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  • Make Cold Case hot again

    From 'Nara' (with the haunting wail) to the ghost at the end I think that the

    'Cold Case' was and should still be the greatest TV series ever shown!!!!!

    I WANT reruns or at least be able to buy copies of the series. Wjams

    Why can I only find DVDs in Spanish?
  • Lilly can cuff me anytime!

    Love this show too. The plots were excellent and the acting very good. I really loved the ones where they went back a long time, into the 50's and, one, into the 30's.
  • Great Series

    One of my favorite shows. I wish there was reruns on regular tv. The stories were interesting and great acting. I always looked forward to the ending song and vision of deceased person.
  • Excellent

    Excellent, heart-tugging and sleek detective drama. I'm a fan of detective dramas but nothing I watched as good as Cold Cases. It is just brilliant, raw and original. It wasn't too dramatic or too commercialise. It feel real and so connecting. So sad a great show like this doesn't last longer at leat until 10-15 seasons.
  • ALL Episodes

    I have ALWAYS loved this show. Great cast is very important. Like Lily says "Cold Cases are MORE important, the families have been waiting longer". Kathryn Morris is quite beautiful. It's AWESOME to solve "cold cases". Lisa
  • "I am vegetarian"

    she said in the season 01, episode 18, but I've seen her before that statement eating hot dogs and ham sandwiches with her colleagues ... these are two different things.
  • Cold Case comeback

    I love this show I hate it was taken off the cast, and story lines kept you intrigued
  • love this show

    this show is one of my favs and yet i cant find any place that sell seasons. If any one knows how to get them private message me on facebook. :)
  • Interesting and a musical genius.

    What elevated this show above all the rest was it's use of music and how the chosen songs fitted so well with the episodes, very moving and harrowing at times. However what stalled the show was it's constant repetitiveness, now I know most shows follow a formula but this took the biscuit. Always started and finished the same way more or less. The writing was excellent with well thought out characters and back stories. Good to watch just tough following a whole season at times.
  • Passive, ok show

    Few various ep (12-13)
  • Jerry Brubaker sucks!

    There was his Survivor ?) which always ran 1/2 hour to 45 minuites INTO COLD CASE which made viewers switch the channel.

    COLD CASE was the first show I absolutely loved. The cast were all members of my family, the contrast yet similarities were astonishing between the characters.

    Bad move Jerry!

    I see Danny Pino on Law and Order but haven't seen the other wonderful actors anywhere. If it's another Jerry production It might get cancelled for a show that was second rated behind it.

    I remember when Mr Brubacher was with Tales from the Crypt and the other producers when they started out. They were doing so good.

    Is without a trace stll on????

    I still miss Cold Case and maybe that's why EON's (whoever they are) ratings are rising.


  • Cold Case release date

    Does anyone know if there has been any progress in getting the Cold Case seasons released on DVD for purchase??? I absolutely love the show and want to buy the whole series but as of yet cannot find it. Its a shame cause a lot of people would buy the series...... :(
  • honestly

    I use never like it when it was on the regular channels, just like a bunch of them, but now i love watching these kind of shows,sorry this one ended now though
  • A really nice show

    I really love this show, I have been watching all seasons for the 3rd time. Better watch this again than newer and worse shows. I really miss this one.
  • Mighty Fine Show

    "Cold Case" is one of the finest shows of all time. I love how they show how characters looked like in the past and how they looked in the present. My only disappointment is that the show didn't use more songs by Philadelphia-based artists like Hall and Oates, Todd Rundgren or Pink. "She's Gone" would've been a perfect song to close with. Lily Rush is one of my favorite television characters of all time. I loved how they used "Who's Crying Now" by Journey as a closing song. The most poignant song they ever used was "Broken Hearted Me" by Anne Murray in the episode "The Key". The other closing songs I liked were "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis, and "When I'm With You" by the Canadian band Sheriff. They knew how to use the right music, even if it was sometimes chronologically inaccurate such as "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood in an episode set in 1984. "Higher Love" was released in the summer of 1986.
  • Wonderful show.

    But I can see why it got canceled. But I still love this show. Love how they wrote the show. Have never seen anything like it then and to this day.
  • Cold Case a Great Police Procedural

    Cold Case is one of the greatest procedural dramas I've seen. I loved the fact that every episode took place in a different time period. Each of the sets and the costumes were meticulously crafted for every episode. The visuals and the dialogue were appropriate for each era. Even though the main characters were not as prominent as other shows, we still got to see the personal lives of each main character. The dialogue was especially good, I particularly like that it was peppered with old school phrases and words. Perhaps these two elements were what many people didn't like about the show. The music was amazing and was right for every episode, one of my favorite aspects of the show. I thought all these elements were what made it unique and differentiate itself from insipid shows.

    The cast fit in their role beautifully. Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush (one of her best roles), John Finn as John Stillman (good diverse actor), Jeremy Ratchford as Nick Vera , Thom Barry as Will Jeffries (great back and forth banter between Ratchford & Barry), Danny Pino as Scotty Valens (he fits right in with L&O:SVU), and Tracie Thoms as Kat Miller (I liked her in Rent as well).

