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  • Good example of the genre

    The best thing about Cold Case is the way the younger characters look believeably like their older selves. The plot lines are generally good and the acting keeps you hooked. I have to admit that I even enjoy re-runs even though I know what's going to happen. The characters are endearing and you actually care what happens to them, unlike some cop shows I could mention. I always make an effort to watch it whenever I can and to date I've not been disappointed. If you haven't seen it yet then I highly recommend it, go on give it a try.
  • Consistently good, a show I can always count on

    Out of all the Jerry Bruckheimer crime shows, Cold Case is my favorite. It is so unfortunate that this show isn't as big a hit like the CSIs because it has just about everything this sort of show need, great character with great shorelines. I absolutely love the music and the flashbacks used in the show that balance the whole present/past experience really well. Hopefully the DVD set could release in the near future, I wonder whether the music licensing issue is keeping the show from going onto DVDs. The ratings are consistently good just like a CBS drama should. The show is now at a point that won't get a big break anytime soon, but I hope it continues on for a long time to come.
  • CBS' tireless Sunday workhorse.

    And even though there are some technological advances that have allowed for improved investigational tools, the tried and true method of good old-fashioned legwork in getting out to talk face to face with witnesses is always the heart of every case solution.
    It's never stated and only occasionally hinted at, but there is always in the background the idea that these detectives are somehow smarter than the one who first caught the case. The reality of the situation -- but not necessarily realism -- is that now there are multiple sets of eyes, ears and minds examining this one and only one case. Add to this the fact that the passage of time and the changing of circumstances allows for the the loosening of tongues that may not have been so forthcoming at first. And even though the audience gets to see at the end of each episode the successful re-designation of a formerly unsolved case as solved, there's always seen the enormity of the number of cold cases that remain.
    The writers are equally adept at handling cases of any vintage, but in my opinion they seem to shine most brightly in their treatment of the older cases.
    One of the most important features of any episode is the musical selections that are used so liberally. I only hope that this does not hinder the movement of this series into syndication or DVD release because of problems in getting rights to the recordings.
    Here's hoping that CBS maintains their confidence in this series and that the writers can keep coming up with interesting plotlines. This could turn out to be a long-running show.
  • After many years cases are reopened when new leads come up.

    Ok so the only reason this show is sooooo amazing is because this past season they added a new detective...yes its TRACIE THOMS!!!!! the best actress on earth! she is soo amazing seriously u have to see her! not only is she a great actress she can sing!! and i mean sing she has the pipes of life she beats any other artist! seriously get the rent soundtrack and hear her for ur self!!
  • An interesting police show.

    Cold Case is a very interesting take on the police detective genre. It uses visuals of period pieces to link old cases to the present day investigations. This is an interesting and entertaining way of looking at investigations progressing through the show. Each episode investigates an cold case from different time periods, you get to see participants in the story at different timelines. It's an innovative way of showing a drama unfold. Although the scenes last for mere seconds, they are told in a effective way of telling a story. This is a pretty good show, I find this really entertaining.
  • Justice Will be done, even if it's a little late

    The cases depicted in Cold Case are like any other except they all happened, were investigated and were never solved. Whats intriguing the the quality, each week showing the time when the murder was commited complete with clothing fashionable at the time and how the characters have changed in the intervening years. The detail in each flashback is startling in really gives a feeling of the time period, such as racism in the thirties and the abortion issues in the sixties.

    The detectives also feel somewhat more real than some of their counterparts in other shows with just the right amount of character development, how some cases get to them more than others how they all have personal lives as well.

    I throughly enjoy this show.
  • This is a pretty good rip-off of the Canadian series Cold Case Files. However, why watch it when I can watch the original? Good time filler while I wait for the plethora of Law & Order offerings.

    I have been watching Cold Case Files which is filmed in Vancouver for years now. It was incredibly original when it first came out. Before any of the other cold case or forensic shows that are on now. So, when I first saw the listing for Cold Case...I didn't bother watching because I already watch it on a Canadian network. Eventually, I was waiting to watch something else, flicked it on and realized it was an EXACT replica of the show I had been watching for years...albeit with higher priced actors and production. The lead actress even looks like the Canadian original and the lead in music is off the wall just like the Canadian original. Come On. If you have all that money to put into a show...why not come up with your own ideas? I've been seeing rip-offs of BBC productions for years...but a Canadian production...haha!
  • A show that takes off from the real Cold Case Files that I love.

