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  • The Willkommen episode alone should mean cancellation for this show

    I watched this show for the first time and it was painful to watch. It truly contained some of the worst writing in television that I have ever witnessed, and the acting was not much better. In this episode of Cold Case, the two police officers get a confession from the killer (who screams his admission of guilt in an overacting-fest) in about 90 seconds. If you want to watch a series that is intelligently written and well-acted, watch The Closer on TNT. Although, if you want to laugh at how bad television can be, go ahead and watch Cold Case.
  • It appears that research is low on the priority list for this episode. Now I doubt the validity of other information portrayed on this show. (I know it's fiction but MS is a real disease!)

    I watch Cold Case very regularly and was VERY disappointed at the extreme misinformation regarding Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was actually so sorry I was watching it alone because I was screaming at the TV and had noone to yell I decided to YELL here and I hope the writers are hearing this and will take the time to do some research.
  • I think it's really lame that the show is suppoesed to be set in Philadelphia yet there is rarely any real footage of Philadelphia.Did you think people wouldn't notice? I'm a Philly native and the show is not even close in looking like Philadelphia

    It's a shame it is a good show but would be so much better if it was really all filmed in Philadelphia. I guess they thought they could get away with it by showing a clip of city hall and Market st every once in a while. My girlfriend watches all the time and it's just not in Philly I can't get into it. I stay trying to figure out if maybe they are just using other parts of Philly but no, nope , nothing.They make it seem like Philly is like some ritzy nice clean city. Wrong anyone who watches the news knows that is the exact opposite of Philly. The homicide rate is highest in the East coast ( i think if not it is damn close). And Temple is right next to "the bad lands" area AKA Iraqadelphia, Kensington is littered with drugs and prostitution, and I hear these names thrown around in the show but never see anything but clean streets a nice buildings
  • Absurd show, with an unrealistic set-up!

    I cannot understand why this show is still on the air. It is *very* repetitive and totally unrealistic. The team solves old crimes not based on new forensic evidence and/or advances in technology that would allow for breakthroughs, but simply by re-interviewing the original suspects/witnesses. They always get the guilty party to confess and that's how they solve the crimes. Not to mention that *all* witnesses have amazing memories when it comes to recalling incidents, places and names of people that were relevant 40, 50, 60 years ago. I am actually watching it when nothing else is on, waiting for that one case they won't be able to solve. And the acting leaves a lot to be desired!!
  • The good is almost universally overshadowed by the bad.

    Now I'll admit I have been entertained by at least one episode or two, the acting is decent, the concept is kind of intriguing but flawed.

    The basic premise of the show is that the team solves cold cases, which are essentially unsolved crimes.

    Now the bad things: 1) The investigators never seem to gain any real incriminating evidence against their suspects. its mostly just witness testimony.

    2) The people in this show all seem to have an INCREDIBLE memory - I put it to you like this, can you remember what you did yesterday in that level of detail? What about the day before, or a year ago? I can't. Nobody remembers this well, its unrealistic.

    3) The Obligatory Confession - so they find out who did it at the end, its sam age 85 and he killed some guy 65 years ago. They corner him and he finally breaks and confesses to it all, what I want to know is what would happen if he didn't confess?

    I seriously don't think the evidence that the cold case team have can stand up in court, their evidence is in a word: Laughable.

    This really goes back to point 1, but its true, if the criminal didn't confess, they would not be able to prosecute him, its as simple as that.

    But thats not the worst of it, real criminals don't behave this way, so at the end of the day I just wonder what the point is of punishing people for things they did a lifetime ago.

    The story would be far more compelling if the team gathered more physical evidence, they basically rely on witness testimony, and that is not reliable enough. The only reason they are successful is because they get them to confess. This show is unintelligent.
  • OK if you like police procedurals.

    Which I don't really. Passable if there's nothing else on sometimes. Kathryn Morris makes it worth watching, however in some episodes with lots of backstory she has a small role, and those get agonizingly tedious. Still, it's better than CSI.

    Which I don't really. Passable if there's nothing else on sometimes. Kathryn Morris makes it worth watching, however in some episodes with lots of backstory she has a small role, and those get agonizingly tedious. Still, it's better than CSI.

    Which I don't really. Passable if there's nothing else on sometimes. Kathryn Morris makes it worth watching, however in some episodes with lots of backstory she has a small role, and those get agonizingly tedious. Still, it's better than CSI.
  • Male 1 goes to college and loses his scholarship, Male 2 marries pregnant girlfriend (female 1), female 2 goes to NY and never makes it. Male 1 becomes a thief and murderer. Male 2 becomes and adulterer with Female 2, and female 1 runs a flower shop.

