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  • While technically sound with an amazing soundtrack, excellent direction, and some of the best actors on TV, the Cold Case storylines are often unrealistic and overly repetitive.

    After CSI, Jerry Bruckheimer's name became a decent "watch me" flag on CBS, producing more a few decent television series but also a few disasters. Cold Case fits squarely in the middle, a solid and entertaining offering with some major stand out episodes but flawed enough to keep it from the level of CSI and CSI:NY.

    I won't bother getting overly analytical since this is just a review, so here is a straight lineup of the good and the bad.

    - Acting is subperb. While I'm not overly fond of the Rush character, every supporting actor is amazing in this series. Danny Pino in particular is the stand out. He has enough versatility and skill that it blew me away to find out he was Armadillo in the Shield(one of the most sadistic TV villians of recent memory), as I was mentally unable to reconcile Valens as Armadillo.
    - The soundtrack is always top notch. And I'm not talking about the endless parade of #1 pop hits, though they often add a fun feel to getting into time of the crime, but the actual background soundtrack is superb.
    - Many interesting looks at recent history, even if somewhat stilted towards the modern view of it.
    - Stand out episodes. Now of course every series has them, but this deserves special mention. Some episodes, usually those dealing with primary character storylines or reoccuring events(The Woods in Season 2) are just exceptional to a degree it is hard to think of them as the same series as some of the rest of the batch.

    - Flat out unrealistic. You can't open case after case from up to 90 years ago and solve each and every last one.
    - Extremely repetitive story flow with interviews. You can always tell the best episodes when they break the mold.
    - Almost complete lack of forensics. Come on, if you are opening an older case the single best tool is modern science, but at the most you only hear side references to what off screen characters have done. Unless they feel like recreating bones you never even see the great but under used Frannie on screen.
    - Overuse of racial or sexuality based crimes, particulary in the cases taking place int he 1920-1950s. I mean don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that a massive chunk of older unsolved homicide are very likely related to race or sexuality. But come on, you going to tell me not one of those cold jobs was a mafia hit? Not a single one was an old fashioned bank robbery gone wrong? I mean seriously, how the hell do you take a prohibition bootlegging story that was shaping up to be a great one and then 180 it into an interracial lesbian story out of nowhere? The communist episode is the only one I even remember that was pre 1950 that didn't fall back on racism, gay bashing, or racist gay bashing as the motive.
  • I love the show. I wish it came on earlier and more.

    Fantastic show. Real to life in what they do. I am an avid fan of the show and any like it. I watch all of them and if they have reruns I watch them again. I love the way she handles herself. In real life there are many unsolved cases. This show gives you an idea of what can be done now days with all the new techniques that is out there. I hope that they make more eposides and put the show on a little earlier. thumbs up to the cast and producers.
  • I love this show!!!

    This show is awesome! Its not a copy of Law & Order or CSI. This show is pure originality!!!! I love watching this show because its different than the other shows. The cases are unique and different! I can tell the writers really put time and alot of thinking into each episode! The actors are doing a superb job on this show. I plan to watch this show for a very long time! I havent missed an episode in a long time! This is one of my favorite shows! Pretty much everyone i know watches this show! Its so awesome!
  • Best Show on T.V.

    I didn't get into Cold Case until half way through the first season but I LOVE it! It has quickly become my first choice when I turn on the TiVo - surpassing all the Law & Orders and Without a Trace..... I found the use of music to bring you back to whatever era the crime was committed to be terribly effective and the last few minutes of each episode are haunting.

    My favorite "effect" ( not sure what to call it ) is when they are talking to a family member or suspect currently but briefly flash to what they looked like at the time of the crime - it helps to keep track of all the characters. Lily Rush's acting is, at times, stiff but improves as the series progresses - almost as if she is getting more comfortable with herself......

    The episode "Fly Away" was the best. The first scene is a mother and 7 year old daughter crashing thru a high window and landing on the sidewalk - it was so scary and haunting that I couldn't watch it a second time around and I kept thinking about it for days later. ( I do that often with this show - how many times does that happen watching TV these days? )

    In short, I think this series is excellent and will continue to watch avidly :)
  • Murderous Internet Stalker 'Romeo' comes back to haunt his prey and takes the Cold Case team hostage.

    This was a great episode and one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. There is personal element and trying to sort out life within the process of work.

    At the end I was like, 'Where's Scott? He must rescue Lilly!' Heh. I love these two as partners.
  • This show is not, I repeat, NOT a wannabe CSI.

    It seems like everyday, there are more and more CSI and CSI-like shows out there, and after a while, it's enough to make a person, namely me, want to smash the television. And when I first started watching Cold Case, I figured it was some CSI spinoff too. But I was wrong. I love the show. And even though it's one of those "solve the crime" shows, the idea is relatively different. The whole concept of cold cases getting solved is mildly insteresting, but when coupled with decent acting and a somewhat well written plot, the show comes alive. And just a personal thought, I adore how they do the flashbacks =). I think it's a nice touch.
  • the unsolved cases are back...