    While I suppose this show is OK. I like the flash back parts where you can see what happened them and what is happening now. And the stories are pretty good. But ya know, the lady really needs a new makeup and hair person. I do not enjoy this show because the first few years her hair was always messy! She never ever brushed it and it was never ever neat, and this just drove me nuts!! Now, FINALLY this year they did change her hair and it is down, but still, she needs something. The show, like it's title seems cold and blue in color. It think if they emproved the feel of the show, it would be almost a 10!
  • Cold Case shows the reopenning of cases that have been waiting to be solved, or cold cases. It is very thrilling, and jumps back to the time when the crime was commited when they are interrogating people involved with the crime, or people who new the vic.

    Cold Case starts each episode with a very amazing title scene, then shows the crime happening, without revealing the ciminal. Then the case gets reopened, due to another crime that might be linked, or Detective Rush, the main charecter, getting curious. The detectives will review old evidence, and use modern technology to see if they can get anything new off of the old evidence. They all try to find new evidence, and speak to relatives and close friends of the vic. In the end they al ways catch the criminal, and when they are taking the criminal away, it flashes back to show the person as they looked when the crime was comitted.
  • A show filled with drama, suspense, tragedy, and a little bit of romance, Cold Case is a detective drama that has surprise endings in every show.

    The police team in this show solve cases that were previously unsolved. Lilly, Scotty, Nick, and Will are the four main detectives under Lt. Stillman. They take a case and start looking for witnesses to try to find information or set things right. Most of the time, it takes a couple days to solve the case, which spans one episode. The season finales are great and can be two episodes. There\'s so much personal business going into the cases tho, and that makes it a great show. There was one case where Will was just a small boy when he saw a victim\'s dead body. 50+ years later, he helps solve it and finds some closure. The show shows another side of police work that not many people have good knowledge about.
  • this is a great show

    it is a bit un-realistic solving crimes up to 50 years old or even more but it is a great watch its very intresting. the actors do a great job and the storyline is very good i could watch it for a while but it will get boring afyer a while and you do lose intrest in it very fast because its the same old thing every episode and then you will start to derift from it and never really watch it. i have stopped watching it becuase it did get very boring so its not one of those long term watchable shows like stargate sg-1. but somtimes it can be a good watch.
  • Old mysteries recieve new life

    EVERY single episode I've watched, I have begun to cry. EVERY ONE! Granted I've only see about 5 or so, but that is still quite an accomplishment. Throughout the entire show I am fine. I'm composed and envolved in the story line, but when the time comes that the show wraps up and the final part starts I loose all composure and I become a great big ball of weep. When I speak of the final part, I mean the point in the show where they end the show by showing how each character has changed since the crime. They show each character in both the present and past form and how everything ties together. This point gets me.

    I love how the show is so deeply emotional and they don't rely on quick zoom cameras or blood and gore to bring in an audience. They can focus on the victims and their family/friends. The focus on THEIR story and I love that. Bravo to this show! It's now one of my favorites (because I could always use a good cry).
  • I loved it at first, but season 3 is annoying me big time.

    When Cold Case first started I loved the character of Lily. She was fresh, independant, had two pet cats (very important) and was single. She was a great role model and took the lead in solving the cases.

    Then her co-workers started assisting more and more and we seen less and less of Lily. Kite, who might of well gone and flown one, was a weak character who didn't suit Lily at all, that was my first suspicion this show might not be able to keep up season 1's quality.

    Then we had a couple of...boring episodes, but season 2 picked up again.

    Then came the dreaded season 3. My gripe point - Lily's hair. It is amazing how this one quite small detail irritates me to no end. That and the introduction of another recurring character and the show is no longer centered on Lily, but the entire team - and that hair! Why is it down anyway? Who thought of that? It's terrible!

    So while this show is very well acted, the episodes are starting to give me a deju vu feeling and there are more boring/mediocre ones then before. Sorry, but I think the show has lost the plot.
  • Different than other crime shows.

