Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 6

Saving Patrick Bubley

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on CBS

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  • For WEB. D Brothers love

    This was one of the most, if not THE most heartbreaking episode of Cold Case I've ever seen. 4 out of 5 sons dead , mom ends up strung out, an entire family ripped apart over 1 man feeling disrespected. The emotion in this episode was so heavy I stayed teary- eyed through the entire thing, Just mind boggling and so sad how 1 person can make such a life changing this case for the absolute worst. Then him being the catalyst for EVERYTHING. only the deaths but the mothers very very sad. Definitely something I will not soon forget.
  • Heartbreaking

    Good episode, very very sad, not just one victim in this particular cold case, but 4, all brothers of the black bubley family, leaving only the youngest brother, Patrick Bubley , alive & grieving intending to seek revenge for his 4 older brothers. great plot, with lilly particularly acting well bringing us on her emotional rollercoaster. the mother of the bubleys, supposedly a widow, acted well too, as she tried to live with the deaths of her four son and the extremes she went through just for the sake of her sons. in the end, the episode was well solved and as according to the title "saving Patrick Bubley" thankfully he was saved and Lil managed to persuade him to drop his desire for revenge and pursue his education to make his mum and 4 brothers proud( beautifully potrayed in the end watching him in school behind a fence, as if to tell us that the thought of the brothers will always be there for patrick although they cant physically be together anymore). love the whole episode, kept me glued. Bravo cold case! this is for Web D!
  • A very sad episode that shows how violence only begets more violence

    This was an extremely sad episode because there was absolutely no need for any of the Bubley sons to die. It showed how a family full of love could be destroyed by gang violence. The eldest son was just looking after his little brother when that gangbanger killed him for speaking up for himself. What made it worse was the way each Bubley brother took it upon himself to avenge the previous death, which only led to their own. It was a total tearjerker & I was crying through most of it but the ending tied everything up quite nicely & PM Dawn\'s \"Faith in You\" was the perfect final song. This is one of the best shows on television.
  • This episode made me cry.

    The way back machine travels to Lilly's very first case as a murder cop and to the tragedy of a family caught up in the cycle of drugs and violence when 4th of 5 children of a single mother is found dead.

    Lilly is determined to save the 5th and youngest son and believes she can do it my solving the big story as to why the cycle started in the first place. This is one of those episode that is Cold Case at its best both beautiful and tragic. It showed how quickly a symbol of hope can turn into a symbol of destruction.
  • excellent.

    The team reopens 3 other cases when a woman loses her 4th son to gang violence. As Lilly worked the first son's case (1999), she makes it her personal mission to save the 5th and final son, Patrick, from the same fate as his brothers.

    Heartbreaking is putting this episode lightly. You got to see the struggles of the family, the mother trying to raise 5 children on her own and then losing them one-by-one, eventually turning to drugs as a coping mechanism. Plus, you've got the mysterious WEB D. (scooter, if I remember correctly) that the brothers fight over. It symbolizes hope, togetherness and the struggle for the family to stay together without the temptation of drugs, guns, violence and the streets, which, unfortunately, leads to the early deaths of 4 young boys. And since one of the death's was Lilly's 1st case, you see how much she's changed, especially since her first partner was a douche (luckily, we've got Scotty now :) ). And as another reviewer said, the "no drugs today, Biff" scene was a series classic
  • After a mother loses her fourth son to gun violence, Lilly reopens her 3 previous sons' cases in order to stop the violence before taking the last Bubley.

    I think all in all it was a good episode. It had tons of emotion. I felt bad for the mother after she lost 4 of her 5 sons to guns and even worse when they reveal the reason at the end.

    Although, it annoyed me that the family wouldn't co-operate with the police. I mean these cases could have been solved a lot quickly if they would have said the important things in the beginning. Until the end, I was getting like Lilly was getting about thayt woman, just tuning her out.

    And it was nice to add a side of humor to an otherwise sad episode. "The No Drugs Today" scene was just plain priceless.
  • Absolutely amazing. I must say that when I first started watching this episode I didn't think I'd be interested. However, the thought of losing that many children devestated me.

    Absolutely amazing. I must say that when I first started watching this episode I didn't think I'd be interested. However, the thought of losing that many children devestated me. If that woman were real she must have really hurt and I don't really blame her for becoming an adict.

    I like how Lilly had a run-in with her past as well, she really wanted to solve this case no matter what it took. She wanted to prove to her partner that she didn't believe in the whole no humans involved thing.

    I'm glad that they figured out who the killer was before the 5th one was murdered. And to think, it was all over a small little scooter.
  • What's the point?

    Okay I admit I don't understand the mindset of American gangs these days. This episode seems to show how pathetic and stupid they can be.

    Why on earth would some guy take a little kids scooter, give it back to their older brother only to shoot him. So the kid took a wrong turn, what happened to simple decency when the kid was being a kid?

    What happened in the intervening years is even worse, with four of five brothers being shot over the incident, and just about everyone clamming up over the deaths.

    Also the tragic reality, with the boys turning to dangerous practises in order to support their siblings and mother.

    The tale is tragic and beliveable, the sadness counterbalanced by Lilly's personal conflicts, how much she gets involved in the cases and how her old partner was about homicide. It shows the difficulty that police officers deal with.

    The ending was a good one, with the youngest going to school looking like he was going to make an attempt at being the best he can be, for his brothers.
  • A cross between Saving Private Ryan and Citizen Kane.

    This episode departed from the usual formula, in that there weren\'t a great number of suspects. It was more like an episode of Colombo, where you know who did it, but how can you prove it? Web-D took the place of Rosebud, which was a clever element in the case. All in all, a great episode.
  • This episode opened another door to Lilly’s past that we don’t normally get a glimpse of. A shooting outside a drug store brings the team back to Lil’s first homicide case, when the oldest Bubly boy died. Four out of the five brothers has been killed, ex

    I really enjoyed this episode. It actually showed a different side of Lilly. The story line was new, from what I’ve seen, and I liked that. Great ending to a horrible story. You're just beginning to think the mom had something to do with it, and bam! You're hit in the face, awesome.
  • Lilly is called to the scene of a murder to find the mother of the victim in her first case.

    Mrs. Bubley has lost 4 of her 5 sons to murder. This episode is heart-breaking. This strong woman and her family are torn apart by violence and the once bright future is dimmed.

    The most frustrating thing about the episode is the reason behind the murders. It is not bad enough to watch this woman and her family destruct, but the reason. The show highlights the how senseless most violence is - these boys had the world at their feet. Instead, they became thugs and drug dealers with no ambition. All this is because of one ridculous incident that led to violence and ruins all of their futures.
  • After son number 5 is killed the 5th son is on his way to join his deceased brothers.

    This had to be one of the most painful to watch episodes. The mother slept with the killer just to find out where one of her son's bodies was left. The mother became a drug addict after her sons started dying and the 5th son was heading down the same path. Rush started losing her empathy towards the victim's families.
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