Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 22

Shattered (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2010 on CBS

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  • Make Cold Case hot again

    I think that Cold Case was and is the best series made.

    I wish they would have reruns or at least let me know where

    I could buy DVDs.

    Why can I only find DVDs of COLD CASE IN Spanish???
  • Shattered - Cold Case

    Who plays John Finn's daughter?
  • Shattered 2

    Maravilloso,very good...
  • What an Excellent Ending to a great Season Seven Finale!!

    This was Pt. II of Lilly searching for her sister, but now tags along Scotty for the ride, while Jefferies reopens the Wanda Johnson case which was first mentioned early on this season (Dead Heat).

    Did I also mention that this was an all one artist episode by " The Rolling Stones?" which totally rocked. Throughout " Almost Paradise," and this one the photo of Lilly and Christina as kids kept on playing throughout, thus as a reminder to Lilly that Christina is still her blood; Family.

    Not only do both Rush and Valens find her but Lilly discovers something important; she has an infant niece. The episode ends with Christina asleep on Lilly's shoulder in the backseat of Scotty's car, while Lilly is holding her niece. A bittersweet ending to a great season, the only hope now is that CBS will listen to fans and give them another season.
  • Goodbye...

    I can't say I'm gonna miss Cold Case. I used to be a big fan for sure but I gradually lost interest as the show went on. Was it because of me or because the quality faded? I don't know exactly. Still I'm glad I watched it 'till the end. It was a very nice ensemble, the investigations were not always interesting but always very human. Not to mention the soundtrack which was always relevant. So, no, I'm not bummed. I'm just looking forward to seeing the cast on other gigs. They deserve it. They were all great, individually and collectively.
  • The seventh season (and possibly the series) ends with Lilly and Valens searching for Lilly's kidnapped sister Christine. Also, Jeffries may have what he needs to close a 1993 case that he has dedicated himself to solving.

    CBS has not announced whether or not there will be an eighth season of "Cold Case". Personally I hope there will be. If not I think this episode will work as a series finale. Kathryn Morris gives what could be her best performance of the series here. The scene where she learns from Detective Valens that Christine is an addict is no doubt the highlight of this episode. Thom Barry also gives an excellent performance in this episode as well. The storyline focusing on him works as well as Lilly's. This is a good finale, but I hope "Cold Case' returns.