Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 7

Read Between the Lines

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • I hope that CBS learns to "Read Between the Lines". With fantastic episodes like this, they need to give Cold Case and its fans more respect!

    I really loved this episode of Cold Case! The writing was superb; the acting right on point, and the music was flawless. It's a great thing to see Cold Case have the courage to really integrate the music in with the story and tell an authentic story in a way that was completely believable. The detectives really seemed to relish getting the chance to flex some agitation muscles and it must have made Vera's day to kick down that door and rush in with Miller! HEY CBS, this is what happens when you give a high quality cast excellent script material and shoot an episode with some creativity!! I look forward to more great Cold Case episodes from this writer-director combo of Erica L. Anderson and Kevin Bray.
  • The First Excellent Episode of Season 7 so far

    "Read Between The Lines", really pulls you in and makes you feel the same emotions that the victim; donalynn had felt throughout the entire episode.

    Her song at the end, really was moving and powerful. Yet at the same time, you can feel the love that she had for her baby sister. This episode was very compelling,yet as for the detectives personal lives, It has seems that this "Lillyardo" relationship is still going strong.

    Yet at the end, we saw the darkness that Lilly has inside. Will she or won't she shoot Moe, that is the question that the end that viewers were asking themselves.