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  • This show is not what it seems first look it appears as a formula based detective show and its anything but that. Its an old school type of show more about telling the perfect story then finding the culprit, almost A lost art in current TV shows

    This show to me symbolizes something very unique in the current landscape of network television.
    This show is centered around a Homicide department on philadelphia that has a couple of detective working "cold cases" which are old cases that remained unsolved and suddenly a new clue or fact brings them back to the table.
    The star of a show is Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) A bright and beautiful female detective that wants to find some closure to this tormented souls either for the victims or their families.

    What is so special about this show is that finding the guilty party is just the back plot, what we really get is closer to "quantum leap" type of show, where we get to see a wonderful story based in the past and the detective only serve as tools to advance the story plot.

    The humanity of the characters and the wonderful guest appearances reminds me a lot of old Kelly and bochco shows like "Cagney and Lacey" and "hill street blues" where we cared more about the people then we did about the case.
    maybe a little reminder about the days we cared more about people than money.

    Another thing that has to be said is the unbelievable work done on the soundtrack on each episode that matches perfectly to the time of the crime, I don't know how they bypass all the royalty costs but its just another reason to love this extraordinary show.

    If you want to see great acting and the art of television at its best this show will blow your mind.

  • The writers for Cold Case are excellent. No episode seems to lack creative edge and the casting is always spot on. Attracting good actors for guest appearances has also greatly helped the quality of this outstanding show.

    Cold Case is another creation of the Jerry Bruckheimer franchise, also responsible for shows the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, spin offs Miami/NY and Without a Trace.
    The writers for Cold Case are excellent. No episode seems to lack creative edge and the casting is always spot on. Attracting good actors for guest appearances has also greatly helped the quality of this outstanding show.
    What differentiates “Cold Case” from any other cop show drama out at the moment is the way each episode is unique in its own way. All the cases have a murder that has been unsolved for many years due to lack of evidence and in some cases lack of interest! Its more than just finding the murderer however. Each character in the episode has their own story to tell about their association to the victim. Again the great writing and casting are what fuse the episode together.
    Each episode is beautifully crafted to give background information on the people involved in the case by switching back to the time of the murder. The soundtrack that compliments these flashbacks is a great addition to the show. The songs are always related to the timeframe of the story that makes viewers like myself reminisce of older times.
    If you get the chance, sit down with a cup of coffee and watch an episode of Cold Case. If you are into cop show dramas you will not be disappointed…

  • Cold Case a Great Police Procedural

    Cold Case is one of the greatest procedural dramas I've seen. I loved the fact that every episode took place in a different time period. Each of the sets and the costumes were meticulously crafted for every episode. The visuals and the dialogue were appropriate for each era. Even though the main characters were not as prominent as other shows, we still got to see the personal lives of each main character. The dialogue was especially good, I particularly like that it was peppered with old school phrases and words. Perhaps these two elements were what many people didn't like about the show. The music was amazing and was right for every episode, one of my favorite aspects of the show. I thought all these elements were what made it unique and differentiate itself from insipid shows.

    The cast fit in their role beautifully. Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush (one of her best roles), John Finn as John Stillman (good diverse actor), Jeremy Ratchford as Nick Vera , Thom Barry as Will Jeffries (great back and forth banter between Ratchford & Barry), Danny Pino as Scotty Valens (he fits right in with L&O:SVU), and Tracie Thoms as Kat Miller (I liked her in Rent as well).

    My favorite episodes are Shuffle, Ball Change (S4 E17) and The Road (S5 E15). I still think the show was cut too short. I hope there are more shows like this one, especially since there seems to be less and less police procedurals.

  • love it! I wish I discovered it earlier.

    Det. Lilly Rush is my new hero. :) The first episode I saw was of a family of three, with the dad as a firefighter. The mother had died suspiciously, and the stepmother brought the case to Lilly. I forget what the episode was called, but it was fantastic. I really liked it. My sister had watched it with me, and we became hooked after that. Now, we watch it all the time on TNT. Unfortunately, it's on at 1:30 am sometimes but we watch it anyway. Hey--it's summer! :) I can't wait for the new season, it's going to be amazing!
  • Cold Case differentiates itself from others shows by great dialogue, fine music and exquisite acting.

    I'm an avid fan of cop shows and over the years I've seen alot. Every once and a while you come across a show that is different than all the others. For me Cold Case is one of those shows.

    Lilly Rush and her crew do a fine job investigating crimes long forgotten. The writers don't just give their actors great dialogue, they also provide a decent story. The focus is not only on the crime and culprits, but the story of the victim is equally important.

    For those who have the chance to watch it: there is a BBC series called Waking The Dead, also about detectives investigating cold cases.
  • Wonderful show.

    But I can see why it got canceled. But I still love this show. Love how they wrote the show. Have never seen anything like it then and to this day.
  • Should they cancel Cold Case?

