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  • This show is not what it seems first look it appears as a formula based detective show and its anything but that. Its an old school type of show more about telling the perfect story then finding the culprit, almost A lost art in current TV shows

    This show to me symbolizes something very unique in the current landscape of network television.
    This show is centered around a Homicide department on philadelphia that has a couple of detective working "cold cases" which are old cases that remained unsolved and suddenly a new clue or fact brings them back to the table.
    The star of a show is Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) A bright and beautiful female detective that wants to find some closure to this tormented souls either for the victims or their families.

    What is so special about this show is that finding the guilty party is just the back plot, what we really get is closer to "quantum leap" type of show, where we get to see a wonderful story based in the past and the detective only serve as tools to advance the story plot.

    The humanity of the characters and the wonderful guest appearances reminds me a lot of old Kelly and bochco shows like "Cagney and Lacey" and "hill street blues" where we cared more about the people then we did about the case.
    maybe a little reminder about the days we cared more about people than money.

    Another thing that has to be said is the unbelievable work done on the soundtrack on each episode that matches perfectly to the time of the crime, I don't know how they bypass all the royalty costs but its just another reason to love this extraordinary show.

    If you want to see great acting and the art of television at its best this show will blow your mind.

  • The writers for Cold Case are excellent. No episode seems to lack creative edge and the casting is always spot on. Attracting good actors for guest appearances has also greatly helped the quality of this outstanding show.

    Cold Case is another creation of the Jerry Bruckheimer franchise, also responsible for shows the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, spin offs Miami/NY and Without a Trace.
    The writers for Cold Case are excellent. No episode seems to lack creative edge and the casting is always spot on. Attracting good actors for guest appearances has also greatly helped the quality of this outstanding show.
    What differentiates “Cold Case” from any other cop show drama out at the moment is the way each episode is unique in its own way. All the cases have a murder that has been unsolved for many years due to lack of evidence and in some cases lack of interest! Its more than just finding the murderer however. Each character in the episode has their own story to tell about their association to the victim. Again the great writing and casting are what fuse the episode together.
    Each episode is beautifully crafted to give background information on the people involved in the case by switching back to the time of the murder. The soundtrack that compliments these flashbacks is a great addition to the show. The songs are always related to the timeframe of the story that makes viewers like myself reminisce of older times.
    If you get the chance, sit down with a cup of coffee and watch an episode of Cold Case. If you are into cop show dramas you will not be disappointed…
  • Cold Case differentiates itself from others shows by great dialogue, fine music and exquisite acting.

    I'm an avid fan of cop shows and over the years I've seen alot. Every once and a while you come across a show that is different than all the others. For me Cold Case is one of those shows.

    Lilly Rush and her crew do a fine job investigating crimes long forgotten. The writers don't just give their actors great dialogue, they also provide a decent story. The focus is not only on the crime and culprits, but the story of the victim is equally important.

    For those who have the chance to watch it: there is a BBC series called Waking The Dead, also about detectives investigating cold cases.
  • Cold Case is a very well-produced show with a fantastic star, excellent music, and great writers, not to mention an amazing premise. The show would be nothing without the fantastic end sequences, which make this show more than just another procedural.

    I've watched Cold Case from the very beginning and its still one of my favorite shows. Kathryn Morris is an amazing star and she does a fantastic job. Speaking of her, Lilly Rush is a fantastically crafted character. Viewers don't know that much about her in reality but we feel like we know her well. She's a woman whose job is her top priority with her cats--one missing an eye and one missing a leg--a far second. I can't imagine the show without her. The premise of the show--"People shouldn't be forgotten"--is fantastic and most shows, especially crime dramas, lack a premise. Having two actors for each character and flashing back so often is an unbelievably smart technique that makes this show ahead of its time. The end sequences that always have fitting and just plain great music are my favorite part and unlike most other crime dramas that just end with detectives getting a confession out of a criminal, the victims personally thank the detectives on Cold Case. This truly makes the show unique and cutting edge.
  • "Cold Case" is hot!

