Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on CBS

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  • After a kid finds a "murder journal" on a computer, the team investigates the murder discribed in the notes.

    Amy was a smart 20 something woman who co-owned a website, for a brief amount of time that website made her a millionaire. Not long after losing those millions to bad business decisions, the perfectly healthy woman dies of a heart attack while rowing.

    This episode as so far been one of the worst I've wtached. It was just so boring and it never picked up once for me during it's whole 40 minutes of run time. It was all about Amy's internet business. Maybe if I had any interest at all in business, I'd be interested, but I don't so I wasn't.

    All it really showed about her personality was that she was that her business was very important to her and she'd do nothing to screw it up. That just wasn't enough for me to care about her. It wasn't sad until the very end, when it shows her receiving the poison.

    Unless your big on business, skip this one. You won't miss much.
  • Not the best

    The problem with crime dramas is that it gets harder and harder to come up with new storylines. This one, poisoned for protection has been used many times but the inventive part this week used the dot com boom of 1999 to make the story. The thing about cold case the glimpse into the past it gives and how it leads to the present. It also has an advantage over other crime dramas as the past can be intriguing as the present. The perils of the business, all the insider trading was not very well explained and the early hoaxes like the system designer were obvious, although I felt the victim was too harsh with him, she could have told him that they were'nt taking partners right then but if and whne they did he would have been first in line. The venture capitalist was clearly not a nice person from the start and his involvement was somewhat obvious. Still the eventual conclusion was satisfactory.
  • Ok definitly not one of the best episodes but I did like the little jabs at Liily.

    This wasn't one of the best episodes ever but the little jabs at Lilly were fun. The plot was mostly predictable but some of the dialog was nice. Both Lilly her partner (keep forgetting his name) had great character moments. All in all its gets my better then most but not the best vote.

    Basic plot: 2 business grads (1 boy 1 girl) get backing for there dot com venture. Then the girl ends up dead. Lilly and co discover that the boy made some very bad business decisions one of which was getting talked into killing the girl to avoid doing jailtime for short selling stock.

    Like I said predictable but I still say watch the ep for the Lilly jabs. Tee hee cats......
  • Good episode but predictable.

    I knew the secretary had something to do with the murder but I figured she did it. I didn't suspect her partner to have the guts. The programmer guy having a crush on her was a surprise. I figured he really did hate her. He saved himself millions. Good try.
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