    I think not! It's a great show and the cast doees a great job. CBS would be stupid to get rid of this show. It's the best show still on TV now a days! It's better than them "everyone can tell it's so unrealistic" CSI shows. The episodes are always good. They should just move it to another night. I love football [ Philadelphia Eagles :) ] but sports are making the ratings slow. I know you would never get rid of sports, I wouldn't either, but you should move Cold Case to another night next season. Cold Case
  • Amazing show.

    Since I started watching this show a few months ago, I have been hooked. While this show is serious, you did see humour in it which makes it just have everything. Great, interesting cases, a bit of humour between the characters, gripping, intense and compelling. I love trying to work out who did it. I have never been right but its fun trying to guess. Cold Case has become my favourite show. Forget Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Skins and Gossip Girl, Cold Case is an amazing TV show. If you haven't started watching, tune in NOW. Love it! 10/10 easily. Fantastic stuff here!
  • One of the best detective shows...

    When I first saw of this show I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe how moving a show could be. I also appreciated how the people who created this used a different style of filming in the flashback (as well as the opening which shows the murder) to point out the time differences even though a subtitle entitled the date of the year. This is a show you should not miss, it is suspenseful, and pulse-pounding. If you can deal with everything this show has to offer, you will get hooked onto it. This show is one of the greatest to ever air on television.
  • Jerry Brubaker sucks!

    There was his Survivor ?) which always ran 1/2 hour to 45 minuites INTO COLD CASE which made viewers switch the channel.

    COLD CASE was the first show I absolutely loved. The cast were all members of my family, the contrast yet similarities were astonishing between the characters.

    Bad move Jerry!

    I see Danny Pino on Law and Order but haven't seen the other wonderful actors anywhere. If it's another Jerry production It might get cancelled for a show that was second rated behind it.

    I remember when Mr Brubacher was with Tales from the Crypt and the other producers when they started out. They were doing so good.

    Is without a trace stll on????

    I still miss Cold Case and maybe that's why EON's (whoever they are) ratings are rising.


  • Cold Case release date

    Does anyone know if there has been any progress in getting the Cold Case seasons released on DVD for purchase??? I absolutely love the show and want to buy the whole series but as of yet cannot find it. Its a shame cause a lot of people would buy the series...... :(
  • Mighty Fine Show

    "Cold Case" is one of the finest shows of all time. I love how they show how characters looked like in the past and how they looked in the present. My only disappointment is that the show didn't use more songs by Philadelphia-based artists like Hall and Oates, Todd Rundgren or Pink. "She's Gone" would've been a perfect song to close with. Lily Rush is one of my favorite television characters of all time. I loved how they used "Who's Crying Now" by Journey as a closing song. The most poignant song they ever used was "Broken Hearted Me" by Anne Murray in the episode "The Key". The other closing songs I liked were "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis, and "When I'm With You" by the Canadian band Sheriff. They knew how to use the right music, even if it was sometimes chronologically inaccurate such as "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood in an episode set in 1984. "Higher Love" was released in the summer of 1986.
  • Cold Case song hits

    My favorites are; Leather and Lace, Blue Moon, and Imagination! Dont recall the episodes but would love to know so I can purchase DVD. I loved the show and am viewing all on ion.
  • Amazing Music coupled with cinematography to kill. Kathryn is amazing and beautiful! You couldn't ever hold a candle.

    Such an amazing show that Jerry Bruckheimer could put together. The way they couple the music with the story line. I have never walked away from this show without a tear in my eye..almost as if I lost the person in the show. Like everything in life...there will be alot of petty small minded, weak willed, obtuse, ignorant people who will have ill to speak of this show. I will personally will always watch this show and will always speak of it in the highest light! Please if you have any ounce of appreciation for good shows watch the show cold case!
  • good

    cool take on detective drama, with cold cases reopened(hence the name.) This show tells the stories through themed flashbacks, but also skips to the future to compare the characters now and then. This show is very interesting and addictive, it has good writing, good directing, good music and visuals, and good acting. The writers for this show are very original, and create innovative episodes. This show is fantastic, and has never disappointed me. If you like shows like Law and Order you will love this show. Check it out and you wont be disappointed. This is a really amazing show.
  • underrated classic

    This is one of the greatest detective shows of all time. The premise is simple enough: detectives at a fictional Philadelphia Police Station reinvestigate cases that have never been solved. Some of these cases date back pre-1960s, but most occur sometime post-1960s and later. The character that really steals the show is Kathryn Morris as Lilly Rush, the lead detective and until mid-season 3 the only female detective. Kathryn is a beautiful and truely underrated actress. However, what bugs me is:
    a. how can those involved in the case possibly remember stuff from 30, 40, 50 or even 10 years ago?
    b. half the stuff the team "learns" during the reinvestigation should have been brought up in the first place!
    c. lack of forensic work (in real life forensics solves most if not all cases, not interviews)
    d. the odds of finding a missing person or serial killer in a matter of days/weeks is very low Other than these four points "Cold Case" is a truely great show!
  • Make Cold Case hot again

    From 'Nara' (with the haunting wail) to the ghost at the end I think that the

    'Cold Case' was and should still be the greatest TV series ever shown!!!!!

