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  • A good show that is getting more ridiculous and formulamatic

    Cold Case, in the early seasons had so many tearjerking, wonderful episodes. Standouts would include The Sleepover, Maternal Instinct, Daniela and Mindhunters - all of season 1 was excellent. But somewhere during season 3, I can't quite pinpoint what episode was the shark jumper, the show just lost it's magic. The stories weren't quite as heartbreaking or unique and there were plotholes galore. For example, Lilly isn't particularly intimidating nor are her interrogation tactics yet she always manages to get the suspects to confess, even after years of keeping the murder a secret. The least the writers could do is get Lilly to find new evidence in the case. I remember an episode where a case was closed yet Lilly was still pursuing it. You legally do not have a confession or have grounds to pursue a confession nor can you hold someone in jail if a person when questioned requests a lawyer and says they're not talking. It is a civil rights violation against the law, everyone who knows anything about the law knows that. And Scotty psychologically torturing the killer who obviously was mentally ill in the episode Thrill Kill, was illegal and could have got him suspended, or at the very least the confession thrown out.

    On the positive side, the filming styles and use of music is extremely effective and captures the essence of the time period. Some of the stories are especially touching and really show you what life was like in the time period the show is portraying. I also like the way the show is more story-oriented, focusing on how it all happened and the victim's relationships with other people rather than relying completely on using science and legal practices, but like I mentioned earlier some stuff is just too stupid to ignore. You see the victim as a real person with emotions rather than just a dead body - that's the problem with a lot of crime shows such as CSI. They just portray the victim as a specimen, a dead body rather than an actual human being. Another positive point is how the show at least gives you some background on the main characters and their relationships, although I do find Lilly extremely dull and couldn't care less about her romantic relations. And Scotty, he's just too angry and hot-tempered. In all, a show which should spend more time on legal research rather than good storylines on the victims. It's going downhill fast and losing it's spark.