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  • cold case!

    I love cold case and i was wondering if anyone knew if there were any dvd's out because i can't find them anywhere!I think the characters all have a really goot rapport and having series link and sky was great as it let us watch them whenever we wanted, but we missed most of the recent series. If anyone knows where I could find the Dvd's or anything please send me a message, it would certainly make my day!! And if they don't, is there any way that all the episodes can be watched online or something? Having a copy of them would be best though as it is such a good series that you will want to watch it over!

    I sit up late nights and watch old re-runs and then try to go to work the next day! I am so hooked. Several years ago I watched "Fly Away". It left me speechless. I cought it again last night........ WOW - SAME EFFECT!!!!! If you get a chance - watch this episode. It was back in 2003 series.

    I also saw the episode where the gay young man was killed. Not sure what year it was put out, but it sure showed the stupidity of people back in the 60's - killing people just because they were gay So sad.

    Anyone know if these are gonna be released on DVD'S?
  • Lilly Rush takes a strong interest in cases that most feel don't matter, cold cases.

    I have always been interested in crime shows. Most can barely hold my interest long enough to complete an episode, but this one just drew me in and has yet to let me go.

    A lot of the other series are just about the crime, but this series lets you get to know the people behind the bodies. It's more in-depth than just who and why the crime was committed. It's also nice that it doesn't go into much detail about the dectives' lives (like NYBD did), just enough to let you know how the cases affect them.

    It's also nice to see not only what the people were like before they died, but how it effected the people around them. People that were once great, are now next to nothing because of a loved ones death. Just as it is in real life.

    Although being that they are cold cases and rarely is there any evidence that can truly tell the whole story and who actually committed the murder, the detectives have only the tales of what happened coming from the people that witnessed it. There's no way of knowing if what they're saying is actually ture or not(but the viewers know because they only show a flashback if they're telling the truth, but that still doesn't mean you get the whole story until the very end). But it just a show.

    An excellent show that any fan of cop shows would love and even if you don't enjoy cop shows, try this one and it might change your mind!
  • A decent show.

    Detectives are trying to solve murders that have never been solved for years. Even though everyone thinks it is over, Lily Rush and other detectives never forget and they find new clues to get the murderer. Every episode is unique and they solve new cases. Kathryn Morris in the role of Lily Rush is successful and the songs chosen at the end of every episode is clever and I think those songs help the show a lot because they are really connected well. After solving the case, The victim always appear. Eventhough some cases are very old, Some of them happened just a couple of years ago.
  • I love it!

    Oh my God! In my opinion this is the best show for ever!!! Everything in this show is perfect!!! I think that Kathrynn Morris is very good actress and can`t imagine anyone who could play this role better:)Every single episode is different than others but every is very interesting and expectional.I always wait for new episode and sometimes my family think that i`m going crazy because I really love this show!!! I think that everyone who saw it once will understand me. But the best thing in this show is music!!! Without these songs this show wouldn`t be the same!What do you think?:))))
  • good

    cool take on detective drama, with cold cases reopened(hence the name.) This show tells the stories through themed flashbacks, but also skips to the future to compare the characters now and then. This show is very interesting and addictive, it has good writing, good directing, good music and visuals, and good acting. The writers for this show are very original, and create innovative episodes. This show is fantastic, and has never disappointed me. If you like shows like Law and Order you will love this show. Check it out and you wont be disappointed. This is a really amazing show.
  • Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) Is A Homicide Detective Who Is Called Upon To Solve "Cold Cases"- Cases That Have Never Been Solved.

    Detective Lilly Rush Is A Philadelphia Homicide Detective Who Solves Cold Cases, When New Evidence Comes To Light Or When A Witness Comes Forward.
    Some Of The Cases Are 10-20 Years Old, And Some Are Based On Real Life Events.
    Lilly's Partner Is Scotty Valens (Danny Pino), Who Is A Sharp Minded And Clever Young Man.
    She Also Has Lt.John Stillman, Nick Vera & Will Jeffries, Who Help Her Out When She's Stuck.
    I Like This Show A Lot, It's A Brilliant Idea And The Actresses/Actors Are Simply Amazing!
    Let's Hope This Show Keeps On Going, I Would Hate To See It Being Taken Off Air One Day!
  • It's not bad, it just needs a little work...