    I WANT reruns or at least be able to buy copies of the series. Wjams

    Why can I only find DVDs in Spanish?
  • ALL Episodes

    I have ALWAYS loved this show. Great cast is very important. Like Lily says "Cold Cases are MORE important, the families have been waiting longer". Kathryn Morris is quite beautiful. It's AWESOME to solve "cold cases". Lisa
  • Cold Case comeback

    I love this show I hate it was taken off the cast, and story lines kept you intrigued
  • A really nice show

    I really love this show, I have been watching all seasons for the 3rd time. Better watch this again than newer and worse shows. I really miss this one.
  • Best show on TV. Lilly and Scotty, what can I say? You keep the show alive with the sexual tention!

    I have one word for this show, AMAZING! It's the only show I watch on TV these days, everything else is too unrealistic and full of crappy drama that bores me. But Cold Case actually draws me in. The cases are dramatic and very heartfelt, something that I love to see in a show.
    Lilly and Scotty...what can I say? They just make the show. Another reason why I watch, to see them finally get together! The sexual tention and the flirtacious moments are such a thrill to watch.
    With the show possiblely ending this season, I would just like to say how much I've enjoyed it over the years! I really do hope they end it with Lilly and Scotty together, and give us fans what we want!
  • I love Cold Case. Check it out if you're not a fan of it.

    Cold Case, is my favorite show, love the cases. Me and my mom always try to guess the killer, it's like puzzle and the music is totally awesome! If you're not a fan you should def check it out on CBS sundays @ 9. I just started watching it this past season and i fell in love with it. The cast is phenominal! I think it's way more realistic than alot of other shows. Even the humor is great and i hope the show gets a few more seasons in before they let it go. It's just an all around great show!
  • Great writing, interesting characters, heart-rending stories... all this and the terrific backdrop of Philadelphia make "Cold Case" must-watch TV!

    I'm throwing in my two cents after hearing whispers that "Cold Case" is in danger of cancellation. Not because it's suffering with low ratings, but because CBS wants to cut costs. Well, there are a whole bunch of ways to do that without removing one of the bright spots in their amazing lineup (like FINALLY ending the yawners "Survivor-East Bunghole" and "Amazing Race".... but I digress!). I understand that there's a reason Baskin-Robbins makes 31 flavors, but everyone has a favorite. And "Cold Case" is one of my go-to choices, like "CSI" & "CSI-New York" from CBS. The writing is taut, the characters an interesting mix, from the beautiful but damaged Lily Rush (Kathryn Morris) & her partner, Scottie Valens (Danny Pino), to the underappreciated supporting crew like the stern but supportive Lt. Stillman (under-utilized John Finn), old vet Will Jeffries (Thom Barry) and the hysterical antics of Detective Nick Vera (the talented Jeremy Ratchford). And the whole thing is enhanced by the terrific backdrop of Philadelphia - an amazing city of history and grit that is such a tremendous departure from the standard, boring choices most shows stick to, like New York & LA.

    In a landscape where so much is available between cable and network fare, this show stands out as different, engaging (using terrific music backgrounds to augment the story), and intelligent. One can only hope that if CBS makes the wrong decision and decides to let it go, that another network is smart enough to bring it home. They won't be sorry, and legions of fans like myself will find another week of emotional storytelling that quite often brings tears and sobs. It's quite the show that can do that, and in a way that makes you want to come back for more! Long live "Cold Case"!
  • Draws you in!

    This is one of my favorite shows and I watch every Sunday. Too bad its on too late at night for me to catch the re-runs on TNT. The shows are so deep, profound, sentimental, dark, and moving all at once. I have cried more than once after watching and like a good book it sticks with you long after experiencing!

    I even got my husband to watch and he cant stand anything that is not reality based. I love how the songs match the year and give it a nostalgic feel. The flashbacks are amazing and really make the show. I love Lilly Rush's Character and am waiting for the day that her and Valens get together... You know they hare hot for each other!
  • Lilly Rush, a female detective in the Philadelphia homicide squad who finds her calling when she's assigned to cold cases. She's interrogating witnesses whose lives and circumstances have since changed, making use of new science and finding fresh clues.

    I love this series and I can not wait to caught some more episodes on the television because this series is great and very interesting to watch. To anyone who loves drama, mystery and unsolved cases being solved then this is your kind of show and not bad to watch. I am glad this series is still airing because I love watching the main characters solve cold cases from years ago. Cold Case, I am glad you are still airing on television because I love watching this show when there is nothing really to watch on television or when I caught it on television.
  • I love this's that simple!