    There are many crime dramas out there today, especially by Jerry Bruckheimer, but this one is special. Cold Case deals specifically with cases that have been left alone, known as cold cases. The show gets very emotional, especially when at the end the murder is shown happening. The murders aren't usually by random serial killers, they are between family and friends which makes it even more chilling. The show can sometimes go too deep into personal lives, but most of the time, it's very interesting.
  • great show

    I haven't seen a lame one yet. This is a great show. The cops are great I love the part when they show the characters as they were years ago before they died. Especially at the end when they play the creepy music and sometimes its slow motion ike you are going back in time. I liked the one where the teenage boys raped and killed a girl and one was covering up for the other ok well there is almost always one covering up for something or another this will last as repeats for awhile More kids on the show would be great
  • A good show, really worth the time too watch:)

    I like that it´s always old cases:) That makes it fells extra great when they find the killer :)
    They have too find everyone that could have been involved, and that could be very old people. And after they have find them does they need to get them too cooperate after so long time..
    Everyone get´s peace after, often, after a very long time:)
    Except from the killer of course;)
    It´s great cases and great acters, so if you like this kind of shows is this one a must-see:)
    Watch it!;)
    Now does I need just a few more words to end this;)
    // mich
  • Forgetting what got them there!!!

    I used to love Cold Case the first season but now it seems their trying to involve too many of the other cast members and not giving Kathryn Morris enough screen time. I really don't know what their thinking but even the story lines are getting pretty thin. Let us hope that they right the ship.
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  • A decent crime drama show.

    Cold Case is another show from Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI and etc). He is on every weeknight with various shows but that doesn't detract from this show being different than the rest of his stable. It concentrates much more on the police work and not so much on Crime Scene Investigators solving cases.

    I really like the CSI shows but this is closer to the truth as CSI's aren't really as deeply in the process as the CSI shows pretend.

    There are decent character dynamics between the leads and the shows can stand alone. The leads are good actors and the writing is good as well. The HD version is decently shot and looks good on big screens. The story lines are good and follow individual cases through time (there are flash backs to the original crimes), and they go back as far as the 1800's (and I assume farther at some point).

    Also the 'Rocky Horror' show was REALLY good especially if you liked the original play/movie. Casting Barry Bostwick in the bad guy roll was also funny as all heck. The music was good and the story line tied in very well.

    All in all a solid show that I can recommend watching.
  • Thank you for another wonderful episode!

    This is the best show on TV! The writing is brilliant, the music is awesome and so are the characters. I especially like the bond and relationship between the characters (ie. the scene where Nick was in the hotel after leaving his wife and Scotty and Will come in with pizza & beer - last scene of the episode). My favorite episode is the one about the recovering single mother of a little girl that jumps through the window of her apartment because she fears the social worker trying to take her little girl away. The little girl dies but the mother survives. I have been watching it for 2 years now and there has been only 2 episodes that were average, all the others were great. It depicts love, grace, courage, compassion, empathy and more. I love it! Thank you Jerry Bruckheimer!
  • I love this's that simple!

    I always find it's the same pattern with me. I'll be bored flipping through channels when one of my regular 'fixes' isn't on and i'll come across something which seems mildly interesting...and turns out to be a great show. That's what happened with Cold Case. I only began watching it lastnight and it was on again twice tonight...and I watched it...and loved it.
    I find it to be similar to other shows but it does have some unique aspects. From the very beginning if the show you have flashbacks and as the episode progresses the flashbacks accumulate more information and you get to see how people involved at the time of the murder have turned out....and what they've done. You don't get that aspect with other shows. What's nice about it is that it all fits together like a jigsaw and you get to watch to puzzle being pieced together while attempting to work it out yourself.
    I watched the episode with some murder case from 1968 tonight with some guy escaping from jail...and although it's generally quite easy to see what direction the episode is heading ito it's always quite nice to know that you worked it out for yourself too lol.
    I also like how they've balanced out the show so there are two sides. On one hand you have the detectives dealing with the case and trying to help give some closure to the victim's relatives by getting the murderer etc...then on the other hand you can see that the detective(s) have their own emotional issues and sometimes their work indirectly helps them with aspects of their personal and opens up new directions for the show to take which is always good.
    I do sometimes enjoy watching detective dramas and i'm glad I watched this one. I hope it stays around for a while...and now all i've got to do is try and work out how many episodes I have missed and how the hell I can catch up!
  • The Willkommen episode alone should mean cancellation for this show

    I watched this show for the first time and it was painful to watch. It truly contained some of the worst writing in television that I have ever witnessed, and the acting was not much better. In this episode of Cold Case, the two police officers get a confession from the killer (who screams his admission of guilt in an overacting-fest) in about 90 seconds. If you want to watch a series that is intelligently written and well-acted, watch The Closer on TNT. Although, if you want to laugh at how bad television can be, go ahead and watch Cold Case.
  • Police Drama with a little music from the past

    I like the way the formula for this show works. It usually starts with a crime taking place in the not too distant past. Young people are usually involved from teenagers to college age or so. You see the result of the crime; most often a body, then next the cops putting a file box on the shelf as a “Cold Case”.