    I really liked the concept of this show: reopening old cases and solving the unsolved, it had potential to be great. The problem I have with it is the apparent merciless nature of the characters. I haven't seen every episode but in every one I've seen, at some point they will accuse a person (who later turns out to be innocent) of committing the murder based on the flimsiest piece of evidence. One that springs to mind was a high school student who fell from the roof of a building whilst he was meant to be in detention. At one point, some of the others in detention had left the room. Did they find out where they were? No, they immediately found them in the present day and said "You weren't in the room because you were on the roof pushing him to his death!" As it turns out, no, no they weren't. This didn't stop them treating the accused like they were guilty until evidence later proved otherwise.

    I can understand them not having much sympathy for the murderer, but until they actually know who it is, they should save their personal opinions. Even people who didn't commit the murder are treated with this smug, arrogant manner by the team because of something small in their past. Even if it turns out to be unrelated to the case, if they're accused, they get no respect. Would it kill them to apologise?

    It's not all bad, the cases are enjoyable enough mysteries and the solutions are satisfying. Seeing how lives change over years between the crime and the solving is interesting as well as seeing how far some people go to hide their secrets. I just can't find myself liking any of the characters, Rush especially. Maybe they should all get psychiatric help for seeing visions of the victims too, that's slightly worrying...
  • Cold Cases are cases that remain unsolved for a period of time, sometimes over 10 years but once new evidence is found later on , the case/s are reopened and the new discovery is used to find the criminal responsible for it.

    What i so love about this show is that they dont only make it a criminal show that go about simply solving cases. This show depicts the sentiments of the people who have lost someone they loved and have not yet found that closure till the case finally gets solved. I guess the show was also made in a way that the feeling of anger or hate towards the killers or people responsible lessen a bit. I believe that it really focuses on teaching us to forgive those who have wronged us in the past or that karma does happen whether a year from now or 20 years from now.
    The endings always make me cry. The music is perfect. How they make scenes work for the timeline is perfect. I just love this show. It is my absolute favorite and the cast is so great. Jerry Bruckheimer's produces the greatest shows.
  • Great show, great soundtrack

    Wonderful idea, to start. Going back and solving cold cases takes me as a viewer back to the time in which alot of the original crimes were committed. (some are before my time)
    The actors play their part very well. I can't imagine another group sitting in their position and pulling the show off the way they do. Great chemistry!

    Three things that keep me watching:
    * The flashbacks between the young and old are exciting to watch.

    *Seeing the clothes from another era takes me back and relates to me.

    *The soundtrack and the crew always finding that one song at the end that sums up the entire show is awesome.

    I love the show and I love all of the characters.

    Thank You
  • Great show. love every episode!

    Cold case is my new favourite programme because i can't get enough of it! Every episode has a different story but are all tied together by the characters. Detective lilly rush is amazing and so is detective scotty valens. I wish these two people would get together because it would make the programme show a little bit more about their lives outside of work as well as inside work. I want there to be many more seasons of cold case because it can be done and people would still watch it even if it was in the 10th season. Many more storylines yet to come, hope it carries on. Lilly and Scotty together!!!!
  • Great actors - convincing - endearing distinct personalities. No pandering to the camera. Women well represented - feminine, delicate, intelligent, professional, commanding respect. Contrast to female CSI's in low cut tops and tight pants?? Really??