    My favorite episodes are Shuffle, Ball Change (S4 E17) and The Road (S5 E15). I still think the show was cut too short. I hope there are more shows like this one, especially since there seems to be less and less police procedurals.

  • Cold Case song hits

    My favorites are; Leather and Lace, Blue Moon, and Imagination! Dont recall the episodes but would love to know so I can purchase DVD. I loved the show and am viewing all on ion.

  • OK if you like police procedurals.

    Which I don't really. Passable if there's nothing else on sometimes. Kathryn Morris makes it worth watching, however in some episodes with lots of backstory she has a small role, and those get agonizingly tedious. Still, it's better than CSI.

    Which I don't really. Passable if there's nothing else on sometimes. Kathryn Morris makes it worth watching, however in some episodes with lots of backstory she has a small role, and those get agonizingly tedious. Still, it's better than CSI.

    Which I don't really. Passable if there's nothing else on sometimes. Kathryn Morris makes it worth watching, however in some episodes with lots of backstory she has a small role, and those get agonizingly tedious. Still, it's better than CSI.
  • A good show that is getting more ridiculous and formulamatic

    Cold Case, in the early seasons had so many tearjerking, wonderful episodes. Standouts would include The Sleepover, Maternal Instinct, Daniela and Mindhunters - all of season 1 was excellent. But somewhere during season 3, I can't quite pinpoint what episode was the shark jumper, the show just lost it's magic. The stories weren't quite as heartbreaking or unique and there were plotholes galore. For example, Lilly isn't particularly intimidating nor are her interrogation tactics yet she always manages to get the suspects to confess, even after years of keeping the murder a secret. The least the writers could do is get Lilly to find new evidence in the case. I remember an episode where a case was closed yet Lilly was still pursuing it. You legally do not have a confession or have grounds to pursue a confession nor can you hold someone in jail if a person when questioned requests a lawyer and says they're not talking. It is a civil rights violation against the law, everyone who knows anything about the law knows that. And Scotty psychologically torturing the killer who obviously was mentally ill in the episode Thrill Kill, was illegal and could have got him suspended, or at the very least the confession thrown out.

    On the positive side, the filming styles and use of music is extremely effective and captures the essence of the time period. Some of the stories are especially touching and really show you what life was like in the time period the show is portraying. I also like the way the show is more story-oriented, focusing on how it all happened and the victim's relationships with other people rather than relying completely on using science and legal practices, but like I mentioned earlier some stuff is just too stupid to ignore. You see the victim as a real person with emotions rather than just a dead body - that's the problem with a lot of crime shows such as CSI. They just portray the victim as a specimen, a dead body rather than an actual human being. Another positive point is how the show at least gives you some background on the main characters and their relationships, although I do find Lilly extremely dull and couldn't care less about her romantic relations. And Scotty, he's just too angry and hot-tempered. In all, a show which should spend more time on legal research rather than good storylines on the victims. It's going downhill fast and losing it's spark.
  • Interesting storylines with emotional songs to set the mood

    Cold Case has interesting storyline that keep the viewer interested until the end. Each episode starts with a closed case that is opened once new evidence or witness comes forward. The show offers a diverse cast with guest stars. All the actors are believable in their roles with no one person standing out but working as a team to make this an interesting show. The only criticism is the soundtrack that is over done at times. Music is important to make people but their choices can be awkward and over wrought with emotions, which seem false. The opening by E.S. Posthumus is nice but is not original since several other television shows and films use it.
  • Another cop show with a really good twist.

    All the flashbacks in this episode are really well done and are the only reason I can stand this show. The crimes in this story are often really intriguing and show off the different time periods in America. The incorporation of music is also really clever and gives a showcase to many different artists. They actors they pick to display the crimes both past and present are really amazing.
    But the characters on this show are so annoying that it is hard to watch. Lily is the worst character on television and she is so self-loathing and unrealistic that I cannot stand her. She makes me angry that I watch the show. The whole thing with her sister and the other detective was stupid as well. The new black woman character was also unnecessary and her 'street cred' or whatever was so forced that it was painful to watch.
    The final straw for this show is how everyone confesses, there is no evidence and the circumstantial evidence couldn't hold up in the most corrupt court from 1950's in the whole world. If I have to watch one more cold blooded killer confess to the the threating Lily who is a blond woman who weighs like 110 pounds and looks like she could be beaten by a child with a yellow belt in karate. I like a strong woman as much as the next person, but she is so forced and if she was interrogating me I'd tell her to shove it and ask for my lawyer.
  • I think it's really lame that the show is suppoesed to be set in Philadelphia yet there is rarely any real footage of Philadelphia.Did you think people wouldn't notice? I'm a Philly native and the show is not even close in looking like Philadelphia

    It's a shame it is a good show but would be so much better if it was really all filmed in Philadelphia. I guess they thought they could get away with it by showing a clip of city hall and Market st every once in a while. My girlfriend watches all the time and it's just not in Philly I can't get into it. I stay trying to figure out if maybe they are just using other parts of Philly but no, nope , nothing.They make it seem like Philly is like some ritzy nice clean city. Wrong anyone who watches the news knows that is the exact opposite of Philly. The homicide rate is highest in the East coast ( i think if not it is damn close). And Temple is right next to "the bad lands" area AKA Iraqadelphia, Kensington is littered with drugs and prostitution, and I hear these names thrown around in the show but never see anything but clean streets a nice buildings
  • Absurd show, with an unrealistic set-up!