    Another one of Jerry Bruckheimer's creations, "Cold Case" is always a great show. Whereas "Law and Order" is to the police and "CSI" is to forensics, "Cold Case" is to historical cases. What makes "Cold Case" good is how it relates present with past. The music comes from the time the murder occured. There are flashbacks to tell the story. Not only that, we also go into the characters' lives. From Lilly's sister to Scotty's girlfriend; this isn't your average, boring cop show. So unless the WB is airing a new episode of "Charmed", you should definitely watch this show!
  • Cold Case is the most underappreciated series out entire group of Jery Bruckheimer’s produced shows.

    Cold Case is the most underappreciated series out entire group of Jery Bruckheimer’s produced shows.

    Why? Because this show main lead dose not have the name recognition like the other Bruckheimer’s show and because of that people tend to steer away from it. Only if they just stop to watch one episode they will see that this show can stand on its own without a name recognition that his own other shows have.

    Why? Because this show has wonderful writing to it that knows how prey onto your emotions and get a reaction out of you. That makes you want to watch more of the show, which makes it extremely addicting, you want to fine out how these people will fair in their line of work or how they deal with their job in their personal lives. Much like how we deal with our other lives as well.
  • It's a fun, suspense-filled mystery kinda show.

    I love this show because whatever episode you are watching you get right into it and you keep guessing all the possibilities that could have happened. Then you get to the ending and you found out what it is that actually happened and you are like, "OMG, are you serious? I would've never thought." It's very fun to watch. The detectives are great and they are very direct with the suspects, Lilly Rush is awesome. All of the characters in every episode are amazing. Great problems, great characteristics. Most acting is superb. I would just like to say that my fave episode is probably "The Plan".
  • Most amazing thing about Cold Case: the care that is taken to find two actors (one older, one younger) for many of the characters.

    I agree with the other reviewers about the story lines and acting, but I think the most amazing thing about this show is how they find actors that actually could be the same person at different times in their lives. It's incredible and adds the element that makes this show so unique!!!
  • A homicide detective who tries to solve old cases the previous officers who ivestigated couldn't solve, finding more that her fair share of people who tries to stop her doing her job.

    It great to see a show that is not trying to solve new crimes, but solve the old unsolvable ones. This gives the people who in real life are going thru this every day, a little bit of hope that their problem can one day be solved just as the ones on the show.

    I find it cool the way the producers use the music of the time, to make their point. This will give the younger generation who is so much in the Hip Hop and R&B scene an idea of the music of the past, who today are being sampled by the newer generation of artist who can't come up with a song of their own...

    Keep the old cases and the good music comming
  • A detective show focusing on Cold Cases, using Flashbacks to tell the story.

    The best show on television. I used to be a Law & Order fan, but Cold Case really won me over this past season. The combination of great actors, classic music choices, great stories, and a pinch of the characters\' personal lives makes for an entertaining hour of TV. I really enjoy the progression of the characters between the flashbacks and realtime. It\'s also nice to have a show that doesn\'t center around New York or California. If and when this show comes out on DVD, I will be the first one in line to purchase it. This show is an absolute gem, and should not be overlooked.
  • Cold Case is the start of my Sunday Night Line-Up!

    I love this show. I didn't discover it until its second season, I guess because I wasn't looking for another television show to be addicted to. However, I just happened to watch the episode where the young black man in the 60's was murdered, and I became hooked. I love movies and shows that go back in the past, so this show fits perfectly! I'm waiting for the 1st season to come out so I can catch up and be a true fan! (It's in my netflix queue whenever it is released)!
  • Cold Case have a very interesting story, I really like the fact that they use the real live to brought us a new point of view about the cold case.

    Before this show i never be interesting in cold case, sometimes i saw the show on A&E, Cold Case, but i never felt comfortable with that show.
    Whit Cold Case all is so different, because i fell more interested whit the case when they give me more fact of the victim o the murder.

    I really like when they have to investigate a murder happened 50 years ago. See how the have to investigate, go to the source, look around and try to find the reason.
  • Cold Case is easily the best show on the box at the moment. No other show comes close to it. Kathryn Morris is a brilliant actress and the storylines are also realistic. The inclusion of their personal lives later on in the show was a fine touch.