    Glory days retrospective that provided an unbelieveably slow Video Review of four people hopelessly lost in a time warp that included adultery, grand theft auto, and homocide. With Bruce Springsteen's background music it may have been better, but to make it the center piece of the plot certainly indicates that the writing team took the week off.

    By moving the focus of the Cold Case intense plot lines from the interesting to the lack luster review of the 80's via music has taken what has been an excellent presentation to the "soon to be cancelled list".

    Either get the writers to write interesting story lines or drop it.
  • A good show that is getting more ridiculous and formulamatic

    Cold Case, in the early seasons had so many tearjerking, wonderful episodes. Standouts would include The Sleepover, Maternal Instinct, Daniela and Mindhunters - all of season 1 was excellent. But somewhere during season 3, I can't quite pinpoint what episode was the shark jumper, the show just lost it's magic. The stories weren't quite as heartbreaking or unique and there were plotholes galore. For example, Lilly isn't particularly intimidating nor are her interrogation tactics yet she always manages to get the suspects to confess, even after years of keeping the murder a secret. The least the writers could do is get Lilly to find new evidence in the case. I remember an episode where a case was closed yet Lilly was still pursuing it. You legally do not have a confession or have grounds to pursue a confession nor can you hold someone in jail if a person when questioned requests a lawyer and says they're not talking. It is a civil rights violation against the law, everyone who knows anything about the law knows that. And Scotty psychologically torturing the killer who obviously was mentally ill in the episode Thrill Kill, was illegal and could have got him suspended, or at the very least the confession thrown out.

    On the positive side, the filming styles and use of music is extremely effective and captures the essence of the time period. Some of the stories are especially touching and really show you what life was like in the time period the show is portraying. I also like the way the show is more story-oriented, focusing on how it all happened and the victim's relationships with other people rather than relying completely on using science and legal practices, but like I mentioned earlier some stuff is just too stupid to ignore. You see the victim as a real person with emotions rather than just a dead body - that's the problem with a lot of crime shows such as CSI. They just portray the victim as a specimen, a dead body rather than an actual human being. Another positive point is how the show at least gives you some background on the main characters and their relationships, although I do find Lilly extremely dull and couldn't care less about her romantic relations. And Scotty, he's just too angry and hot-tempered. In all, a show which should spend more time on legal research rather than good storylines on the victims. It's going downhill fast and losing it's spark.
  • "I am vegetarian"

    she said in the season 01, episode 18, but I've seen her before that statement eating hot dogs and ham sandwiches with her colleagues ... these are two different things.
  • Passive, ok show

    Few various ep (12-13)
  • Glitzy Contrivance

    This is the first episode I ever saw of "Cold Case." It was the Velvet Underground & Nico track, "I'll be Your Mirror," that sucked me in. What can I say? It's pure Jerry Bruckheimer, polished, contrived, unbelievable, over-the-top, entertaining nonsense. I suppose it's that fifth adjective that matters the most. Because it sure was entertaining. But I really hope no one out there believes this is any closer to reality than "Smallville." I mention that particular series because the protagonist of this episode, with his gleaming blue eyes, all-American values, and striking square-jawed good looks, might as well be Superman. After all, he defends women, children and (as I have inferred) the American Way.

    Funny that the director would pair his untarnished perfect demeanor with Lou Reed. Either an uncanny irony or just an overlook by the producer/director. I think the latter, since the same production team makes 1967 look as if it was 1950. 1967 was a turbulent and terrifying year of social unrest and turmoil. Yet the depiction of middle America in this episode is completely antiseptic (and paired with Velvet Underground / Lou Reed).

    Again, I found it entertaining, yet it had the depth and calculation of a weak comic book. Only in a poor work of fiction do things play out in such an elaborate, sterile fashion. A plot worked from the end to the beginning-- narratively and otherwise.

    Does ANYONE believe this crap? I hope not. But then again, I just don't think we are supposed to (just like we aren't meant to think Lou Reed was pop mainstream).

    PS--- how could this be a "9?" It's well produced and the actors and actresses were all beautiful (except for the one fat-ugly tarnished "son" character brought in near the end of the episode). But 9/10?!? 6...
  • I think its a compelling show that makes me want to watch it every week. It has unpredictability factor that you just can't leave your couch.