    Dedective Rush and her tem investigates the cold cases, the unsolved cases fromm the past. With great music choices, nice flashbacks and tearjerker episodes. Lily Rush herself is a mystery eith a dark past, father left when she was little, drunk mother and a rape attempt. She is still alone with a troubled sister and looks happy with her cats for now. I really like this show beacuse unlike many other crime shows, this one has lots of emotion in it. I remember crying in many of the episodes, not being too sad and upsetting, mostly the cases are just heart breaking. The show totally deserves your attention!
  • amazing

    I love watching this show each week. I love how we get to know the person before the case is opened up again. Then when they are interview people throughout the show they fast back and forth to what they looked like when the crime happened. Sometimes it's sad for me because you start to hope that no thing bad happens but then you really know what's going to happen just not how it's going to happen. The acting in this show is great too. The detectives really draw you into the show. Good mystry to watch with the famiy.
  • Just an ordinary crime drama.

    I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch this show. It's no doubt one of the really good shows on TV these days. Cold Case follows homicide detective Lilly Rush of the Philadelphia police as she digs up the "cold cases". Old unsolved crimes.

    This is a very well written show. The episodes always has their twist even though the cases, at first sight, might seem pretty much alike. This show captures the individuality of each crime, the persons involved and the surroundings in a very good way. The fact that the crimes have been committed years ago and that everything involved has changed over the time, gives this show something different then every other cop show. It also captures the humanity of both the victims the suspects and the investigators. There are a lot of feeling in it and it often gets rather touching. Some episodes might contain elements from the characters personal life, but this hardly ever a great storyline of it self in single episodes. It just gives the characters a life beyond the job and this is good as it never takes over the episode or is used to cover a bad plot. The show involves several investigators and you get to know them as well. They got lives and personalities too, yet they don't steal the show from Rush, witch in the end is the star of the show. The cast is great. Kathryn Morris does a great job portraying Rush and the others does a good job as well. The directors does a good job instructing the cast. The cinematography and lightning of this show is just beautiful. It all looks great. Both scenes from past and present. They have given the show a unique look. A kind of white or blue, cold look. They also manage to capture the unique eras in witch the crime was committed. You know just by looking witch decade we're in. It's the colors, the way they shoot, the quality and the overall look that make this. The art director, production designer, costume etc. deserves credit for this too. Making the sets and such fit the era.

    The original music of this show it catching and good. In addition there is a lot of none original music from the year the crimes are committed. This really gives the right feel and easy gives you the idea of witch year we're in. I find the use of non-original music very nice. Including the none original theme song by E.S. Posthumus. It fits like a glove. Cold Case is a well written, good looking and well made show. Over all I would give this show a 7,5 out of 10 and a warm recommendation.
  • cold case the title says it all a rather different slant on investigative television programmes each week we travel to a different era in history with the music to match that era no fancy computors or lab equipment here just good old fashion detection

    Lilly & her team investigate old murder cases with often very little to go on accept peoples memories. What i find interesting about this programme is how they simple talk to people & like a jigsaw puzzle manage to put everything together & more often then not you think how tragic it was & so sad the music always fits the era & really captures the mood & what i always find moving is how Lilly looks at the end & sees in her mind the murder victim very sad & yet uplifting.
  • This is a truely fabulous show and is really different than any of the other shows out there. It is truely unique because of the way it returns back in time. I love this show.

    This is the best show Iv ever watched! The characters,fashion,music and the reality of the show gets me every time. The show makes me and my friends cry every time.I hope that all the episodes come out on dvd because I just started watching it in 2004 so I missed alot of the show. I think the actors are great and very well selected. Ill contiue to watch as long as it is on t.v. I hope that there will be a chance to watch reruns in the future. I cant say what my favorite episode is for the are all good.I totally give this show a 10 compared to any other of its kind.
  • Another beautifully crafted and meaningful series from America.

    The truth is, American television is leading the way in stylish, quality programming. Cold Case is right up there, ticking all the right boxes. Another series with a great cast, its leading lady is a standout, the right mix of vulnerability, which she blends with a razor sharp wit, a very powerful intuition and a human empathy which finds the little twists in the long buried detail.

    If I have a criticism, it is that sometimes the cases are so old, and so long buried, that the chances of actually solving them from testimony seem almost wildly remote.

    That said, this series does not make the mistake of flying too far and too high, it keeps within the bounds of possibility/credibility quite neatly. Some of the episodes pack an enormous emotional punch, dealing with some very difficult subject matter. Like another of my personal favourites, Bones, this is never gratuitous, but handled with great sensitivity and a sure touch. Well worth a look, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Offender on March 25: a 6 yr old boy is raped and murdered in 1987; his father is imprisoned for it, gets out 20 years later, starts killing child molesters until the Philly team starts finding the real killer. He gets their attention.

