Cold Case

Season 6 Episode 5

Shore Leave

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2008 on CBS

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  • Really a great episode that had people hooked.

    The show made a comeback after the disaterous of the roller skating rink show. About a soldier that went AWOL. But he didn't go AWOL at all. For he was dead and was stuck heartlessly in a drum. Killed on the spot. As his girlfriend, young at the time. Now an old lady, has spent over fifty years looking for the man. And still has a heart for him. The Lt Stillman, himself a veteran. And one of my favorite characters on the show. Next to of course, Lily. He wants to find the killers. And doesn't want justice delayed. For he also has a heart for soldiers. Again a great comeback for Cold Case!
  • A Marine goes AOWL after liberty. Only to be found years later in a toxic dumb. Excellent entry in this great series.

    A marine goes awol after liberty and is found some 50 years later in a toxic dump. Encased in a steel drum. His young lady left wondering and waiting on him. Still waiting after 50 years. This was a excellent and heart wrenching episode. Good dialog between the cast with excellent story telling and fine storyline. The marine was shot and stuffed into a drum and hyeartlessly put in a drum. Then into a toxic waste dump. When it comes on again I will watch it again. I watch all of them over and over again. What ever channel they come on.
  • An Excellent Episode.

    This episode had me hooked from the very beginning. I felt from the start that Jimmy didn't desert and that something more tragic happened. How Jimmy's character was written you knew he was a good man and more importantly a good marine. One of the aspects that I loved is being shown what "shore leave" was like at that time. I liked how Lt. Stillman's influence as a veteran came into play when conducting the interviews of the possible suspects. The script was written so that you didn't know until the end exactly what happened. Overall, this is one of my favorites.
  • A fairly average episode with a workman-like script. There are a few production details I think take away from the storyline

    An investigation is launched when the body of a Marine due to ship out to Korea in the 1950s is discovered.

    There really isn't much of a sense of mystery or twist to the screenplay in this installment, it plays as fairly predictable in its setting and outcome. I do like the sense of time, the elements of romance under the circumstances, and the Marine/Navy rivalries that are brought out.

    On the other hand, I think that the drill instructor's character has un-needed detail, and it might have been more intriguing and tragic if he went on to a distinguished career. I also think the mixing of black and white and color is a cheap effect here that adds nothing to the story other than "black and white" means "old". Since "Cold Case" has lots of episodes that don't use black and white, it just seems to set off the flashbacks in this episode as "old enough" without adding any sense of a point to be made.

    I also would like this series to once or twice devote a few more minutes to the characterizations before the climax and skip the last five minutes of "music and meaningful looks" between the past and present protagonists.
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