    You then arrive in current day and some circumstance or piece of previously uncovered evidence surfaces. Once that happens the Cold Case Squad is on the case and the file is reopened. It’s a neat premise and it works really well.

    One of my favorite aspects of the show, oddly enough, is the music. They use music from the era the crime was committed in and it brings back memories to me of those times. I would think this show would be popular with baby boomers and people a bit younger than that. I’ve heard music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. You hear Rock music, Disco (one of the better episodes) Pop music, Folk and on and on.

    The acting in the show is top notch and the plots have great twists and turns. It’s not one of those slick “Hollywood” type shows with nothing but young beautiful people and bikini glad models running around. (CSI Miami, Vegas). The cast is diverse and interesting. You have young and older detectives whose personal lives are sometimes touched on. That way you get to know them and understand how and why they look at things the way they do.

    Lily Rush is the lead detective and it was interesting to see her character change from the beginning show to now. She was a somewhat typical hot shot detective with an attitude. After solving a few cold cases she becomes more introspective and sensitive to unsolved crimes, how those left behind feel and getting justice for the victims. Kathryn Morris does an excellent job with the role. Thom Barry and Jeremy Ratchford are especially good in their supporting roles and give the show much of its maturity, grit and believability.

    So if you have an hour to kill at 8:00 on Sunday night, check it out.
  • It appears that research is low on the priority list for this episode. Now I doubt the validity of other information portrayed on this show. (I know it's fiction but MS is a real disease!)

    I watch Cold Case very regularly and was VERY disappointed at the extreme misinformation regarding Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was actually so sorry I was watching it alone because I was screaming at the TV and had noone to yell I decided to YELL here and I hope the writers are hearing this and will take the time to do some research.
  • Best Crime/Drama on TV period!

    I've watched alot of theses types of shows, all the CSIs, Law & Orders, Bones, Numb3rs, Without A Trace and I am covinced Cold Case is far the best out of all of them!

    It has cast of cool characters that solve unsolved cases from the past, it has cool flash backs that shows the subjects in the past in real time, not to mention the music that plays during the show is from the same year as the curent case took place, now that's cool!

    Overall its interesting, emotional, and never gets boring unlike some of the shows I listed above.

    I love Cold Case!
  • This show goes back and investigates old cases that have never been solved.

    The cases are always very interesting with I beleivable characters. When they flashback to when the case happened, I think they do a good job of using actors that match their younger versions. These cases always seem to have a nice twist without being too unbeleivable. I think it takes the best of all the new detective shows and makes them better.
  • Cold Cases But Definately Not A Cold Show!

    Great show with great music and great episodes every week. Love Lily, she rules, but Scotty gets on my nerves every so often. Love all the characters though, they're really believeable. The fact that Lily can solve cases no one else could quite easily is slightly unbelieveable but fun to watch because she's girl power at it's very best! Great show, gets better every season. Fan for life!
  • Everybody counts or nobody counts

    I am fascinated with cold cases because in a way, they are the forgotten victims. Families wait in vain for justice and closure and in many ways don't get it. The killers think they've got away with it, that they're above the law and so they get cocky and arrogant then begin to relax their guard. I like this show because it shows that no matter when the crime was committed, it will never be forgotten and you will always face punishment for past crimes. Civilised societies should always abide by the maxim "everybody counts or nobody counts". If you forget one victim, you must forget them all. All victims and their families are equal.
  • A young beautiful female detecive opening old files that couldn't be solved. giving closure.

    I love this show!!! I saw an episode today that was so moving I almost cried. It was "Maternal Instinct". I love how the shows plays with your emotions and keeps you on your toes. I think every episode i have seen is great and I will continue to watch the show!!!
  • Super show.

    Cold Case is one of the best tv shows. I started to watch it only few weeks ago and I was rapt. Cold Squad show was also good, but Cold Case is much better. It has good ideas, and first of all perfect songs. And Lilly is also cute :-O . I am looking for every new episode, currently I am watching second season on TV. I advise to watch it.
  • Justice isn't a dish best served cold. In fact it's utterly distasteful.

    What's the appeal in seeing remorseful 80 year olds being taken away to jail at the end of the show after they've killed someone (often unintentionally) a lifetime ago, and having lived their entire life in guilt and remorse? It's a new twist on crime dramas, I'll give it that and there isn't anything wrong with the acting, but I'd rather scrub the soap scum from my bathroom tile than watch this show.
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