    When it is well-done, the character, the plot, and the scenes are excellent. The actors are refined with veteran detail precision. They have honed their craft for years and it is paying off. True with writers, directors, cinematographers, and on. However when its off, I do get a sense of second tier bullying and patronizing particularly with Gentile and Non-Gentile folks themes that the show puts out at times. I notice that the AIDS guy who was infecting all those folks wasn't brought to justice. Why because he was not a Gentile? The guy who molested his daughter was. Likewise, some of the siblings don't seem to match as well as parent and child in terms of looks and character sketch. Adding on. if you are a Gentile, just give up because Lilly will go hard on you but try accusing her of anti-semitism, she tends to go soft.
  • Interesting storylines with emotional songs to set the mood

    Cold Case has interesting storyline that keep the viewer interested until the end. Each episode starts with a closed case that is opened once new evidence or witness comes forward. The show offers a diverse cast with guest stars. All the actors are believable in their roles with no one person standing out but working as a team to make this an interesting show. The only criticism is the soundtrack that is over done at times. Music is important to make people but their choices can be awkward and over wrought with emotions, which seem false. The opening by E.S. Posthumus is nice but is not original since several other television shows and films use it.
  • Detectives solve murders from the past.

    Cold Case is a good show but it needs better cases or a new writer sence the first season it has been going down hill. And yes I think it does need a new time solt because of football. I think CBS should have CSI New York on sunday and Could Case to take there weekly slot.
  • seen several ep. all suspect could just keep mouth shut and they would never catch anyone

    seen several ep. all suspect could just keep mouth shut and they would never catch anyone. ep. starts good but leaves much to want. not really believable because cases so old and budget so high they are just wasting out tax dollars. most cases also have very little evidence. 9
  • Justice isn't a dish best served cold. In fact it's utterly distasteful.

    What's the appeal in seeing remorseful 80 year olds being taken away to jail at the end of the show after they've killed someone (often unintentionally) a lifetime ago, and having lived their entire life in guilt and remorse? It's a new twist on crime dramas, I'll give it that and there isn't anything wrong with the acting, but I'd rather scrub the soap scum from my bathroom tile than watch this show.
  • Needs work!

    The show can be great if it stops repeating itself over and over and over and more time....and over again.

    It seems every week its the same plotlines and stories. I know the show is about unsolved murders and the characters have to put the pieces together to solve the case. But, why not spice the show up by throwing a recent murder in there or not the usual episode with friends partying then one of them ends up dead?

    I see the potential in this show and though it has gone on for three years now, it still needs work, starting with new and better stories.
  • not quite up to par. Only fair.

    ok... I don't know how without a trace got cut and not this. Without a trace was better ranked, but after that is being said.

    This show is an ok watch. I mean some of the eppisodes are head scratcers as far as how the hell they stayed cold for so long. Others are just not believeable at all. I find it a little lacking in character development of the team.

    I liked it a lot better when I first started watching the show, but now, not as much. It is only fair in the scale of things to watch. I think the best episode as far as I am concerned is the first eppisode of the fifth season.

    Show ranks a C on my scale
  • I loved it at first, but season 3 is annoying me big time.

    When Cold Case first started I loved the character of Lily. She was fresh, independant, had two pet cats (very important) and was single. She was a great role model and took the lead in solving the cases.

    Then her co-workers started assisting more and more and we seen less and less of Lily. Kite, who might of well gone and flown one, was a weak character who didn't suit Lily at all, that was my first suspicion this show might not be able to keep up season 1's quality.

    Then we had a couple of...boring episodes, but season 2 picked up again.

    Then came the dreaded season 3. My gripe point - Lily's hair. It is amazing how this one quite small detail irritates me to no end. That and the introduction of another recurring character and the show is no longer centered on Lily, but the entire team - and that hair! Why is it down anyway? Who thought of that? It's terrible!

    So while this show is very well acted, the episodes are starting to give me a deju vu feeling and there are more boring/mediocre ones then before. Sorry, but I think the show has lost the plot.
  • Another cop show with a really good twist.

