Cold Case

Season 1 Episode 1

Look Again

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on CBS

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  • trying to watch all the seasons

    Where can I watch this for free ?
  • Good Pilot


    This was a good pilot to a good show! The case was very interesting and kept me guessing as to which brother was guilty. I have seen a few episodes before and decided to start from the beginning. It was a good pilot but not the best I've seen.

  • I've watched almost all the episodes of cold case from all seasons & now I finally got to watch the pilot.

    It was fun to see the pilot, but it doesn't look as great as future episodes. You are introduced to Lilly Rush & learn about her life, as well as her personality. She's tough, has a can do attitude & wants to right wrongs. The reason I gave this low rating is because of its choppy style. There is one scene that stands out most: Lilly is interviewing the victim's mom or a girlfriend. You can see the real street but then when the angle changes you see the set (fake background) of houses! LOL! I also didn't like her partner (thank goodness she only works with him for a few episodes). The plot was unbelievable & rather dumb. For a fan its worth watching, just for the history into the characters but otherwise skip it.
  • A cold case from 1976 emerges when the maid of a wealthy family wittnesses the murder of a teenager. This is Lilly Rush'es first 'cold case'.

    Quite a good episode and with a bit of a twist at the end... the tennis rqcquet used in the murder emerges after being buried 27 earlier. The ghost of the victim appears to Lilly Rush. It was interesting to see how money seemed to control the lives of the two brothers and how the maid was frightened of losing her job as oppossed to pursuing justice. Also featured in the episode is a triple homicide which would feature in future episodes as "the badlands". The final scene with all the rain is of course featured in the opening theme.
  • Decent for a pilot.

    The show obviously hadn't quite figured out its format, and I can see why they dropped the uncharismatic partner of Rush's. Rush seems way out of character as well. Things seem to already be ground by the time 1x02, Gleen airs, though.

    The fact that every person that the detectives talk to has a problem talking with police gets really annoying. You would think someone would be cooperative after 27 years. Even some of the people questioned on Law & Order are friendly, but not ONE person here. I really want to watch the second season premier again now because I don't remember how the triple homicide introduced in this episode plays out.
  • Shows like these are made to remind us all that people shouldn't be forgotten.

    I recently started to watch this show and you know it's a good show if you start watching it from the middle. I was lucky that this episode was broadcast again today. This episode some, if not all of the main characters of this show. Lilly Rush is the only female homicide detective and she handles it with ease. The story revolves around a girl who died in 1976 at posh party and the case ends up cold. New evidence is found when the housekeeper during that time comes forth and tells of the shouting she heard that night. That leads Rush on a journey as she tries to make the girl's mother and best friend care about the case still being open. This episode also us all that people shouldn't be forgotten and that your crimes will catch up to you sooner or later.

    The show over the past four years has improved and so has the acting. This is a good crime drama to watch.
  • Great show

    This was a great start to begin with
    As well as great acting and has improved
    Each and every season it has been on
    With Kathryn Morris as the lead detective
    Lily Rush the only woman in the CC squad
    As she tries to carry her own weight and prove to be valuable to the team
    By not letting Cold Cases out to dry
    Very good show as I was hooked the night I watched it
    It will only get even better thank goodness!
  • Pilot Episode!

    This episode was developed from a real case in Greenwich, Connecticut where Martha Moxley was beaten to death with a golf club, and the case went unsolved for over twenty years until recent evidence along, with rehab confesion led the cops to the doorstep of Micheal Skakel, who is releated the Kennedy family.

    Although, the pilot was based on a true was powerfully acted and well written.

    Overall, brilliant episode.
  • Fantastic pilot

    Although I didn't particularly care for Lily's attitude at the beginning of the episode, it didn't take long to fall in love with this series. Cold Case focuses more on social issues of the world, rather than just the horrid brutality that seems to satisfy most Americans.

    And Kate Mara did a beautiful job playing Jill Shelby. A commendable performance.