Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2005 on CBS
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Lt. Stillman's priest informs him of a long ago confession where a man confessed being involved in the 1998 kidnapping of a 9-year old boy. The case is reopened with this new lead, and it turns out the truth is closer to home.

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  • Eerie Similarities to Real Life

    I taped this episode a couple of weeks ago when it re-ran on TNT and watched it on 1/15/07. I had no idea, and I'm sure neither did TNT, that a "cold case" with similarities to this episode would be successfully resolved on 1/12/07, resulting in not one but TWO young men being returned to their grateful families.

    I'm sure that when it airs again in TNT's rotation, all of us will reflect on the similarities and possible revelations in this episode. Already various news sources have speculated on how the (alleged) abductor must have told incredible lies to keep the older boy, abducted at age 11, from leaving. In "Revenge," the depiction of this cold, manipulative, and treacherous man is nothing short of shocking, especially given what we suspect of his real-life counterpart

    Even without the real-life parallels, this is one of the most moving episodes in this series, as well as one of the most emotionally complex. Between the grieving parents of the lost boy, the helpless addiction of his uncle, the deep-seated hurt of the abductor's son and his mother deep in denial, it seems no one could escape the wounds inflicted by one determined, twisted man.

    I have to admit that halfway into the episode, I guessed who was responsible for young Kyle's death (this isn't a spoiler; it's this death which is the "cold case" needing solving). But I also would never have guessed why, much less how the murder was carried out. I also have to admit that though I knew it's "just a TV show," I wished that Kyle would turn out to be "hidden" or something less tragic — even with the recent miracle of the two real-life boys.

    Real-life or TV episode, the huge sense of needless emotional trauma, as well as loss of innocence for all involved, was overwhelming at times, and is what got me praying that far more of these "cold cases" end with the miracles the real-life families got.moreless
  • One of the saddest episodes

    I don't understand why this episode is forgotten by Cold Case viewers. It has got to be one of the saddest episodes Cold Case has had.

    It starts off with a kidnapping and a drowning death percieved as homicide. As it turns out, the boy was kidnapped by his uncle and then sold to a pedophile for drug money. The things addiction will do to you. It was heartbreaking to see the little boy, Kyle manipulated by every adult in his life. The way the pedophile told him that his parents didn't want him any more and the jealous son of the pedophile who convinced Kyle to swim across the lake, which ultimately lead to his drowning death.

    This is probably one of the best and most underrated episodes of Cold Case.moreless
  • Erie as hell, but amazingly done.

    Not one for TV usually, but caught this before a movie and felt like writing. "Revenge" is messed up but keeps you in your seat, oh incredibly well done Bruckhiemer. If you don't mind having your mind twisted infinetly then this is something to catch. Christ, poor kyle=( but grats to the dad though=). Hope the rest of the series is like this.
  • The team covers the case of a kidnapped young boy who turned up dead which lead to them solving another previously unrelated cold case involving a child predator. As well we get to see Lt. Stillman on a more personal level.moreless

    Wonderfully written and the writers gave us an amazing twist of which we have become a custom to seeing from this staff. Lilly revealed another disturbing yet poignantly great personal moment helping not only connect w/ the pain the young man had grown up with, she also helped relieve his anguish allowing him to come to terms with the wrong he had done by admitting it. The parents played by Brent Sexton and Bridgid Brannagh brought to life the pain what too many parents deal with on a daily basis when their child is ripped away from them.

    The low point came after Scotty accused the father of the missing boy of being a pervert child molester, however once that was found to be incorrect there were no apologies forth coming, they grilled the father and dragged him through torture it would have been just as easy to ask him, and spare him as much pain as possible, that they did owe him, and after that if he had been apprehensive then grill away, but come on be humane. Still a great great episode.moreless
  • After a confession from a man involved in a 1998 kidnapping, the team sets out to find the kidnapper and murderer of Kyle.

    This is by far one of the saddest episodes of the whole series. It's painful for me to watch. I can't get through this episode without shedding tears. The kid was so young, only 10. It broke my heart when that man was telling him that it was his fault his parents didn't want him. The kid had such a childlike innocence when he asked if it was because his shirt was so expensive.

    It was sad to see how many people betrayed him and all that had a factor in his death. The only people that shouldn't feel guilty felt guilty the most, his parents. After you watch the whole episode once and go back and watch the beginning it's hard to stop the tears right there. I cheered on the father killed that sick bastard.

    I strongly suggest you watch this episode because I think no matter who you are this is the episode that will have you in tears.moreless
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Ty Treadway

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Father Andrew Stillman

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