Cold Case

Season 6 Episode 9

Pin Up Girl

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • 1953, pin up girl killed...what really happened?

    A great episode, showcasing some great talent!

    This episode was amazing. I love the pin up girls of the 50's so it was nice to see an episode that focused on that. "Rita's" little performance to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) was spot on and perfect. I was saddened at the end when we found out what happened to Rita. The character was written and portrayed to be really genuine and nice, it is sad the way it all ended. Definitely another amazing episode. It is nice to see episodes like this still be turned out after 6 seasons. The two actresses they cast to portray the vic and the murder were really great and very talented.
  • I knew who did it from the beginning.

    As much as I love puzzle and whodunits, for some reason with Cold Case, it never really bothers me. I knew that it was Betty from the second I saw them interact on screen. The scorned best friend, jealousy rearing it's ugly head, again. However, within this episode I liked how a fan of Rita's held a key to the case. I thought the use of photographs was really interesting. I'm also really intrigued by Scotty making a new friend. This could be good. I also appreciated the team having their own pin-up girls, kinda like myself knowing what posters covered my walls in my room.
  • The team investigates the murder of a pin up model.

    The team investigates the murder of Rita Flynn,a pin up model, who murdered at her apartment back at '53.
    I liked the storyline in general, it was a pretty decent episode. The characters were well written and interested. Detective Vera was great with his "research", he was the funny guy once again. Lilly was great, too. And i cant wait to see what next for her after the final scene with the photo, it must be something about a previus episode, which i haven't seen.Scotty and his new romance, made me very bored, instead i miss Lillys boyfriend, he is a great character.
  • A pin-upmodel is murdered and Lily and company has to figure out who. About 1952or 53.

    I figured this one out only aafter about 10 minutes. A jeoulous old girlfriend usually does murder a more popular friend. I mean story lines must be strinking as to have this type of program. I think the writers are still on strike. Scotty sems to have another love interest. The staff needs to be more compassionate then they are. As I said the writers must still be on strike. The lead didn't even look like model material. Back then most were blonde and big in all the right places. This girl was boney. I remember the 60's and it wasn't much different.
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