    I'm from London and Cold Case is not available to watch on terrestrial television, it is shown on Sky One - a digital/cable only channel. I cannot believe that the main networks did not snap this show up, it is amazing.

    Furthermore, I cannot believe we have not had a DVD of the show or at least a soundtrack CD. I believe that the treatment this show gets in the UK is a crime!

    Each episode is gripping from start to finish, but there is also some light hearted humour, mainly from Jeremy Ratchford and Thom Barry, as Detectives Vera and Jeffries respectively.

    If there is anyone who can put this show onto DVD, do it now! (also put 8 Simple Rules on DVD)
  • "Brilliant" doesn't even begin to describe it...

    Cold Case is probably the most brilliant show I've ever seen on television. It's like a journey in a time machine combined with a great mystery novel.
    The casting could not get any better, the scenery is true to its time period, and the outstanding camera work adds to the brilliance of this show.
    If there was ever a show to be labeled "indescribeable", Cold Case would be it.
  • An awesome show that is unfortunately not very popular. Its my personal favourite and always interesting and different.

    This show is such an amazing show. i love how it is made so realisticly and i especially love watching the flash backs. it is good that the writers have included some of the personal life of the detectives, because this makes it more interesting and understandable as to why they do what they do. the cases are always very different and new and i think that this is one of the best shows. unfortunately not many people that i know of watch it, but i always look forward to it every week. i am waiting anxiously for the next season to begin and i am sure that i will enjoy it as much as ever.
  • This show is one of my absolute favorite shows on television right now. No other show comes close to it.

    This show is one of my absolute favorite shows on television right now. No other show comes close to it. It seamlessly blends past and present using both flashbacks and overlapping videography. One thing I love about the show is how they tell each different story from the beginning using flashbacks, so we can really get a feel for what happened in the case before it went cold. Also, showing the characters as both young and older over the course of the show really works. Like when Lil is interviewing a suspect, and for a moment, their image flashes back to the past. Itreally helps keep everyone straight. Each episode is gripping from start to finish, but there is also some light hearted humor from the various characters.
    Kathryn Morris is a brilliant actress and the storylines are also realistic. The inclusion of their personal lives in the show was a fine touch.
  • this is a great show,i love the way it goes back in time to solve the seemingly unsolveable cases.this is a great twist of mystery and adventure.i love the music backround and the cast is great. my family and i look forward to watch each new episode.keep

    A great show to watch,shows how even the oldest of mysteries can be solved.this proves that there is no such thing as a dead file,if enough people care and spend the time to investigate thouroughly all cases can be solved.there is an answer the right questions have to be asked
  • I love this show, when it's actually on.

    This show suffers from constant pre-emption and late airing. When I actually get to watch the show it's great. I'm not sure why they can't air the show when they advertise that it's going to be on. It's probably football, but they really need to figure out a schedule buffer so they don't screw up everything every week. I work odd hours so I record all my tv shows.... I really don't like coming home, expecting to see a great show and ending up with 50 minutes of some news magazine....
    I've got to say, the woman on this show is very good, and it doesn't hurt that she's hot.
  • Lilly Ruah and Scotty Valens take on the cases no one else could solve. They never fail, of course.

    This is a great show for those who love a who-done-it! One of the best parts is going back in time and enjoying the music, fashion and pop-culture, even if you don\'t remember it for yourself. This show is a personal favorite and I wish that I had watched it from the beginning.

    My one and only complaint of the show is that they show an image of the victim at the end watching the outcome of their case. I, personally, find it a little overboard.
  • A great show. I expect a lot from it.

    This is a great show. Instead of focusing more on the evidence, like in CSI, it’s more focused on people’s sentiments. I expect great acting from her. I like that we see, one moment, the person in the present and then we see them when they were little.
    Kathryn Morris does a great job acting the role of Lily, from what I’ve seen so far.
    I hope this show goes on for a long time and I’m sure it’s will be very successful.
  • Old cases turn into hot cases often by strange circumstances

    In many cases the information in the files alone lead the investigators nowhere. That´s why Det. Rush and the team have to rely on information from the people who knew the victim. That is what makes the show different from the other shows of this genre ( i. e. CSI ).
    The flashbacks are much better than in any other TV show. I also like the music in most eps. as the songs were popular when the crime was commited. That makes the viewer think: Yes, I´ve really been sent back in time now.

