Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2005 on CBS



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    • Frannie: I've been meaning to say, um, sorry about your girlfriend.
      Scotty: Thanks.
      Frannie: It's a tough illness. It can get to be too much.
      Scotty: Well, we don't know exactly what happened.
      Frannie: Oh. Sorry, I heard --
      Scotty: Suicide? No, no we don't know that.
      Frannie: Well, I shouldn't speak out of school then.
      Scotty: Thanks.

    • Scotty: So, wha'd you do to her ya gotta hide from her like a kid?
      Vera: I was in love with her.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sloane: You don't want to end up like those awful girls Nancy and Tonya, do you?

      A reference to American figure skaters Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. Tonya was involved in a conspiracy to attack Nancy at the 1994 US Championships. The plan was to injure her so that she could not compete in that year's Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Nancy recovered in time for the Olympics and won the silver medal (the gold medalist was Ukrainian Oksana Baiul). Tonya came in eighth. She is not allowed to compete in figure skating anymore because of her part in the conspiracy. She has tried to become a professional boxer instead and she has had run-ins with the law for various offenses. Nancy got married after the Olympics and had two sons. She has appeared in various professional ice shows as well.

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