    All the flashbacks in this episode are really well done and are the only reason I can stand this show. The crimes in this story are often really intriguing and show off the different time periods in America. The incorporation of music is also really clever and gives a showcase to many different artists. They actors they pick to display the crimes both past and present are really amazing.
    But the characters on this show are so annoying that it is hard to watch. Lily is the worst character on television and she is so self-loathing and unrealistic that I cannot stand her. She makes me angry that I watch the show. The whole thing with her sister and the other detective was stupid as well. The new black woman character was also unnecessary and her 'street cred' or whatever was so forced that it was painful to watch.
    The final straw for this show is how everyone confesses, there is no evidence and the circumstantial evidence couldn't hold up in the most corrupt court from 1950's in the whole world. If I have to watch one more cold blooded killer confess to the the threating Lily who is a blond woman who weighs like 110 pounds and looks like she could be beaten by a child with a yellow belt in karate. I like a strong woman as much as the next person, but she is so forced and if she was interrogating me I'd tell her to shove it and ask for my lawyer.
  • Nesse episódio temos um very cold case: 50 anos atrás.

    Nesse episódio temos um very cold case: 50 anos atrás. Tão cold que as cenas da época são apresentadas em preto e branco, coisa que eu não gosto - não estou surpreso porque esta não é a primeira vez…

    A investigação trata mais uma vez de um caso sobre negros. Não sei porque mas eu gosto de quando é abordado este assunto na série. São sempre um dos casos mais interessantes, não que eu tenha ficado emocionado mas faz a gente refletir um pouco de como um black man or black woman viviam naquela época e como as coisa hoje em dia são tão (ou nem tão) diferentes. Não foi nada como o episódio 03 desta temporada,"Wednesday's Woman", mas eu curti bastante.

    Will ainda esta se recuperado do tiro que levou e Nick começa a se interessar por uma nova casa, aliás, o caso o leva a isso…
  • Just an ordinary crime drama.

    I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch this show. It's no doubt one of the really good shows on TV these days. Cold Case follows homicide detective Lilly Rush of the Philadelphia police as she digs up the "cold cases". Old unsolved crimes.

    This is a very well written show. The episodes always has their twist even though the cases, at first sight, might seem pretty much alike. This show captures the individuality of each crime, the persons involved and the surroundings in a very good way. The fact that the crimes have been committed years ago and that everything involved has changed over the time, gives this show something different then every other cop show. It also captures the humanity of both the victims the suspects and the investigators. There are a lot of feeling in it and it often gets rather touching. Some episodes might contain elements from the characters personal life, but this hardly ever a great storyline of it self in single episodes. It just gives the characters a life beyond the job and this is good as it never takes over the episode or is used to cover a bad plot. The show involves several investigators and you get to know them as well. They got lives and personalities too, yet they don't steal the show from Rush, witch in the end is the star of the show. The cast is great. Kathryn Morris does a great job portraying Rush and the others does a good job as well. The directors does a good job instructing the cast. The cinematography and lightning of this show is just beautiful. It all looks great. Both scenes from past and present. They have given the show a unique look. A kind of white or blue, cold look. They also manage to capture the unique eras in witch the crime was committed. You know just by looking witch decade we're in. It's the colors, the way they shoot, the quality and the overall look that make this. The art director, production designer, costume etc. deserves credit for this too. Making the sets and such fit the era.

    The original music of this show it catching and good. In addition there is a lot of none original music from the year the crimes are committed. This really gives the right feel and easy gives you the idea of witch year we're in. I find the use of non-original music very nice. Including the none original theme song by E.S. Posthumus. It fits like a glove. Cold Case is a well written, good looking and well made show. Over all I would give this show a 7,5 out of 10 and a warm recommendation.
  • This is a pretty good rip-off of the Canadian series Cold Case Files. However, why watch it when I can watch the original? Good time filler while I wait for the plethora of Law & Order offerings.

    I have been watching Cold Case Files which is filmed in Vancouver for years now. It was incredibly original when it first came out. Before any of the other cold case or forensic shows that are on now. So, when I first saw the listing for Cold Case...I didn't bother watching because I already watch it on a Canadian network. Eventually, I was waiting to watch something else, flicked it on and realized it was an EXACT replica of the show I had been watching for years...albeit with higher priced actors and production. The lead actress even looks like the Canadian original and the lead in music is off the wall just like the Canadian original. Come On. If you have all that money to put into a show...why not come up with your own ideas? I've been seeing rip-offs of BBC productions for years...but a Canadian production...haha!
  • Well done show.Casting always has me trying to place the actors from other shows, which drives me a little nuts. 10-09 episode had me scratching my head until I placed the mom of the murdered kid as Dharma's mom in Dharma and Greg.