    I cannot understand why this show is still on the air. It is *very* repetitive and totally unrealistic. The team solves old crimes not based on new forensic evidence and/or advances in technology that would allow for breakthroughs, but simply by re-interviewing the original suspects/witnesses. They always get the guilty party to confess and that's how they solve the crimes. Not to mention that *all* witnesses have amazing memories when it comes to recalling incidents, places and names of people that were relevant 40, 50, 60 years ago. I am actually watching it when nothing else is on, waiting for that one case they won't be able to solve. And the acting leaves a lot to be desired!!
  • not quite up to par. Only fair.

    ok... I don't know how without a trace got cut and not this. Without a trace was better ranked, but after that is being said.

    This show is an ok watch. I mean some of the eppisodes are head scratcers as far as how the hell they stayed cold for so long. Others are just not believeable at all. I find it a little lacking in character development of the team.

    I liked it a lot better when I first started watching the show, but now, not as much. It is only fair in the scale of things to watch. I think the best episode as far as I am concerned is the first eppisode of the fifth season.

    Show ranks a C on my scale
  • The good is almost universally overshadowed by the bad.

    Now I'll admit I have been entertained by at least one episode or two, the acting is decent, the concept is kind of intriguing but flawed.

    The basic premise of the show is that the team solves cold cases, which are essentially unsolved crimes.

    Now the bad things: 1) The investigators never seem to gain any real incriminating evidence against their suspects. its mostly just witness testimony.

    2) The people in this show all seem to have an INCREDIBLE memory - I put it to you like this, can you remember what you did yesterday in that level of detail? What about the day before, or a year ago? I can't. Nobody remembers this well, its unrealistic.

    3) The Obligatory Confession - so they find out who did it at the end, its sam age 85 and he killed some guy 65 years ago. They corner him and he finally breaks and confesses to it all, what I want to know is what would happen if he didn't confess?

    I seriously don't think the evidence that the cold case team have can stand up in court, their evidence is in a word: Laughable.

    This really goes back to point 1, but its true, if the criminal didn't confess, they would not be able to prosecute him, its as simple as that.

    But thats not the worst of it, real criminals don't behave this way, so at the end of the day I just wonder what the point is of punishing people for things they did a lifetime ago.

    The story would be far more compelling if the team gathered more physical evidence, they basically rely on witness testimony, and that is not reliable enough. The only reason they are successful is because they get them to confess. This show is unintelligent.
  • A show that I will miss.

    Cold Case was one of the first show I ever watched. It's a "cop show" so it has a format according to it. But even if the direction was repetitive, I always thought the case were interesting and had a certain depth. Beside the case, we followed the diverse point of view and life of Lily Rush, Scott and all the other detectives. They all had their own scars, and so their own important case and I felt like I wanted to learn more about them. It is something that I would have liked: to know more about them. It's a show that I will miss.
  • a very moving story

    i loved this story it was very moving,our young victim sam apparently commited suicide,but it is revieled at the end of the episode it was mor eof a relese killing so to speak, she was a boy trapped in a girls body who was forced into a mental hosptil so she would act more like a girl,now it says at the beginning of the ep that it is not based on any real life people,but it is very hard to ignore the fact that this episode mirrors certian elements of tenna brandon/brandon teena's life,she was a girl who dressed and acted like a boy and was murdered for this when her girlfriend brother found out,but unlike in her unfortunate life in this episode of cold case sam was just teased by kids at school for looking and dressing like a boy,and when she was nearly raped,it was sam who was punished by having her father take her to a mental institution to have her -reprogramed to act more lady like,and when she did not behave she was given ect,in the end the only real friend she had kept a promise to never let anyoen chaneg them by going to the hospital and setting her free.
  • the cold case sqaud solves murders of missing love ones.

    i have just found my new favourite police show. we are getting to see this show from the beginging. this show has a great cast and great story lines. what i love about this show is that the cold case sqaud will open a cold case and go back and solve it. which helps the love ones of the murder or missing victims to grive in peace. i loved the way when they solve the crimes they will look over and see the victims look at the cops. its like they are saying thank you for finding my murderer. and then they will play a great range of song which is very fitting for this show.the ending of the show is the best when the music plays and the ghosts of the dead come back to say thank you..
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