Cold Case

CBS (ended 2010)





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  • a very moving story

    i loved this story it was very moving,our young victim sam apparently commited suicide,but it is revieled at the end of the episode it was mor eof a relese killing so to speak, she was a boy trapped in a girls body who was forced into a mental hosptil so she would act more like a girl,now it says at the beginning of the ep that it is not based on any real life people,but it is very hard to ignore the fact that this episode mirrors certian elements of tenna brandon/brandon teena's life,she was a girl who dressed and acted like a boy and was murdered for this when her girlfriend brother found out,but unlike in her unfortunate life in this episode of cold case sam was just teased by kids at school for looking and dressing like a boy,and when she was nearly raped,it was sam who was punished by having her father take her to a mental institution to have her -reprogramed to act more lady like,and when she did not behave she was given ect,in the end the only real friend she had kept a promise to never let anyoen chaneg them by going to the hospital and setting her free.