    I always find it's the same pattern with me. I'll be bored flipping through channels when one of my regular 'fixes' isn't on and i'll come across something which seems mildly interesting...and turns out to be a great show. That's what happened with Cold Case. I only began watching it lastnight and it was on again twice tonight...and I watched it...and loved it.
    I find it to be similar to other shows but it does have some unique aspects. From the very beginning if the show you have flashbacks and as the episode progresses the flashbacks accumulate more information and you get to see how people involved at the time of the murder have turned out....and what they've done. You don't get that aspect with other shows. What's nice about it is that it all fits together like a jigsaw and you get to watch to puzzle being pieced together while attempting to work it out yourself.
    I watched the episode with some murder case from 1968 tonight with some guy escaping from jail...and although it's generally quite easy to see what direction the episode is heading ito it's always quite nice to know that you worked it out for yourself too lol.
    I also like how they've balanced out the show so there are two sides. On one hand you have the detectives dealing with the case and trying to help give some closure to the victim's relatives by getting the murderer etc...then on the other hand you can see that the detective(s) have their own emotional issues and sometimes their work indirectly helps them with aspects of their personal and opens up new directions for the show to take which is always good.
    I do sometimes enjoy watching detective dramas and i'm glad I watched this one. I hope it stays around for a while...and now all i've got to do is try and work out how many episodes I have missed and how the hell I can catch up!
  • An awesome show that is unfortunately not very popular. Its my personal favourite and always interesting and different.

    This show is such an amazing show. i love how it is made so realisticly and i especially love watching the flash backs. it is good that the writers have included some of the personal life of the detectives, because this makes it more interesting and understandable as to why they do what they do. the cases are always very different and new and i think that this is one of the best shows. unfortunately not many people that i know of watch it, but i always look forward to it every week. i am waiting anxiously for the next season to begin and i am sure that i will enjoy it as much as ever.
  • Centering around detective Lilly Rush,Cold Case accounts for the whispers of the long-since forgotten dead. Backed up by a team of cops, Lilly interviews suspects who are years old, prying at old wounds and opening the new.

    Alright, first things first: I'm a kid in your eyes. I don't know anything about good TV, right? Yeah, I get that a lot. But I must say Cold Case is quite the show. Whoever thought of the idea, to reopen the cases of the forgotten dead? What is it like, to stand in a room that seemingly goes on forever, all lined with shelves upon shelves of documents, giving unheard voice to the accumulating mass of forgotten dead? Everyone is shut into a box, only given a box by their city, Philly, to remember them by. Careless detectives smush your case to fit perfectly in that manufactured box, and careful ones only work on it for so long. Then someone else is murdered, someone else with a different killer is called to their attention, they are forced to forget about you. All this registered in a second upon entering the room in Cold Case with all the square boxes lining shelves. But worst of all, there is nothing personal about you there, nothing but your name and a serial number. No matter how kind or sweet or smart or talented you were, no matter how much everyone loved you, you are nothing in the eyes of the government. Nothing. I enjoy, in Cold Case, how Lilly seems sensitive to that. I like the way she interviews, understanding everything, and how she relates to nearly every case she works on. She works hard to assure that those forgotten dead aren't forgotten. Guided gently by Lt. John Stillman, helped along by Nick Vera, Will Jeffries, Kat Miller, and (of course) her faithful partner Scotty Valens, Lilly investigates the 'cold cases' in a fast-paced, entertaining way that makes you bite your nails, wondering what's coming next. This show is truly superb and I admire it greatly. I especially recommend (in order starting with the best, but don't watch in this order):
    1) Saving Sammy
    2) Rampage
    3) Fireflies
    4) 8:03 a.m.
    5) The Woods
    6) Mind Hunters
    7) Saving Patrick Bubley
    8) It Takes a Village
    9) Sabotage
    10) Detention (a.k.a. All Apologies)
    11) Joseph
    12) Shuffle, Ball Change
    13) Static (a.k.a. Scarlet Rose)
    14) Andy in C Minor
    15) The Road
    Thanks for sticking with my review all the way through. I know I can go on and on a bit. :)
  • Why does always the guy/girl confess the murder?? why?? that never happend in real life!!

    this is a great show
    i watched all the episodes...
    but, i cant understand why dont they put a final when the murder doesnt confes and they got him because of evidence
    c'on!! one time, the guy can confes... 2, maybe 3
    but 22 times for season is too much!!!
    does someone think like i do?
    does anyone knows why is this? i guess it will keep being like that, but well.. thats just my opinion :P

    i think that the storys re very good, they just need a better ending.
    besides that i have to say that is a great show and i watched every week
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