Cold Case

Season 6 Episode 6

The Dealer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on CBS

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  • Worse episode ever

    This is easily the worst Cold Case episode in six seasons of the show being on the air. Despite attempts to tug at heartstrings with a single working mother story, it fails miserably.There are no likeable chracters, the killer comes completly out of left field and the plot is just so horrid, you don't find out who the killer is because you can't stand to watch this horrible episode all the way through. If you do watch it all the way through, you won't be crying or be happy like most other episodes but relieved that the 43 minutes of the worst cold case episode ever have come to a close.
  • Really felt bad for that daughter!

    Again, the show does a back to back comebacks after the disasterous roller skating thing. We see that a single mom, just trying to make ends meet. And raising her only child. Wanting to make it in a man's world. The world of used car sales. But the men seem jealous. As the poor woman, is trying to just earn a buck for her and her daughter. Is found dead as her daughter just thinks that she is missing. Really the men came off as arrogant and sexists. Because they were afraid of her, rising on the fast track. Lily was really good with her daughter. And her daughter trying to come to terms with her mom's untimely death.
  • Not my favorite, but it was okay.

    You have Donna D'Amico just wanting a better life for herself and her daughter. Knowing what she does about cars she believes in her abilities but unfortunatly in 1981, men's views of women were very distorted and biased. But Donna pushes through and does the unexpected but unfortunately she crosses the wrong man and ends up dead. Leaving her daughter Marissa believing she was abandoned. I thought the script was interesting, especially being reminded of how bad some men's views of women where back then. I loved Lilly's interacting with Marissa, wanting to find the truth for her and seeing justice for Donna.