    Cold case keeps me hooked to my T.V. every week.

    Kathryn Morris really IS the show.
    She is in the center of it (at least during the first two seasons )and it is her , who solves the cases in the end .
    Her character - Det. Lily Rush - is far from perfect concerning her private life and has to deal with serveral problems ( relationships , her sister , sometimes even emotionally involving with suspects but yet staying "professional" about the case).
    I hope that she does not leave it.
    It would make the show far less enjoyable.
  • Well done show.Casting always has me trying to place the actors from other shows, which drives me a little nuts. 10-09 episode had me scratching my head until I placed the mom of the murdered kid as Dharma's mom in Dharma and Greg.

    Show does a pretty nice job of keeping the content fresh. I've been hoping they would deal more with the personal side of the actors (screwed up childhood, family issue). They do this in the 10-09-05 episode. Adding another female actor is a nice plus to a show with a lot of guys in it.
  • Has always been a descent show.

    Sometimes it seems to fall short, but more times than not it’s a surprisingly entertaining show. I watch every episode hoping the show will deliver and most of the time it does. The cast isn't particularly perfect, but they are a good group of actors that pull of some really descent writing. If you’re looking for entertaining TV, give it a try, and if you would like some drama in your Scooby Doo, you may like this show.
  • As long as the writers stick to the cases and not the characters' back story it will remain a great show. Ninety percent of the cases have been enjoyable but the other ten percent are either unwatchable or just plain sad.

    Most of the time this show is great. There have been a few episodes thAt completely sucked. The writers did not stick to the cases but wrote about the characters' back story. 90% of the cases have been enjoyable but the other ten percent are either unwatchable or just plain sad. When a story is about the police it are either horribly sad or just plain boring.
  • seen several ep. all suspect could just keep mouth shut and they would never catch anyone

    seen several ep. all suspect could just keep mouth shut and they would never catch anyone. ep. starts good but leaves much to want. not really believable because cases so old and budget so high they are just wasting out tax dollars. most cases also have very little evidence. 9
  • Detectives try to solve cases that were put aside. Most of the cases are many years old.

    This is a pretty good show if you're into this type of television. The cast is great, they all fit their parts. The characters are great too, especially the lead female. She is really passionate about her cases. Each episode follows a different case and none of them seem to be repetitive. The only problem I have with this show is that some of the cases are easy to figure out and I know how it ends with in the first 13 minutes of the episode. But, all in all, this show is worth watching.
  • this show is great, story lines keep gettig this show

    I find this show riviting. To see the hurt turn into peace is great. I have an Uncle that was killed at the age of 20 back in 1974 to this day I pray that they will solve it hurts so much to not know ...that is a bigger pain then the lose of the loved one . T enjoy watching the show how it fades back to the time of the crime and how the people change. I will continue to watch as long as it is on .... ;)
  • The music in Cold Case is what started me watching, now I can't turn it off!

    The music in Cold Case is what started me watching, now I can't turn it off!

    The storylines are always excellent - They vary, have twists, are exciting and full of emotion.

    The characters work well together and suit the show perfectly. Lilly Rush is such a strong person but you get to see her weaker side as well which helps you to feel as if you know the character more personally.
  • Old cases that come alive... cool...

    This show is simply amazing! It makes me cry on some shows but all in all I cry at a lot of these episodes, the show amazes me when it comes to the Drama part, they know where to put it, what will happen and it makes a Dramish like show, but it is a drama. I hope more episodes will come on...
  • Detectives solve murders from the past.

    Cold Case is a good show but it needs better cases or a new writer sence the first season it has been going down hill. And yes I think it does need a new time solt because of football. I think CBS should have CSI New York on sunday and Could Case to take there weekly slot.
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