Cold Case

Season 1 Episode 3

Our Boy Is Back (a.k.a. Useless Cats)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2003 on CBS
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Our Boy Is Back (a.k.a. Useless Cats)
A serial rapist sends a letter to the squad announcing his return to Philadelphia after five years and his plan to strike again. Lilly's best hope of catching the rapist comes from a victim who is able to provide a composite sketch.

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  • intelligent women raped by white male, descending from white trash, with a mother who couldnt read, a sister ending up hooker, and a stupid "i cant stand books" girlfriend, fulfills his dream of having a college girl by raping them. when retmoreless

    I got only recently to watch the series. i thought the 1 episode compelling, the second interesting and the 3rd one a boring drag. very conventionel from the

    beginning, a rape story similar to other rape stories.

    tv to watch while doing the dishes. nothing more. the best thing about the 3rd episode is the main

    character, without her: less than 1.1

  • When a serial rapist sends a letter to the detectives anouncing his return, the detectives re-open all of the previous cases in order to stop him before he strieks again.

    Gail Chimayo was an intelligent college woman who was completely devoted to her studies. In August 1998, she was found raped and murdered in her apartment. The suspect was a serial rapist who raped women with very similar interests to hers.

    Serial killers and serial rapists just aren't a good storyline for this show. This show is more about the victims, but in cases of serial killers it's more about the murderer because there are too many victims to cover. That's what happened in this episode. It talks all about the serial rapist and not about the victims. It gives more information on him than on Gail. The only things mentioned about her are that she was smart.

    It was pretty boring. The storyline just was not good at all and the acting, well that is certainly a laughing matter.moreless
  • When the detective squad recieve a letter regarding unsolved rapes, it appears the rapist/murderer has returned with plans to strike again.... The squad must act fast to stop him. One of the five victims was strangled to death. Was he in prision? Or not..moreless

    Detective Vera had worked on the series of rapes which involved a rapist striking intellectual women who remembered his 'charming' voice and smooth skin. One of the victims had of course been strangled, presumably after fighting back. In the process of elimination, Vera feels he has been personally targeted and is determined to see justice done. Eventually the detectives come across a suspect who had been in the army and his refusal to co-operate makes him a likely candidate who after further investigation is broken down and confesses. The victims are then seeing in varying reaction to the news and the murdered woman appears to Lily as a ghost, smiling with satisfaction.moreless
  • Serial rapist again strikes Philly

    This episode kind of reminds me of the BTK killings

    In which a serial rapist strikes after years

    Of laying low and not striking

    Then begins to rape again

    Nobody can stop the rapist at all it seems

    That is until a victim comes forward

    Fearing that she might be killed if she testifies

    By putting a sketch down of the artist

    Is the only way to stop the rapist from raping again.

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