Cold Case

Season 6 Episode 5

Shore Leave

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2008 on CBS



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    • Stillman: Trying to reverse a charge like that with the Military Bureaucracy is like trying to get a battleship to reverse course: slow and unlikely to happen.
      Lilly: It's our job to see that this Marine gets his honor back.

    • Jeffries: (when Vera staples Jeffries' tie to some papers) Hey, that's my tie!
      Vera: That's revenge for the decapitation of my best tie last week!
      Jeffries: What makes you think I had anything to do with that incident?
      Vera: Oh, don't worry. Your little partner-in-crime, LaBumba? He's going to get his, too.
      Scotty: What up, fellas?
      Vera: You tell me, Scotty. (Scotty walks away with a sign on his back that says 'Ask me about Erectile Dysfunction'.)

    • Nora: I lost him ten years ago. Ben was a good man, he was there for me.
      Kat: Don't make men like they used to.

    • Scotty: I'm done with you, Ray. Either you talk, or a few friends of that cop you swung at are goin' to come in here and tuck ya in for the night.

    • Scotty: We got an eyewitness says you flashed a gun at him
      Ray: That's interesting.
      Scotty: Gets better seein' as this Marine got shot.
      Ray: Well, ain't that what they sign up for?

    • Stillman: (to Chaney as he stands up to walk out of the interrogation room) If you want, we can cuff you to that chair!

    • Stillman: I love the smell of toxic waste in the morning.

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