    Show does a pretty nice job of keeping the content fresh. I've been hoping they would deal more with the personal side of the actors (screwed up childhood, family issue). They do this in the 10-09-05 episode. Adding another female actor is a nice plus to a show with a lot of guys in it.
  • It's not bad, it just needs a little work...

    I really liked the concept of this show: reopening old cases and solving the unsolved, it had potential to be great. The problem I have with it is the apparent merciless nature of the characters. I haven't seen every episode but in every one I've seen, at some point they will accuse a person (who later turns out to be innocent) of committing the murder based on the flimsiest piece of evidence. One that springs to mind was a high school student who fell from the roof of a building whilst he was meant to be in detention. At one point, some of the others in detention had left the room. Did they find out where they were? No, they immediately found them in the present day and said "You weren't in the room because you were on the roof pushing him to his death!" As it turns out, no, no they weren't. This didn't stop them treating the accused like they were guilty until evidence later proved otherwise.

    I can understand them not having much sympathy for the murderer, but until they actually know who it is, they should save their personal opinions. Even people who didn't commit the murder are treated with this smug, arrogant manner by the team because of something small in their past. Even if it turns out to be unrelated to the case, if they're accused, they get no respect. Would it kill them to apologise?

    It's not all bad, the cases are enjoyable enough mysteries and the solutions are satisfying. Seeing how lives change over years between the crime and the solving is interesting as well as seeing how far some people go to hide their secrets. I just can't find myself liking any of the characters, Rush especially. Maybe they should all get psychiatric help for seeing visions of the victims too, that's slightly worrying...
  • Interesting and a musical genius.

    What elevated this show above all the rest was it's use of music and how the chosen songs fitted so well with the episodes, very moving and harrowing at times. However what stalled the show was it's constant repetitiveness, now I know most shows follow a formula but this took the biscuit. Always started and finished the same way more or less. The writing was excellent with well thought out characters and back stories. Good to watch just tough following a whole season at times.
  • A show that takes off from the real Cold Case Files that I love.

    While I suppose this show is OK. I like the flash back parts where you can see what happened them and what is happening now. And the stories are pretty good. But ya know, the lady really needs a new makeup and hair person. I do not enjoy this show because the first few years her hair was always messy! She never ever brushed it and it was never ever neat, and this just drove me nuts!! Now, FINALLY this year they did change her hair and it is down, but still, she needs something. The show, like it's title seems cold and blue in color. It think if they emproved the feel of the show, it would be almost a 10!
  • Detectives try to solve cases that were put aside. Most of the cases are many years old.

    This is a pretty good show if you're into this type of television. The cast is great, they all fit their parts. The characters are great too, especially the lead female. She is really passionate about her cases. Each episode follows a different case and none of them seem to be repetitive. The only problem I have with this show is that some of the cases are easy to figure out and I know how it ends with in the first 13 minutes of the episode. But, all in all, this show is worth watching.
  • Look Back! There's a Case That Still Hasn't Been Solved!

    Cold Case is a drama about Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris), the lone female detective in the Philadelphia homicide squad who finds her niche when she's assigned to "cold cases"--crimes that have never been solved. Previously, she used her instinctive understanding of the criminal mind on current murders. Now, she's interrogating witnesses whose lives and circumstances have since changed, making use of today's new science and finding fresh clues to solve cases that were previously unsolvable, all of which appeals to this smart, driven detective. She's also prepared for the consequences: that her work will open up old wounds and may lead suspects to commit new crimes. When she hits a dead end, Rush seeks advice from her respected mentor, Lt. John Stillman (John Finn). Also on the team are Detective Scotty Valens (Danny Pino), Rush's confident and strong-willed partner; Detective Will Jeffries (Thom Barry), who's been around long enough to serve as Lilly's link to the past; and Det. Nick Vera (Jeremy Ratchford), a tough cop who's considered the go-to guy for getting a confession. Rush sees her assignment as a turning point in her career when she decides to make it her business to make sure that no victim is ever forgotten.
  • this is a great show

    it is a bit un-realistic solving crimes up to 50 years old or even more but it is a great watch its very intresting. the actors do a great job and the storyline is very good i could watch it for a while but it will get boring afyer a while and you do lose intrest in it very fast because its the same old thing every episode and then you will start to derift from it and never really watch it. i have stopped watching it becuase it did get very boring so its not one of those long term watchable shows like stargate sg-1. but somtimes it can be a good watch.
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