    I find the actors well selected and they don't over-act. Their performances are convincing - you almost get a sense of genuine involvement in their roles. Each one has a distinct personality that complements the whole and you can't help feeling endeared to each one. I find the CSI (take a pick)actors playing to the camera. Posing. The women's low cut tops and skin tight pants - really??? Do CSI's really wear that to a crime scene? But Cold Case plays it real. Kathryn Morris as "Lilly Rush" is perfect for the gender role in a male-dominated environment and Tracie Thoms is an equally great addition - delicate, feminine yet strongly intelligent and professional - able to hold their own and command respect - "the boys" seem to naturally treat them as equals. It's easier to take it seriously and enjoy the story line.
    Bravo on a great cast - the perfect team.
  • worth watching series.

    i like the guessing of who's the killer whodunit types and it's just like a backstory each time. lily rush is a brilliant detective who prefers to investigate cold cases believing that the ones who already passed away would never be forgotten and to bring to justice those who are responsible. she's one of those strong female character who's working, the majority of w/c men dominate this line of work. investigating the case files thoroughly and getting the job done, the result would be the closure for the victim's family and friends and for the case as well. i always love how they end every episode w/ the detectives seeing the ghost of the victims and moving on. and the background music they use depending on how old the case is is just like reminiscing everytime.
  • Cold Case is a beautiful, powerful written show. The show follows a team of detectives determined on solving murders that happened years ago.

    Cold Case is a drama that is set apart from other dramas. It's about solving murders that were never solved. It takes you back to when the murder first happened and brings you back to the present. The music is amazing and always helps tell the story and adds to the show. Lilly Rush the focal point of the show is a complex character. We've seen her grow and change as her job takes so much of her emotionally. Lilly is highly dedicated to her job and the victims and we see her journey of recovering from her own ghosts and helping people get over their ghosts. Cold Case is a must see if you want a real drama that makes you think and makes you feel something.
  • Excellent show solving cold case crimes.

    I absolutely love this show. One of my favorite parts is where they show what the people looked like "before" and what they look like years "after" the case the investigators are working on. I don't know the name of the characters off hand, but the blonde girl and the chubby white guy are my two favorites.

    I have yet to have an episode that I haven't liked and I have my DVR set to record this show every time it comes on. Even my kids enjoy this show.

    I'd like to see it on TV for a good long time.
  • Kat Morris is hot love her much, and the rest of the cast rock to never take this show off air please.

    This show started a few years ago now here in Australia,
    and i do my best never to miss it,
    It's only my job that keep's me away from it , i have gone as far as taken the night of work to see the show.
    All the cast are the best ,i rate the show in the top 5
    of all drama's on Australia tv most likly the number 1 drama
    Please people never take this off air.
    A few weeks ago the epeosoide where Kat was shot i thought that was the end of the show, so i was about to give up tv altogether, please dont scare mr like that again.
    From a 38 yr old Aussie number 1 fan.
    Thanks again
  • This has to be my favorite crime drama

    This is the only crime drama on television that really focuses on the victim and how sad it really is when someone dies. Other shows like CSI are all about the flash and technology and they seem to forget that these victims are supposed to be people and they just treat them like they are nothing. I also like how they play the perfect music at the end of each show. The episodes where they go really far back are my favorite because I like how real it feels. I wish this show was on DVD because I only recently discovered it and its probably one of the only TV series I would actually consider buying.
  • undescribably awesome.

    cold case is an amzing show with an amzing cast of philedolphia cops who solve cold cases from the 20's all the way up to date. the amazing stories of people who have died and who's killers were never found. it will take you on an emotional and suspenceful ride thrugh the last days of the victim complete with flashbacks and music that fit the mood and the date, it's always unbeleivably when you find out who did it. or who didn't do it, or who did it but can't be proven guilty. truly awsosome... watch and be satsfied.

    -the pie maker.
  • I think its a compelling show that makes me want to watch it every week. It has unpredictability factor that you just can't leave your couch.