    This is an excellent episode! Disturbing yet suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The kid who played 6 yr old Clayton Hathaway, Gattlin Griffith, was terrific-- watch out for him - I think he's going to be in more stuff! His facial expressions were great-- his face when he was with his real killer, and the garage door goes down was just chilling; then at the end, when his spirit comes to his parents--- we all had tears in our eyes.
    This show is one of the best on TV.
  • Cold Case is pretty good, but nothing special.

    Cold Case is mildly interesting because of its unique crime-fighting of only cold, or old and unsolved, cases. Overall, however, it is still another cop/FBI show and it can not compare to the other genre giants. The characters are ok and are pretty interesting with back stories and personalities, but still, nothing too impressive. The story lines are good and the overall way they do the show with the flashbacks is very cool also. My favorite thing about the show is the end when they play a single song and show all of the characters wrapping things up and someone sees the victum. Still, overall, the show is not very impressive or amazing, but it is still interesting and worth watching.
  • Here's a show that will keep you interested for the whole time, and it has great murder stories.

    It's cool to watch shows like Cold Case, but it's really cool to watch Cold Case itself. It's up and above CSI, Without a Trace, and those other shows. The stories are well developed, interesting, and well played. There's lots of drama that portrays the murder and it's really good. There's also the questionings and investigations and stuff also, and those are very neat. It seems to be so realistic if you think about it. There's no murder show that's ever been so shocking, so realistic, or so entertaining. I guarantee, Cold Case is a must for all crime show fans, and other people will probably enjoy the show too!
  • This show is great and the unwed mother episode was really good (SPOILER INSIDE!!!)

    This show is really good I just started watching it and i like it. The Unwed Mothers episode was really good i couldn't keep my eyes off the T.V. The story was good and what those people did to those pregnant girls was horrible and when I found out that they were selling the babies my jaw dropped. That was a good episodes and I can't wait tell the next episode it sounds good and the upcoming episodes that coming later this season. If you don't watch this show i suggest you do it is really good and it tells really good stories.

    This has to be one of my favourite shows ever! Kathryn Morris is such a great actress and plays Detective Lilly Rush so well! I think if it was someone else who played Lilly, i wouldn't be watching this show. At first i wasn't really hooked on it but i did try to watch it every week, but i really started to get obsesses with this show after i saw "The Woods". That episode was so amazing and really got to me. I also loved "Fly Away". It was really sad. The other things i love about this show is how you can see the younger and older version of the same person. That's so awesome! :D and then the cases are really amazing too. I think it's allways fun to figure out who the killer is and i'm often so amazed and thinking how i could have been so wrong! Anyway this show ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!
  • I was one of those unwed mothers in the 1960s. This is the best I've seen when it comes to portraying our experience. Programs like this go along way to erasing societal ignorance.

    Great show - very realistic in portraying the way it was for unwed mothers. I'm sure it was an eye-opener for those quick to judge and helpful for those adoptees and adoptive parents who never understood the circumstances and the deep sorrow attached to the surrender of our babies. I applaud the writers and all who contributed to this program - I rarely watch Cold Case - purely accidental that I happened on it and I'm so glad I did. I felt for the first time that our situation was fully understood and I felt an element of forgiveness. Thankyou.
  • This is one of the best shows of all time!

    This is one of the best shows of all time! really this show just ultimately rocks! This is the most original crime story show that I have ever seen! I love this show so much because the characters are so rich and they have so many layers in their personalities and they are just all so great! The crimes too are so original and they go really in-depth with the character and it makes you feel like you are really there and you are feeling what they are feeling and you also are trying to solve the case yourself. I just love this show in every singe aspect and I hope this show goes on forever!
  • Wow! Cold Case leaves me speechless with each episode. I finally found the right show for me. Powerful episodes that leaves me feeling all kinds of emotions.

    Nostolgia, suspense, and amazing story lines.. Clever mix. The music is like the icing on the cake. I lost interest in prime time t.v. years ago. I'm now hooked. Great cast, great music and awesome stories. I hope this show doesn't get cancelled. It's the only T.V. show worth my time. Thank you
  • This is one of the few murder shows that I actually like its more like a mystery that happened many years ago so its not like the killer can strike again

    This is one of the few murder shows that I actually like its more like a mystery that happened many years ago so its not like the killer can strike again lots of times the suspect who did always suprises me but its weird that the suspect always regrets doing what they did or even meant to kill the person in the first place. Its also cool seeing what the suspects in the scene that we usually see at the begining age so much but they still manage to get old actors that look and sound alot like the younger past selves
  • I watch a lot of shows and I think is the best on tv.

