Cold Case

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2006 on CBS
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The team re-opens the 1958 case of a local celebrity, a radio DJ nicknamed "The Hawk", when they discover his death was staged to look like a suicide.

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  • After doing a striping of music on a recording that was made when a man was believed to have killed himself, footsteps are heard in the background, prompting the teams to re-investigate.moreless

    John Hawkins was a popular DJ in 1958. He was a man true to his music by only playing the music he liked and not taking payments to play the songs record companies wanted him to play. Doing this, gave John a lot of enemies. During a broadcast he gets shot in the head in 1958.

    I thought this was a sad episode. It was interesting to see how things were like in the music business back in the '50s. DJs nowadays are just sell-outs and try to hard to get people to like them. John was quite a character. He just wanted to do the simplest thing and he got killed for it.

    This was a great episode. Good storyline, acting, writing, orginality, the works.moreless
  • (caught this re-run: 4/24/07): Suicide DJ turns out to be murdered...1958. I DIDN'T think he was a great DJ, but character development--and the acting later on--was very good. A kick in the head for Paola--but it turns out NOT to be important after all.moreless

    I liked that the songs weren't your very favorites, just good old '50s rock 'n roll. There's one wonderful scene of kids dancing--jitterbug, but not real wild stuff, with the girls' full skirts billowing out around them. Too bad CC didn't use the black-and-white for this '50s flashback show (hope they go back to it again).

    Although the murder was beautifully motivasted, the plot was--kind of a stretcher. Reminded me a litle of the comedian who recited Wagner's Niebelungenlied, and, with the audience screaming with laugher, said "I'm not making this up, you know." ...Just a little.

    Are ghosts ALWAYS necessary?moreless
  • Not their best, but not bad

    Yet another episode which boils down to a theme common to Cold Case: a parent's love of a child, and exactly what lengths they'll go to in the name of that love. We learn this slowly, through the usual 'what a twist!' plot which is usually a few paces behind all but the youngest viewer. This episode also deals with the perversion of love from a parental figure, the coach. We watch a flashback of a bedtime conversation between Scotty and his brother Mike, during which Mike warns him to stay away from the coach. From his behavior we can surmise that at the very least, Mike was propositioned.moreless
  • Chip Estin's performance was outstanding, no matter what name he goes by!

    I'm prefacing my review by saying the following: 1) I have never watched the show before. 2) I watched the 'Static' episode only sporadically through the middle 30 minutes. 3) I probably won't watch it again.

    As an avid viewer of the comedy improvisation show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?", of which Chip Estin made occasional appearances, I never thought I would see him in a dramatic role. But, going completely against (apparent) type, he played a gruff, Alan Freed-like ( character who was murdered in the 1950's.

    While the other characters - - regular and guests alike - -were cast directly out of the all too common Hollywood cops-and-good-bad guys play list, Chip's performance was extraordinary! He truly made me believe that he loved what he was doing, as a 1950's rock-and-roll Deejay (he sang during his stints on "Whose Line..."), and his stern visage and demeanor made it clear why the teeny-bopper girls wanted to be with him, and the boys wanted to emulate him! He went far beyond any acting that I've seen in many years, portraying a man who wasn't afraid to speak up for what he believed was right.

    As long as he was on the screen, I was riveted! As soon as they left him (usually in a flashback/forward sequence to the present day), all pretense was gone. It was obvious that we were back in the humdrum world of underachieving acting and commonplace writing.

    First impressions are very important to me. If the rest of the show did anything to indicate that it was anything above average during my, admittedly, short viewing, I might have become a regular viewer. Since Chip won't be a regular on the show, I will not watch any more, especially if the only "selling" point is a guest star who won't re-appear except during summer re-runs! (I just might tape this episode, then!)

    Chip's performance was the only reason I gave this episode (and the show) a well above average score!moreless

    Loved this episode, but loved the song in the closing scenes even more, \"Scarlet Rose\". Trying to find the name of the artist that performed the song and to see if it is available for purchase. I know the song was composed for Cold Case by Gary Haase, but that\'s about all I could find out. Any help would be appreciated.
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