    When it is well-done, the character, the plot, and the scenes are excellent. The actors are refined with veteran detail precision. They have honed their craft for years and it is paying off. True with writers, directors, cinematographers, and on. However when its off, I do get a sense of second tier bullying and patronizing particularly with Gentile and Non-Gentile folks themes that the show puts out at times. I notice that the AIDS guy who was infecting all those folks wasn't brought to justice. Why because he was not a Gentile? The guy who molested his daughter was. Likewise, some of the siblings don't seem to match as well as parent and child in terms of looks and character sketch. Adding on. if you are a Gentile, just give up because Lilly will go hard on you but try accusing her of anti-semitism, she tends to go soft.

    Why did MRS MORRIS feel the need to become SO UGLY. because Thats What Sheis now after losing, what i consider to be too much weight.. SHE was pretty before but now looks like she is on the verge of dieing. Whats the world coming to these days. No one is happy with the way God made them. Injections in the lips. lifts in the rear, implants in the breast. when will we be happy with who we are. Its really going to far now. i think people in the public have a duty to set an example. I hope someone is listening
  • This show is a personal favorite with fantastic characters and the plotlines are off the hook.

    I have to admit I hated this show a lot for a long time. I now have to watch every one that comes on, whenever they come on. They actors are amazing at bringing out the character with Lily being my favorite. Most of the plots are heart wrenching and will make you tear up even if it is just a little. There is always that one twist near the end that makes the tables turn on someone. Some of them are weird, I must admit but not one has disapointed me. The music fits with every episode and will make you want to watch more of the show. Their personal conflicts are just amazing. I always wonder what the next one will be. This show is too amazing for words and I would recommend it to anyone with an interst in suspense and drama.
  • Cold Case more like Hott Case!;)

    one of the coolest and most thrilling mystery show on the planet!! It captivates your mind and makes you think beyond your imagination...This mystery show mixes the past with the present and makes you fall in love with dozens of characters before you know who the bad guy really is!! Heart-wrenching and mind boggling, this show is sure to keep you entertained....:)
    The actors are brilliant and extremely loveable. They sure give an extra kick to this major entertaining loving it and i hope you love it....but i must warn you this show can be realllyyyy ADDICTING!!
    tootls.. anyway hope you enjoyed and found this helpful!!
  • They pull down boxes, and figure out whodunnit and why. ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!

    In the beginning of every episode, there's a flashback, to either a year prior, or maybe even seventy years prior. And then someone comes in to spur a chain of events that leads to the head investigators wondering "Hey. This person is dead. Maybe we should find out who did it now?" And, if you're like me, you're thinking, "Why didn't you find out before?" But sometimes it actually makes sense. Throughout the episode, they encounter leagues of colorful characters that you think did or didn't do it, or who had an affair with whom, until they find that ONE missing link in the story, and peice it all together. And, my favorite part, at the end, the investigators are walking around, and they see the dead people, smiling, as if to say "Thanks for fiding out how I died." and then magically disappearing. And the investigators are always like "Ahhh... yeah. I did something GOOD." And I always start to laugh during this part, 'cuz they don't realize they just saw a ghost in a crowd of people... Whatever. All around good show. Watch it a couple of times, it'll grow on you.
  • a inusually serie in this years, this program leave me changed.

    extraordinary show, no need more, her histoiry, personages, caracteres, diferent choises, all is perfect. Me gusta mucho como cuentan la drama y como te trasladan al pasado, es la unica serie que me ha hecho llorar y realmente me deja sin palabras, yo la recomiendo para los buenos amantes del drama, es inigualable la forma en que hace pensar al espectador cual es el homicida, uno piensa haberlo encontrado pero no, nunca es el que tu crees, y no lo puedes creer, como es de buena esta serie, realmente la recomiendo.

    para pasar un buen rato vean greys anathomy, every hates crhistina, Fryends, para realmente ver algo de calidad, estan parados frente a ella.

    exelente elenco
  • Cold case has to be one of the best series out there... and it definitely deserves more love than it gets.

