Cold Case

CBS (ended 2010)





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  • Another cop show with a really good twist.

    All the flashbacks in this episode are really well done and are the only reason I can stand this show. The crimes in this story are often really intriguing and show off the different time periods in America. The incorporation of music is also really clever and gives a showcase to many different artists. They actors they pick to display the crimes both past and present are really amazing.
    But the characters on this show are so annoying that it is hard to watch. Lily is the worst character on television and she is so self-loathing and unrealistic that I cannot stand her. She makes me angry that I watch the show. The whole thing with her sister and the other detective was stupid as well. The new black woman character was also unnecessary and her 'street cred' or whatever was so forced that it was painful to watch.
    The final straw for this show is how everyone confesses, there is no evidence and the circumstantial evidence couldn't hold up in the most corrupt court from 1950's in the whole world. If I have to watch one more cold blooded killer confess to the the threating Lily who is a blond woman who weighs like 110 pounds and looks like she could be beaten by a child with a yellow belt in karate. I like a strong woman as much as the next person, but she is so forced and if she was interrogating me I'd tell her to shove it and ask for my lawyer.