a 1992 murder case when a current murder investigation reveals the victim may have had a stalker. However, it turns out the current victim was the victim's biological father. What a twist! Then, we learn the victim was having an affair with a future Congressman, Mr. David Lake. However, the David and his sister Abby where doing each other since they were teens. Another surprising twist! And the brother accidentally killed the victim when she confronted him about it (when she touched him, he remembered what his sister did to him and pushes her away) and wanted them to forget it all and be together. Then, David calls Abby and they throw the body into a river. However, Abby takes the fall because David is a powerful person.

    Definately not an episode to be missed!moreless
  • Jeffries: "Oh, I'll find him."

    This was the first episode in this series (at least in the shows that I have seen) in which the Cold Case squad was unable to arrest the actual murderer. Not to worry, though, the audience at least gets to learn the truth; and at least one guilty party gets arrested after confessing, pretty much guaranteeing a conviction.

    What is it with Rush and Kite? Neither one seems to want to show the other any genuine feeling.

    As usual, the period pop music choices in this episode were superb. I hope that this doesn't hinder this series' chances at getting released on DVD, a la Miami Vice.moreless
Laura Allen

Laura Allen

Vanessa Prosser

Guest Star

Eva Frajko

Eva Frajko


Guest Star

James Mathers

James Mathers

Marvin Dobie

Guest Star

Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins

ADA Jason Kite

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Vanessa Prosser was murdered on November 3, 1992.

    • Goof: A boom mike is visible during the scene where ADA Kite kisses Det. Rush.

    • About Hemophilia
      Hemophilia (or haemophilia) is a hereditary genetic illness which causes the sufferers blood not to clot if s/he is cut or injured. The gene causing the condition is always carried by the mother's X-chromosome, but only sons are affected. The condition is incurable but can be controlled with modern medicine.

      Nitpick: Although women − if they possess the affected gene − are often symptomless carriers, it is possible, albeit very rare, for a female to suffer from mild versions of the disease. This is exactly what happened in this episode; Vanessa Prosser inherited the affected gene from her hemophiliac biological father, and an unaffected gene from her healthy mother.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Scotty: He (David Lake) ain't wearing his glasses.
      Vera: So?
      Scotty: So... where'd they go?
      Lt. Stillman: I lose mine three times a day.

    • Jeffries: You know a guy named Darren Cleeman?
      Marvin: No.
      Vera: Really? He called you last week.
      Marvin: Well, maybe he got a wrong number.
      Jeffries: You talk to wrong numbers for six minutes?
      Marvin: Well, maybe I got lonely.

    • Det. Vera: Never found her killer.
      Det. Rush: Never say never.

  • NOTES (4)


    • There is a "glimpse of things to come" allusion to the disputed 2000 Florida presidential controversy between George W. Bush and Al Gore. After voting, Vanessa mentions to her companion how those ballots were complicated and what happens if you don't push the "little square" all the way out, a clear reference to the infamous butterfly ballot and "hanging chads."

    • This case bears resemblance to the Chandra Levy case, where an intern went missing after having an affair with congressman Gary Condit. Chandra Levy disappeared around May 1st, 2001, and her remains were found a year later, on May 22, 2002. The media and general public widely suspect Condit as Chandra Levy's murderer, but the investigation for the case still remains open.