    The mere fact that the series is approaching its 5th season and no official DVD boxsets have been released shows just how underappreciated this series is. The choice of music in every episode is a perfect fit, the cases revisited are almost always breathtakingly interesting, and the characters are well-developed and intriguing, especially as we find out details about them through the episodes. Unlike most crime dramas (which is one of my favourite genres), Cold Case does not focus mainly on the lives of the detectives, but on the cases themselves. The lives of the detectives are revealed to us one thing at a time, making the series (and the characters themselves) vastly interesting. Even though the series has an unchanging episode structure (murder flashback - new clues arriving - investigation - final arrest slow motion sequence), it becomes almost soothingly familiar, something we know and love and expect. This series is, in my humble personal opinion, one of the best I've seen. It needs more lovin' too, from the viewers and fans that is us, and the people behind the cameras, the producers and creators of the show.
  • Very good formula

    I stumbled on Cold Case midway into the "Maternal Instincts" episode. Its use of old songs plus skillful mix of flashback scenes with present-day ones got me wanting more episodes. I wasn't initially impressed with Kathryn Morris' acting, but she got better. The rest of the cast played their roles just right -- they neither over- or under-acted.

    I've only seen up to Season 2, so to date my favorite episodes are "Look Again", "A Time To Hate", "The Sleepover", and "Fly Away". The latter two's plots were nothing short of poignant.

    I like how Cold Case concentrates on the victims and suspects' relationships rather than crime lab techniques.
  • Cold case deal with crime that happen many years ago and that are not solve. Even after many years they manages with new technology to find the murderer.

    Cold Case has been one of my favorites shows right from the first season and I am anxious to see the new season, since last year final episode two officers were shots. It has been a long wait, but September is coming fast and soon we will be once again watching our favorite shows. A lot of people think it's a waste of time, but for me it's a way of learning new things. In life, we spend lot's of time at work, with friend and family, but I think telesion is a great way of learning even if it's fiction most of the time. Keep your good work cold case cast and bring us many more episodes for us fan.

  • This is a truly great show. Possibly the only one in it's genre (Drama/Crime?) that I'm interested in.

    Much of the stuff displayed on this show can be quite touching, sad and even disturbing. It seems so realistic all the time. The actors are so great and their performances are so believable.

    I rarely get to watch this show, but when I do, I can barely look away from the TV screen, it's so captivating.
    Some of the stuff displayed on this show (like all other show's in this genre) can be quite disturbing or shocking, so this isn't a show I would particularly like to watch everyday, but when it's on and I have time, it's definitely something worth watching.
  • "Cold Case" is a dramatic, emotional, and has meaning in every episode, which makes sure that the characters develop and get deeper with every episode that goes by - and the crime drama par of it just expands upon it.

    "Cold Case" is a crime drama starring Kathryn Morris as Detective Lilly Rush, a detective whose division specializes in 'cold cases' - unsolved cases from years past. Eventually, it delves into the detectives personal lives, such as the story arc involving the crisis of Lilly and her mother's relationship, until it finally peaked there towards the end when Lilly was faced with a turning point in the crisis; for spoiler purposes, I will not reveal this emotional crisis the character was faced with. Meanwhile, the part of it that involves the solving of cold cases is perhaps the most interesting. With, usually, most of the characters having grown much older than they already were, or, perhaps, have no living witnesses of that time, or very few, at the least, you must travel into the past with these detectives, attempting to learn about these people, learning their personalities, motives, methods, and mannerisms; it gives you a chance to speculate, like any good crime drama, and also allows you to feel for the characters and the characters that they investigate. All in all, it is a great crime drama.
  • Great, sad, dramatic, crime, perfect, wonderful show!!

    I am really hooked on this show. I started watching it in its second season and then I stopped watching it, but then I starting watching it again in the middle of the fourth season. The fourth season was fantastic, perfect, unbelievable, and just great. Every episode was sad, which made it good, and it felt like I new all the characters and I was there with them through all the pain, sorrow, and other tragedies they had. This show grabs you and keeps you hooked on the show. Especially the fourth season. Wow! I am very eager to see the fifth season and hope that its even better, which is gonna have to be very very good.
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