    The acting is superb. I love how they make you feel like you are in the time period of each episode. How they get different actors who look alike to portray the same person when they are younger and older. Everything about the show is really well done. The writing is excellent. And unlike other crime dramas, you really get to know the characters and that really helps evoke emotion along with the great music. You really feel for the characters who have been murdered. It's the best show by far in my opinion and it just keeps getting better. The most highly rated episodes are from season 4, followed by season 3. So while other shows like Desperate Housewives are getting worse, this one is getting better so hopefully they can keep it on the air for at least a few more seasons.
  • The Show was great. The plot was exciting and very suspenseful. Also, the interaction between co workers is great.

    One of the problems I had with last night show is the way Vera and his girlfriend broke up. Why couldn't they have had more time together. It has been a long time since I have seen an interacial couple together where the woman is African American and her partner is white male. Usually it is the other way around and the interaction last much longer. I really would like to see this couple work toward getting back together.
  • Wonderful cast does justice to the well-written script

    I caught this show while channel surfing - Paused because I loved one of the songs they were playing (debbie gibson was singing). I din't recognized any of the actors - but they were never the less believable in their roles. I don't watch on a regular basis but I do watch the show if I happen to catch it on tv. The episodes are compelling, the songs as part of the story-line is integral and trully original. I find it gratifying how each case helps a cast member gain insight into themselves. The only flaw is that they try to hard to get a happy ending by the episode's end. Otherwise a not so bad 90 minutes or so of tv viewing.
  • Great drama show

    This show is great, story lines keep getting better and better. One thing I like the most is music. The music in Cold Case is a reason I really started to watch this show, now I can't turn it off!
    Most amazing thing about Cold Case: the care that is taken to find two actors (one older, one younger) for many of the characters. To enjoy watching the show how it fades back to the time of the crime and how the people change. I will continue to watch as long as it is on. This drama is great and worth watching.
  • In 1975, a black family moves into an all white neighborhood. A young white girl befriends the young black girl going against everyone- and it cost her her life even if it didn't kill her.

    This is the first episode to make me cry. I really like how they showed the friendship between the girls- they were fearless. Also, I liked how every member of the team was involved some how and Vera for once seemed to give a crap. My favorite quote from him was when he told the guy to get out before he drop kicked him out. This case seemed to affect everyone- from the one dect. (I cannot remember her name for the life of me) who got really upset because the boy lied- to when they found the girl alive and well. The song at the end and where the two girls meet again was too sweet.
  • One of the better all around programs on TV.

    Cold Case is one of the most consistent well done programs on TV today. The ability to go back to and solve cases from different eras gives the writers a lot of range on their weekly individual cases.

    The detectives on the program are well played, especially Lilly. But I believe the strength of the show is the storytelling of the cases and the steps they take going suspect to suspect to finally get to their conclusion. The use of flashback scenes through out the show is effective and a big part of the show. The program also uses music into parts of the show as well as I seen on any TV show.

    Sunday is a tough and competitive night for TV, but I always try to catch Cold Case.
  • This show is about a female detective named Lilly Rush, who works in the Philadelphia homicide squad, called to investigate cold cases that were never solved. The best quirky shows since "Twin Peaks".

    I love it. Lilly Rush is compared to Agent Dale Cooper of "Twin Peaks" and Clarice Starling of "The Silence of the Lambs". It's kind of similar to "Twin Peaks" and the prequel "Fire Walk With Me". It always begin with the murder of the victim and ends with who killed the victim. They end the episode with the arrest of a suspect. The background music they play from the years of the murder which takes place in the episode. The flashback sequences are great. I also like the opening theme of the show. The best cult show of my generation of all time.
  • Absolutely fabulous

    I love this show. I watch it every Sunday. I like all the characters. I think that they all work well together. One thing I hope is that they show more of the story or personal life of Kat Miller, Det. Will Jeffries, and Lt. John Stillman without taking away from the story of course. I liked most of the storyline, cases, episodes of seaon 1, season, 2, and season 3. Season 4 is getting out to a, well how should I say it, slow start. Im starting to get borded during some parts of season 4 episodes, but I still give the show a 10.
  • Excellent, entertaining!! This is one to watch!! A prime example of why CBS is ahead of the game in so many ways!!

    This show focuses on tragedy of murder that hasn't been solved, it's gripping and sometimes down right dirty with some cases, it can bring some taboos to life real quick. It's not afraid of putting some reality in the show even if it's fiction. This is one show I believe is a classic, it's original and nothing like we've ever seen on t.v. before. It's one show that brings light to how our society was and is. It's definately one of the shows that's worthwile to watch. Not lame like the dramas on NBC, NBC needs some help. I think only the Law & Orders and ER our saving it.
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